10 spiritual cinema movies for 2021

Beyond the omnipresent pandemic, the truth is that 2020 has been a very fertile year when it comes to spiritual cinema. In the last 12 months we have seen the release of a good handful of good and profound films that deal with spiritual or existential themes, such as Ether, Jordi’s lyrics or others listed in this article.

Looking ahead, 2021 is also interesting in this regard. In this article we are going to take a look at the coming months and make a review of the films or series that this year will stir our soul.

One night in Miami

Premiere – January 15 (Amazon Prime)

We start the list with a film whose spirituality is not based on the Christian religion, but on Islam: One night in Miami places the viewer in the middle of the night that four African-American legends shared in 1964. Activist Malcolm X, football player Jim Brown, singer Sam Cooke and boxer Cassius Clay met in a hotel room to celebrate the victory of this last in the heavyweight tournament. Conversion to Islam of this character is, along with the discussion about racism, one of the backbones of the film.

Fellini of the spirits

Premiere – January 22

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the great Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, comes this documentary focused on the tireless search for the invisible, the esoteric and the spiritual that moved the director of La dolce vita, La strada either 8 ½.

Anton, his friend and the Russian Revolution

Premiere – February 12

The manager of the highly recommended tangerinesZaza Urushadze, returns with Anton, his friend and the Russian Revolution. It is a story inspired by real events and set between the historical period that appears in its title and World War I: a Christian boy and a Jewish boy will go through the convulsive events and manage to maintain their friendship above prejudice, hatred and the passage of time.

Redeeming Love

Premiere – Spring 2021 (in the US)

Redeeming Love It will be the adaptation of the bestseller of the same title written by Francine Rivers. Set in the California Gold Rush of 1850, the film will follow the story of Angel, a young woman who was sold into prostitution as a child and who has grown up feeding on self-loathing and contempt. When she meets Michael, she will discover the redeeming power of love.

A film about San José, by Goya Producciones

Premiere – Without date

Although they do not yet have a title, those responsible for Goya Productions have already announced that they are preparing a feature film dedicated to Saint Joseph -father of Jesus, husband of Mary and patron saint of the Universal Church-, on the occasion of the announcement of the Pope Francisco of a special year dedicated to this saint. “We are very pleased with this initiative of the Holy Father, because we have been working for almost half a year on a large-scale feature film project that will make the figure of Saint Joseph known,” reported the director of the production company, Andres Garrigo.

A Week Away

Premiere – Undated (Netflix)

the christian musical A Week Away combines several recent contemporary Christian music hits, pairing them with the story of a troubled young man whose life is transformed. The film is scheduled to premiere on Netflix throughout 2021.

Jesus Revolution

Premiere – Without date

Produced by Lionsgate and Kingdom Story, Jesus Revolution tells the story of a spiritual awakening that took place in the 1970s in Southern California. “It’s a fascinating true story about how young people gravitated toward a spiritual movement during a time when America was being torn apart and couldn’t be more divided,” they say. The Christian Post two of the film’s producers, Jon and Andrew Erwin, also responsible for My father’s song.

Sunrise in Calcutta

Premiere – Without date

the filmmaker Jose Maria Zavala -responsible for works such as The Mystery of Padre Pio, Reborn either Wojtyla. The investigation– prepare your next film, Sunrise in Calcuttathrough a campaign of crowdfunding, in which you can collaborate through this link. It will be a documentary dedicated to the figure of Mother Teresa, “a song to a small-great woman who gave her life to the poorest of the poor”, in the words of the director.

journey to hell

Premiere – Without date

Another adaptation of a Christian novel: journey to hell, or “Journey to Hell,” will be the film version of John Bunyan’s best-selling novel. It’s about a man who goes to hell, but finds redemption.

The Passion of Christ: The Resurrection

Premiere – Without date

The Passion of the Christ Mel Gibson spiritual cinema Easter

Rumors of a sequel to the celebrated masterpiece by Mel Gibson, Passion of ChristThey’ve been in the air for a long time. However, recently several American Christian media point to 2021 as the release date. The IMDB platform, yes, points to its premiere for 2022, so we may have to wait longer to see how Gibson interprets the resurrection of Jesus.

10 spiritual cinema movies for 2021