Fiancés: how to optimize your wedding site?

In recent years, many engaged couples have created a website to communicate information to their loved ones before the big day. How to make this site as attractive and useful as possible?

Sites such as Wix offer interfaces that are easy to modify and aesthetically pleasing. Once the style of the site has been chosen, you have to think about the content: which sections to create? What information to communicate? If the times and place of the reception will find an obvious place on your page, other tabs can be added in order to optimize the site and make it useful on all levels.

1On the first page, practical information

The mass schedule, the address of the church, the route to the place of reception: all this information is frequently sought by the guests. It is therefore important to display them prominently on the site. A Google Maps map can be inserted on a web page allowing you to click directly on it to be guided to the wedding venue. It is useful to indicate if parking is available on site, if it is possible to park in front of the church, if there is a particular dress-code to respect or if a brunch is planned the next morning.

2facilitate carpooling

Given the current price of fuel, carpooling is an economical, ecological and user-friendly option that could appeal to your guests. Adding a special tab on the site, offering everyone to register to offer or request a place in a car, can be very useful.

3Answers directly online

If a nicely written card or a handwritten letter will never be replaced by an email, anyone planning a wedding will confirm it: the most important thing is to have the answers and to know who is going to the cocktail party and then to dinner. A response form integrated into the site encourages guests to respond quickly to the organizers and simplifies the process. The answers are sent directly to the mailbox indicated when the form was created.

4The wedding list

It is not always easy to know what to offer to a young household, more or less young, more or less already equipped with equipment and decoration. Opening a wedding list in a department store is an option often chosen by brides and grooms. But for gifts to be chosen from this list, it must still be communicated to the guests. The website can make it possible to mention it, with a link directly to the list.

5A presentation of the engaged couple

If the guests, by definition, know the fiancé(e), they do not always know their future spouse. Why not offer on the site a small presentation of each, amusing, retracing the course of the future fiancés, their work, their passions? This section can be illustrated with photos of the engaged couple and why not of their family.

6A list of surrounding accommodation

Information will be greatly appreciated by your guests: a list of lodges, guest houses, hotels and Airbnb located near the reception venue. Accommodation can be a brake on whether or not to accept a wedding: thus facilitating the organization of the weekend for relatives can only encourage them to come and surround the future bride and groom on their wedding day.

7A mass booklet 3.0

The choice of readings and songs for a wedding mass is often a long and important step in the eyes of the engaged couple. Once the mass booklet is finished, it is possible to share it online with loved ones by downloading it from the site. To bring a spiritual aspect to your web page, a prayer for the future spouses can be put online and allow everyone to pray with you during the journey of your engagement.


8After marriage…

Once the wedding is celebrated, the site may contain a link to the photos of the ceremony, or photos directly uploaded to it, thanks with a photo of your honeymoon, etc.


A site designed for a wedding has the advantage of being able to meet the expectations of the guests. If many young parents are invited, it is possible to specify on the site if childcare is provided or if it is recommended to have them looked after. If guests are visually impaired, a large print version of the Mass booklet may be available for download. Finally, if the health measures of the moment require it, information about Covid-19 can also be communicated in this way. If the design of the site is complicated or requires too much time for the engaged couple, they should not hesitate to ask their witnesses for help: a nice wedding gift in advance!


Fiancés: how to optimize your wedding site?