Remi Dupouy

Rémi Dupouy was born in 1986.

Having spent all his childhood in his native Gascony, between the Atlantic and the Pyrenees, he grew up among the animals of the family farm, and from an early age developed a passion for both breeding and wildlife. A hypersensitivity to the living and to the bond with the animal which will never leave him. After international studies in audiovisual journalism, he began to propose his ideas for documentaries to French channels. It is the French antenna of National Geographic which gives him his first opportunity, which will last 3 years. The time to write and embody on screen 13 films on the ecosystems of France, then on the human-animal bond in Europe and beyond. He will keep this Franco-American experience a requirement in his scenarios, combining scientific rigor and originality of concepts and themes.

In 2017, he created with his sidekick Jeremy Frey and the Collectif à l’instinct the web series WILDLIVE, which offers live immersion in the heart of nature and with species on social networks. First on Brut, then on GEO and Loopsider, the Lives he presents decipher the biological mechanisms and conservation issues, often in the company of naturalists or witnesses from the region of the world explored. The program will become television in 2020. UshuaïaTV/TF1 and TV5 Monde are broadcasting WILDLIVE EXPEDITIONS, a series of feature films shot during the team’s documentary expeditions. This takes the public to its side, and its members share on screen the difficulties of filming. After Provence, Guyana and the Ivory Coast, the team is preparing the Canadian Arctic, always through the prism of naturalism and the link between man and nature.

Rémi also works with the Arte channel on similar themes. Since 2019, he has been writing and filming the documentary collection MEUH, produced by Xavier Lefebvre, on domestic bovids around the world. A 3-year adventure in 11 countries to tell the civilizational story that links our species to horned beasts, to be discovered soon. Still with Arte, Rémi is writing a film on lynx tracking with Swiss naturalist Neil Villard, directed by Matthieu Maillet, released in December 2022.

Since 2021, Rémi has been writing Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s next film for France 2, on the biodiversity of France. A great collective film whose images are made by 200 animal videographers from all over France. In his making-of broadcast below, Yann and Rémi will meet the women and men who dedicate their lives to nature photography and environmental awareness.

In parallel with documentaries, Rémi is also a partner of Studio SAOLA, dedicated to augmented reality for environmental causes. He is the author of the REVIVRE experiment at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, which resurrects extinct species to raise awareness of the fate of the most threatened. He also wrote GRAND LARGE for Nausicáa, to raise awareness of threats to biodiversity and ecosystems in the high seas. Two AR experiments currently in progress.

Still a breeder, Rémi has become a curator. It raises endangered wildlife and domestic breeds, such as sheep, goats, rare chickens and endangered cranes. The goal is to strengthen their populations within conservation programs. He is also a breeder of herd protection dogs, which facilitate the cohabitation between extensive breeding and predators, especially around the Pyrenees.

On this subject, Rémi is preparing a film for Arte that he will play about the roots of livestock farming and the future prospects of an activity that has become intensive, harmful and rightly decried.

Finally, Rémi is developing a naturalist itinerary project around a wetland in the southwest, to provide the public with professional observation equipment and reconnect with the living through sensory immersion and in-depth knowledge acquisition. if you. This project also aims to make agriculture and biodiversity cohabit, by developing integrative and innovative techniques with local actors. Each year, Rémi works with schools and colleges to raise awareness of nature and take the youngest to discover natural coastal or rural environments.

  • ALIVE, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, 2022
  • WILDLIVE EXPEDITIONS, 2020-2022 / Provence, Guyana, Ivory Coast
  • WILDLIVE, 2017-2019 / Mauritius, Baie de Somme, Tanzania
  • MEUH, The epic of the horns 2019-2022 / Yak, Ox, Water buffalo, Zebu
  • WILD TRIP, 2016 / Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Romania, Scotland
  • INTO THE FRENCH WILD, 2014-2015 / Brittany, Basque Country, Pyrenees, Alps, Provence, Jura, Corsica, Burgundy

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