6 tips to celebrate the spirit of Christmas

Christmas Eve is not just gifts, decorations and feasting. Returning to the original Christmas spirit implies taking into account values ​​such as love, kindness, harmony and family unity.

6 tips to celebrate the spirit of Christmas

Last update: December 12, 2022

The last weeks of December are festive and spiritually charged dates for millions of people.. Not only for the celebration of the New Year, Christmas Eve and the balances that are usually made with the personal journey of the 12 months that have elapsed. Also for the summons of the spirit of Christmas, a festivity that takes place in the days before placing the gifts on the tree.

Specifically, this tradition is celebrated on the night of December 21, coinciding with the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. It is a moment to begin to throb the family union, the harmony and the positive energy that this date attracts. What is its historical origin? How to celebrate it? Keep reading!

What is the spirit of Christmas?

The spirit of Christmas can be associated with the original values ​​that the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ means for the Christian tradition. Such date is specified during the Good nightthat is, on December 24.

However, the previous days are also summoned to honor the union of the family, of friendships and for the generation of a peaceful and harmonious environment. This date begins on December 21, and marks a time to get together with friends or loved ones.

In itself, it implies carrying out traditions that invoke peace, love and prosperity. Its central axis is to prioritize the fact of sharing family moments, beyond gifts, purchases and consumerism in general.

The celebration of the spirit of Christmas seeks to put aside the consumerism of these dates to prioritize values ​​and time with loved ones.

Origin of the spirit of Christmas

The date of December 21 coincides with the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. That is, the shortest day of the year and the time when the coldest season begins. In the southern hemisphere the reverse effect occurs. Such coincidence is not a coincidence, and the origins of this tradition can be found from very ancient cultures.

The Romans themselves called one of their most important festivities during the week of the winter solstice. It was about the Saturnaliafestivals in honor of Saturn, god of agriculture and harvest.

Those were days in which a general harmony was enjoyed, even with slaves. In addition, relatives were visited and the streets were decorated.

After the end of the winter solstice on December 21, the shortest day of the year, the Romans celebrated the birth of the Sol Invictus. From that date, the solar divinity defeated the darkness and the days began to get longer.

The Christmas tradition, whose etymological origin comes from nativity either birthfind your estate in these rituals. The Catholic religion adopted this period to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, so it is a date charged with spirituality for thousands of years.

Already with the pagan religion of Rome, and later with Christianity, the last days of December are an instance of celebration, harmony and call to prosperity.

6 tips to celebrate the spirit of Christmas

In order to have a Christmas week closer to the original values ​​of the party, there are some recommendations that can be applied. The most important thing is to prioritize family union over material objects.

1. Promote family unity

One of the most important tips to resume the spirit of Christmas according to its historical significance is share spaces with family. Whether through games, walks around the city or going out to the movies, Generating group moments encourages unification and the values ​​of this celebration.

Christmas movies are an ideal option for those instances. It is also possible to achieve this through the preparation of a special dinner, in which the cell phone is used less and stories or anecdotes are exchanged.

2. Share special moments with children

If there are little ones in the home, you have to create special exchange spaces with them. Beyond the search to share with the family in general, children are often fascinated by stories, story reading and Christmas details.

For example, the socks hung with sweets, the letters to Santa Claus, the little tree and other aspects decorative. Transform that week into an unforgettable memory for them.

3. Avoid consumerism

Taking advantage of the moment in which the little ones usually ask Santa Claus for things through letters, it is worth instilling that the most important thing is not the material. Although it is common and not bad for them to request gifts, you have to make them understand that the spirit of Christmas passes elsewhere.

Perhaps consumer goods are not the only way to satisfy children’s desires. It is possible to choose to carry out Craftswalks and excursions or playful activities for the whole family.

4. Cleaning and aromatization to receive the spirit of Christmas

Some people choose this date to renew the home energies through purifying rituals of cleaning. The idea is to receive the positive energies that the spirit of Christmas attracts and leave behind the negative sensations of the year.

For that, it is common to place scented candles and incense distributed around the house, especially with the fragrance of lemon, pine or tangerine.

5. Meet up with friends

Another alternative to live the spirit of Christmas in a special way is a gathering of friends. Family gatherings can be left for Christmas Eve. In this way, a week begins to throb surrounded by loved ones and positive energies.

The idea of ​​sharing among friends and loved ones is to recharge with good energy to receive Christmas.

6. Instill solidarity

There is no doubt that another significant value of this celebration is solidarity and sharing with others. It is a moment that can also be spent with the family. It consists of going to different organizations or spaces in which they are in charge of distributing the donated goods in a responsible manner.

The spirit of Christmas is love, kindness and harmony

With all these tips, it is possible to approach the primal values of Christmas. Prioritizing joy, peace, harmony and family transforms the last weeks of the year into a moment of balance and gratitude for the months that have passed.

In this way, the period ends and the new year begins with renewed energy to seek prosperity.

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6 tips to celebrate the spirit of Christmas