35 years of the Tau Center: an educational model that has made its way to the Zisa

Of Serene Terms

A commitment to capillary care, intense and constant, for young people which, for 35 years, has been characterized by many educational paths, born in synergy with other realities. In this way, the book was presented yesterday afternoon at the RAI auditorium “Inventing Together. Possible growth” which tells the work of the Tau Center, born in 1988 in the popular Zisa district of Palermo. To discuss, within the meeting on “Youth: a possible growth”, moderated by the editor-in-chief of Rai Rino Cascio, were some representatives of the public and private sectors. The municipal councilor for the educational emergency also gave a greeting Antonella Tirrito.

In the volume, 26 authors share social experience, pedagogical, civil, cultural and political of the TAU Center with the intention of offering concrete answers to the growth needs of children, young people and adults, in the popular district of Zisa. It is a rich mosaic, a sort of fresco, in which operators, administrators, researchers and active citizens have their stories the intertwining of their paths along the paths of social planning, of the pedagogy of liberation and civil resistance. Franciscan spirituality, Don Milani’s Barbiana school, Janusz Korczak’s Warsaw ghetto, Paulo Freire’s Brazil, Danilo Dolci’s Partinico have resounded at the TAU Center in recent years. There have been many cultural contributions, all oriented towards an open educational enterprise.

“We have chosen to work in a small area of ​​Palermo – he says Francis DiGiovanni founder of the TAU Center and general coordinator of the association Inventare Insieme (onlus) – for to create a community and an educational model that has had many traveling companions. The book is ‘the elephant dance’ that wants to continue and still project forward because it’s still time to ‘invent together’ useful and effective answers to face the difficult and problematic reality of young people who do not study and do not work. You certainly cannot stand by and, even if it is not easy to find solutions, only by working together synergistically can they be built on an ongoing basis possible generative paths of prevention and promotion that concretely help our young people at all stages of their lives”.

“Unfortunately, there is a very important link between the increase in school absences of young people, in our most difficult areas, with the ability to stay and learn at school on a regular basis – he continues Marco Rossi Doria, president of Social Enterprise With Children -. Unfortunately, the community capacity and attractiveness of the school that motivates us to know and learn has diminished more and more over the years. With the data in hand, we, together with other realities, such as the Tau center, who are in the area, know well how significant and important it is promote and organize new educational interventions that can lead to good results“.

“The reasons for this book are not so much in its celebration as in the need to write to show what has been done in order to think about it and think about it – he says Mario Schermi trainer of the Ministry of Justice -. We are faced with an extraordinary experience of an operational educational model which, by responding to the concrete needs of young people, tells us what has been done and what can still be done. The book cries out to the responsibility of all of us in valuing this heritage to relaunch it in other places as well”.

“The Tau center represents the strength of a method that persists in the search for the good that grows in people’s lives and that is disseminated in the community and must be accompanied by creating networks – he underlines Giuseppe Notarstefano, economist and national president of Azione Cattolica -. Today we have to think about education while also managing to think about development, starting from the recognition of people, sharing spaces and times. Urban regeneration must start only from the regeneration of people because environment and territory walk together with people“.

“Every time I had to carry on a difficult thing as a challenge, I always came to Palermo to do it – she says Mussi Bollini, deputy director of Rai Ragazzi -. I remind you that, in 2019, together with the municipality, the Tau center and other realities, we set up many cultural and social initiatives of considerable importance on the occasion of the thirty years of Childhood Rights. We met the Tau center in 2000; in recent years, they have been official suppliers of the GT Ragazzi. The book reports, in the part edited by Gianna Cappello, also the many initiatives carried out such as Media Education“.

“The Tau center is an emotion for me that has continued for many years – he said Carlo Borgomeo, president of the Foundation with the South – and it is always renewed. It is a reality capable of proposing itself and moving forward, also embracing all the historical changes that need to be faced. Today the political challenge, in the highest sense of the word, is to help grow, starting from young people, social capital which is a very important premise for the construction of true economic development. The good news must not be detached from reality, but rather must be inserted smoothly into the complex fabric of our society. To build good prospects for the South we must start from this”.

“Researches tell us that the success of a boy today continues to be strongly conditioned by his reference context – adds Tiziano Salvaterra, economist and president of the Orizzonte Giovani cooperative of Trento – which supports him in the realization of his charisms and desires. So let us ask ourselves what happens to more than 30% of the youth population when the boy or girl has a weak and fragile life context. It is clear that it is necessary to activate some realities that help both the social context and young people, with more fragility social, offering paths and new opportunities for life and for a possible future”.

The publication of the volume was also presented for the occasion “South. The capital you need by Carlo Borgomeo.

35 years of the Tau Center: an educational model that has made its way to the Zisa – Il Mediterraneo 24