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After 13 years, one of the most anticipated sequels of all time has finally arrived: Avatar: The Path of Water – 93%. In 2009, the director James Cameron revolutionized the film industry and the way of watching 3D movies with Avatar – 83%, which so far occupies the place of the highest grossing film in history. At its premiere, critics praised Avatar – 83% for its incomparable visual proposal full of special effects that led it to become a blockbuster. It is definitely a film that set new standards within the science fiction and fantasy genre. This 2022, with more technology for special effects and new additions to the cast, Avatar – 83%, tries to prove that it lives up to its predecessor. Was it worth all those years of waiting? In this article we will find out according to the opinions of critics.

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Avatar: The Path of Water – 93% Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, this sequel begins with the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their children), the trouble that haunts them, what they have to do to stay safe, the battles they fight to stay alive and the tragedies they suffer. Avatar: The Path of Water – 93% has Zoe Saldana, michelle yeoh, Kate Winslet, Sigourney Weaver Y stephen lang in the leading cast.

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Critics have been fascinated with the results of this sequel and Avatar: The Path of Water remains with a near perfect score in tomatoes. In the reviews you can read that this sequel is a visual marvel and an experience worth enjoying on the big screen. Journalists consider that it is one of the most epic productions that have been made in recent years, since technology has been used to the maximum to create unparalleled images that manage to mesmerize the audience from start to finish.

Specialists point out that the special effects are exceptional and justify the long wait for the release of this sequel. It is highlighted that James Cameron makes some references to Titanic – 88% with this ocean story. Cameron is also applauded and recognized for his ability to create exciting action scenes that include combat and chases. The press acknowledges that Avatar – 83% It is totally up to its predecessor. Some film experts consider this sequel to be much better, as it further expands the Pandora universe and delves deeper into the characters we fell in love with in the first film. It is definitely a sequel that is hardly going to disappoint fans, movie lovers, sci-fi enthusiasts, and voters for the upcoming movie awards season.

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Here’s more of what critics are saying about this premiere:

Gabriel Chosen of tomatoes:

…Avatar: El Camino del Agua is a wave of wonders in which the director’s well-known passion for the marine drags the viewer in the most playful way. It goes without saying that the biggest screen they can find is the best to receive the onslaught of their surprises.

Fer Ramirez of out of focus:

Although Avatar: The Water Path is one of the most epic and visually impressive recent films -as well as extensive-, at times that image eclipses the plot it seeks to narrate.

Lya Rosen of weekend:

Avatar: The Sense of Water’ not only abracadabrante cinema-spectacle. It is the return of a great filmmaker who always insisted on building cathedrals towards perfection.

edward ortega of filmelier:

Cameron’s film impresses with its 3D images, but the characters, with dialogues taken from Hanna-Barbera animated series, lack any dimension. Martin Scorsese should stop bashing Marvel movies and focus his eyes on this expensive virtual amusement park with movie-movie pretensions.

sebastian valle of hush magazine:

Cameron, aware that the current box office breathes with the money infused by young people, points directly at them with this child-youth subplot. A calculated movement that compensates with the total belief in what counts and in the hypnotic power that cinema can generate…

Ezequiel Boetti of Page 12:

The show is second to none and showcases two of Cameron’s great strengths: filming transformative action sequences (constantly mutating and conditioning characters) and filming in a didactic yet entertaining manner.

Benjamin Harguindey of writing cinema:

The show is second to none and showcases two of Cameron’s great strengths: filming transformative action sequences (constantly mutating and conditioning characters) and filming in a didactic yet entertaining manner.

Jules Tosello of Argentine Cinema Today:

‘Avatar: the path of Water’ once again results in an infinite visual spectacle. The exceptional and surprising special effects that were the true protagonists in the first film, will undoubtedly be so again in this second part, although this time much more defined to convey much more emotion, more spirituality and a great diversity of sensations.

Jorge Loser of Espinof:

…the oceanic location awakens a Cameron more dedicated to the cause, with some reflections of his ‘Titanic’ and sketches of underwater artifacts that only someone very dedicated to the subject could imagine, which is still endearing and fascinating , in their own way.

ernesto eslava of In case anyone was wondering:

The technology stands out and contrasts with the first installment from the skin. The color and texture of the characters along with their gestures are aspects that gain a realism that achieves another border between animation and live action that combines with the rest of the animated elements that result in the wonderful ecosystem of Pandora.

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Avatar: The Path of Water | Top critics, reviews and ratings | tomatoes