From Palo Santo to energy stones: what they are for and how objects from esoteric stores are used

Recently, words like Lignum vitae either energy stone began to sneak into the daily dialogue, and elephant figures or of Buddha they began to be seen more frequently in the entrances of the houses. All these objects have a particular meaning and use that it is important to know in order to take advantage of their benefits.

elephants and stones

Alejandro Troconis and Mariano Ponce, owners of the esoteric shop Uruguayan La Botica Divina explain that they have a small elephant leaning on a desk, with its tail pointing towards the door, as if it were entering. You have to locate it that way if what we want is for the prosperity enter. You can also have your head pointed at the door; in that case, the sense is not attract prosperityotherwise protection. And he added that some associate it with the astrology and they rotate it according to the cycles of the moon

The amulet also works as a reminder. “Elephants take slow but sure steps. That means that many times I have to take my time to take the right steps,” Alejandro said. In addition, they always go in packs, which means that “many times I will need to work as a team to achieve a task.”

Claudia Morante, founder of the esoteric store Nos Encanta, studied gem therapy in Buenos Aires. “When someone asks me what energy stone It suits him, I always say he has to look and the stone will call him,” he said. For her, this responds to the mineral that the person needs at the moment to be in harmony.

Alejandro pointed out that “each stone grows in a specific place that is made up of different materials, so it also has different energetic components”. In addition to the stones, there are the crystals“which is the whole line of quartzClaudia indicated. However, she clarified that “each one has their little book, and sometimes they are all called the same, either energy stones, gems or crystals”.

The stones are great protagonists in esoteric storespixabay

The esoteric shops they also sell herbs that can be turned on with different intentions: “If you want harmonize your house so that there abundance, harmony Y love among the people who are there, you can turn on lavender With laurelClaudia mentioned. And she added that one can also bathe with herbs for “purify”.

To meditate

Something that is being consumed a lot is Lignum vitae, said the expert. It is a sacred wood obtained from the tree species bursera graveolens when the tree is down In fact, Claudia warned that “some cut the new tree and put it up for sale, but that stick is useless because it doesn’t have the sap what gives you the fragrances”. In this way, he stressed, “it harms nature without meaning.”

In this sense, when buying one, it is recommended to make sure that it has “some darker striations” that show that the tree was old. This wood is used “to achieve a cleanliness in the environment where are we going to meditateMariano stressed. “A lot of people turn it on in places where he doesn’t have to,” he said, adding that it actually turns on “to connect with the spiritual plane and get away from the material.” Therefore, when someone turns it on, for example, in a business, that keep customers and money away because it serves precisely to create a suitable space for meditationseparating the earthly.

at the time of to meditateyou can also use the tibetan bowls: a musical instrument that helps to “turn off the external sound that often disturbs us”, in addition to generating vibrations that clean energy. Thus, it is easier to perform inner journey of meditation. “There are bowls of different sizes because each one generates different musical notes and each note affects the journey in a particular way”, explained Alejandro.

candles and lamps

During the pandemic, a new product emerged in several esoteric stores: the alchemical candles. Mariano has a “spiritual clinic” where he assists people who “are going through a spiritual awakening” and gives information to “light the way a little”. However, when the health emergency was declared, he could not attend personally, so he began with the candles, placing in them “the same energy that he put in the session.” In this way, the person could the ritual at home.

Esoteric and healing candles
Esoteric and healing candlesCeline Frers – Places

Soon, the innovation was all the rage, and today they continue to produce them. Each candle is made with a particular intentionand one of the most famous is called “Bankrupt All Evil”. Another is the candle “Attract Money” which, as part of its components, has yagraa resin used for “attract fortune and open paths.

For its part, the himalayan salt lamp is a “wonderful generator of positive energyMariano pointed out. serves for balance the energies of the place where it is placed. He also added: “Many people come asking how the light bulb burned out so quickly and I ask them if they have it at the entrance, because there it has a much more frequent energy shock than if it is in a bedroom.”

more amulets

In Alejandro and Mariano’s store, the star product is the tetragrammatona “powerful protection amulet”. At her store, Claudia also makes her own items, such as you said Y keychains. Some of the symbols present are the Turkish eye and the Fatima’s handwhich work like protection amulets. The latter, when his fingers are up, serves to “send back the negative energy someone else is in charge,” said Claudia.

In turn, it is possible to find keys that represent openings and closings: “It can be to open paths or close lived situations that you no longer want to repeat.” Likewise, Alejandro and Mariano sell elves, wizards, witches and fairiesall made by a woman who “channels the energy of the elementals“, What are they fire, air, earth and water, and embodies them in those characters. Thus, that energy can be taken to your own home: “The water energy serves for cleanse and purify, the air takes everything that has to be taken, the fire it transmutes because it burns”, mentioned Alejandro.

As for the buddhasthese are used in order to ask illumination to understand the messages of the situations that each one goes through: “Perhaps some things that I think are adverse are actually happening to me because there is something that I have to pay attention to and heal.”

Finally, there is a Japanese sculpture called maneki-neko. It is a cat that has one hand raised and moves it from front to back. According to Alejandro, that is the gesture that the Japanese use to call another person, so it serves to “call prosperity”. It comes in gold, related to the monetary part, and in white, to attract the balance and good energies.

According to Mariano, in the esoteric store one can “find tools to face their problems and live your spirituality”. People go, among other reasons, because they feel they need an amulet to protect them, a stone to help them overcome a situation, or because the energy in their home is charged and they don’t feel comfortable.

“Many believe that this is part of a sect or something like that, and nothing to do with it,” said Claudia. People of all kinds pass through there: “From people who believe in God and what they want is to clean their house with herbs, to people who are Wicca, from the witches of the white line.” Nor is it necessary to be adept or religious to trust the power of these itemsmaintained the owner of Nos Encanta, adding that, in fact, she is not.

From Palo Santo to energy stones: what they are for and how objects from esoteric stores are used