Unicorn Wars: The Review


- Release date : 28/12/2022
- Original title : Unicorn Wars
- Film length: 1:32
- Director: Alberto Vzquez
- Screenwriter: Alberto Vzquez
- Performers: ramon barea


Unicorn Wars is the latest example to remind us that a cartoon is sometimes not at all made for children and can convey very strong political messages.

Indeed, despite the cute appearance of a number of characters, it is before a real horror story that we find ourselves with this endless and pitiless war between “adorable” bear cubs and superb unicorns living in a forest they protect.

The screenplay by director Alberto Vzquez revolves around two brothers with very different characters who enlist in the army and go on a suicide mission in the heart of this forest which is not welcoming to them. We will thus follow them in their tribulations filled with death, violence, guts and blood.

This is the long version of the eponymous short film by director Alberto Vzquez. This one was inspired by films such as Full Metal Jacket for his passage concerning military training, then it was other feature war films that influenced him for all the scenes of extreme violence taking place in the heart of the forest.

Moreover, this high level of violence, these horrific deaths and the scattered limbs of a certain number of characters reserve the work for an audience of large adolescents and adults.

Sometimes less sotric than its magnificent Psychonauts Dealing in a very beautiful way with drug addiction, Alberto Vzquez openly denounces the violence and the problems linked to the lack of communication and understanding between different individuals. Not to mention that through these two very different brothers, the family is also approached in an interesting way.

Religion has succeeded in playing its role at the heart of an often chilling tale showing bloodthirsty teddy bears and considering themselves in their right to completely eradicate a species they deem harmful to the development of their society.

In addition, the dominant ecology is approached with great accuracy and makes us reflect on our own society and the way in which it deals with certain problems. Because it is indeed the strength of such a quirky history to show, through its overabundance of exactions, a troubling parallel with our time. The finale, of great power, is particularly striking.

The film is extremely colorful. The images are very beautiful, the characters sometimes enchanting and the forest regularly captivating. These elements create an even greater contrast with the darkness that unfolds on the screen and which often inhabits the hearts of the various protagonists we follow.

Unicorn Wars is a very good film dealing with war, hatred of others, living together and ecology. With a story that tells the story of two opposed brothers as well as a nation of teddy bears against a people of unicorns, a magnificent realization and characters that we are not ready to forget, this version of the colorful war under acid is particularly striking.

Impressive and violent.

And to extend the adventure, you can download the eponymous game completely free of charge on Android and IOS, prohibited for children under 12, and with no purchase offer available. It traces the adventures of the two brothers and uses real excerpts from the film and the sets and characters from it. You can direct the two main protagonists in a vertical scrolling game where you have to collect coins to unlock new levels. A very nice gift given its great maneuverability, its colorful and bloody universe and the pleasure of never having any advertisements displayed.


In these backwaters, Bears and Unicorns have always been at war. Private Clestin thirsts for the blood of Unicorns, a guarantee of eternal beauty, according to the Great Sacred Book. His brother Dodu doesn’t like war, he prefers blueberries and clinks. But the final battle is approaching: a unit of inexperienced bear cubs leaves the training camp for a commando mission in the Magic Fort. Will they be up to it?



- Photography : Leire Acha
- Assembly : Estanis Bauelos, igo Gmez
- Music : Joseba Beristain
- Decors: Leire Acha, Giovanna Lopalco
- Producer: Nicolas Schmerkin for Around Midnight, UniKo, Abano, Schmuby
- Distributer : UFO Cast




Unicorn Wars

Unicorn Wars: The Review