Prayers for December 2022: prayers and prayers for the end of the year

In December, families prepare for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. One of the most common traditions is that the novena is prayed inside homes for the birth of the child God, and it is precisely for this reason that this month is one of the months in which spirituality, solidarity and solidarity stand out the most. happiness. Christmas is a time that invites us to reflect, to unite and to live in joy the end of one year and the beginning of another.

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2022 was a year in which all kinds of things happened, but nevertheless, whether they were good or bad, this year left us experiences to be thankful for and what better way than that we can raise a prayer of gratitude for what has been lived and a request for what we are going to live.

Some prayers for this month are directed to the theme of Christmas and New Year.

Dear God, today I stand before you with a heart full of illusion and joy to thank you for all your love and for those beautiful blessings with which day after day you fill my life, but above all, to thank you for allowing me happiness. to live this new month of December, time of light and love, that unites families and friends.

Heavenly Father, today I place my hopes and my plans for December in your hands. I ask you to be the one who guides my steps and who fills me with strength and wisdom to be able to move forward. Please bless my life and the lives of the people I love, accompany us in each of our activities and obligations, surround us with your love, protect us at every moment and allow us to feel your presence and grace in everything, so that we can reach the end of the month with the satisfaction of duty accomplished.

Father, please illuminate my home and my family, strengthen our unity and strengthen our bond of love. You know our lives and our needs better than anyone, give us the beautiful gift of health, our daily bread, wisdom to grow in your name and a noble, sensitive heart and willing to share with joy and illusion. Give us too, dear God, a faith capable of withstanding and overcoming crises, the necessary strength to forgive offenses and a hope capable of advancing over all fears.

Dear God: that in this new month it is your light that shines in my life and the life of my family, that same light that Jesus brought from heaven when he became a man. Thank you for listening to my prayer and thank you because I know that in your name, December will be a month full of joy, blessing and prosperity, Amen.

Bless, Lord, our table on this night of Light.

Who are going to have dinner celebrating you,

We know that the party is You who invites us to always be born again.

Thank you for the bread and the work, for the generosity and the hope.

Fill our table with strength and tenderness to be just people,

fill our lives with peace and that friendship and gratitude feed every day of the year.

You are a blessing to us, therefore,

On this fraternal night, bless the whole earth, bless our country.

Bless this family and this table.

Bless each of us who are here.


“Lord God, owner of time and eternity, yours is today and tomorrow, past and future. At the end of this year we want to thank you for everything we receive from you. Thank you for life and love, for the flowers, for the air and the sun, for joy and pain, for how much was possible and for what could not be. We offer you what we did this year, the work we were able to do, the things that passed through our hands and what we were able to build with them.

We introduce you to the people we loved throughout these months, the new friendships and the old ones we met, those closest to us and those who are further away, those who gave us their hand and those we were able to help, with whom we share life, work, pain and joy. But also, Lord, today we want to ask your forgiveness, forgiveness for the lost time, for money wasted for the useless word and wasted love.

Sorry for the empty works and for the job poorly done, and sorry for living without enthusiasm. Also for the prayer that little by little was postponed and that until now I come to introduce you. For all the forgetfulness, carelessness and silence, again I apologize. A few minutes before starting this new year, I stop my life before the new calendar, still unreleased and I present to you these days that only you know if you will live them.

Today I ask you for me and mine peace and joy, strength and prudence. I want to live each day with optimism and goodness, carrying a heart full of understanding and peace everywhere. Close your ears to all falsehood and my lips to lying, selfish, scathing or hurtful words. Instead, open my being to all that is good, may my spirit be filled only with blessings and spill them in my path. Amen”.

To end this moment of prayer, they should hold hands forming a circle, pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be. Finally, hug each other very tightly saying: “Peace be with you. Happy New Year!”.

Thank you, Lord, for everything you gave me in the year that ends. Thank you for the sunny days and the sad cloudy ones, for the quiet afternoons and the dark nights.

Thank you for what you lent us and then asked us for. Thank you, sir, for the kind smile and for the helping hand, for love and everything beautiful, for everything sweet, for the flowers and the stars, for the existence of children and good people.

Thank you for the solitude and for the work, for the worries and the difficulties, for the tears, for everything that brings us closer to you.

Thank you for having preserved our lives, for having given us a roof, coat and sustenance.

What will the coming year bring us? Whatever you want Lord but we ask you:

FAITH to look at you in everything.

HOPE not to faint.

CHARITY to love you more and more and make you love those around us.

Give us patience, humility, detachment and generosity. Give us Lord what You know is convenient for us and we do not know how to ask. May we have an alert heart, attentive ear, active hands and mind, and may we always be ready to do your will. Pour out Lord your grace on all those we love and grant your peace to the whole world.

Prayers for December 2022: prayers and prayers for the end of the year