Spiritual marathon! The series and movies that you cannot miss at Easter

The Greater Week begins and with it there are many activities that the family chooses to enjoy these Easter days. One of them is to marathon with some series and movies that frame the faith and traditions of Christianity around the world or spirituality in general.

Iconic characters from the Bible, stories full of sensitivity, faith and hope, and trips around various cultures and beliefs, are part of the audiovisual catalog offered by streaming platforms.

Productions such as ‘Miracles from Heaven’, based on the book ‘Miracles from Heaven’, which was written by Christy Beam and tells the true story of Christy, a devoted mother with a very sick daughter, who suffers a crisis of faith while trying to desperate to save her little girl and keep her family together, can be seen on paid platforms like Netflix, Star+ or Apple TV.

However, the Institutional Channel will present the third season of ‘Más allá de la fe’, from Thursday, April 6 to Sunday, April 9, at 3:00 pm, a series of four episodes that includes the voices of experts, theologians, philosophers and other guests, who take a journey through the history of religion in the world, trying to resolve questions about man, his relationship with different religions and his evolution.

Here, a selection of films, —some classics—, series and documentaries, to relax at home and feel fully.

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The Two Popes

At a key moment for the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI strikes up a surprising friendship with the future Pope Francis. The production, starring Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins, for the Netflix giant, takes as an input the link between Pope Francis and Pope Benedict, who are two of the most important leaders of the Vatican. The film reviews the lives of both, as well as exposes their positions with a view to progress, as well as guilt and forgiveness in very different times.

God is not dead

Netflix also has in its catalog the American Christian drama film, directed by Harold Cronk. The film tells the story of a religious university student, who clashes with an atheist professor when he decrees that students will only pass their class if they affirm that God is dead. The film has several sequels: ‘God is not dead 2’, (2016), ‘God is not dead 3, a light in the darkness’, (2018), and ‘God is not dead 4, we are his people’, (2021). However, there is talk of the fifth installment for this year.

Passion of Christ

The famous film starring Jim Caviezel, which was directed by the renowned actor Mel Gibson in 2004, does not go undefeated during these dates, because even after its premiere it continues to generate all kinds of emotions. The film, which can be seen on the Star + platform, is characterized by the harshness with which the journey of Jesus Christ with the cross to the Mount of Olives is narrated for his crucifixion.

the pilgrim

The docuseries reaches Latin American screens, within the framework of Holy Week, through History Channel, to explore the religious traditions of the world and the rites of humanity together with the Chilean journalist and documentary filmmaker Jorge Said. An incredible journey through the mysterious paths traveled by millions of people motivated by their different beliefs. In each destination, ‘El Peregrino’ finds a culture to discover and in each belief a story that is still valid today.

as long as you’re with me

This is the true story of the short romance between Christian musician Jeremy Camp and his first wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp. The musician married her despite knowing that he had very advanced ovarian cancer, so her relationship would not last long. Camp’s story is a path of love where there is always hope. Available on Apple TV, Netflix and Claro video.


This film, which can be found on the Netflix platform, is the story of coach John Harrison, his life suddenly changes when his dream of winning the national league with the basketball team is cut short. He loses his job and in his search he crosses paths with a young runner who dreams of victory in the most important sprint race of the year despite her asthma. Although he doesn’t trust her at first, this story changes their lives.

Spiritual marathon! The series and movies that you cannot miss at Easter