Tomorrow 1 July, is the day of Wine Experience Oschiri 2022


9:30 am | Accreditation

10:00 am | Municipal Theater of Oschiri (SS). Inauguration of the fourth edition Wine Experience Oschiri 2022. The event is dedicated to the public of the protagonists of the Sardinian and national wine world.

[ Performance Musica e Parole ]

[ Presentazione artisti Botti d’Autore, Di Gemme e di Vino, MU Charming Weaving, Vino fino in fondo e Live Murale ]

10:20 am | Tigellio Danese, President of Wine Experience APS

10:25 am | Roberto Carta, Mayor of Oschiri

10:30 am | Opening of the congress works with the intervention of the moderator Giuseppe Carrus, maître-sommelier, journalist of the Gambero Rosso and curator of Guida ai Vini d’Italia

10:40 am | Giovanni Bigot, Agronomist, creator of 4Grapes app “The man at the center of the vineyard to face the changes.”

11:00 am | Mourad Ouada, Oenologist “Has climate change had an influence on the characteristics of wines, on the tastes and opinions of consumers?”

11:25 am | Rosanna Zari, Agronomist, Academician of Fisiocritici and Georgofili, member of the National Committee of PDO and PGI Wine, member of the Board of Directors of the University of Siena “Resistant vines for sustainable viticulture.”

11:40 am | Marcello Onorato, Agronomist, former director general of the Laore Regional Agency and Argea Regional Agency “The experience of the Laore Agency in viticulture.”

11:55 am | Mariano Murru, Oenologist, Regional President Assoenologi, “Autochthonous Sardinia, the rediscovery of our heritage-1”

12:10 pm | Andrea Pala, Oenologist and “Best Young Oenologist 2021” “Autochthonous Sardinia, the rediscovery of our heritage-2”

12:25 | Gian Matteo Baldi, Ceo Stella Wines “Doing business with a different point of view.”

12:35 pm | Elisabetta Pala, Delegate of the Women of Sardinia Wine Association. Denise Dessena, Deputy Delegate of the Sardinia Wine Association “Women, wine and the future.”

12:40 pm | Questions and closing session in the morning

13:00 | Franz Haas Award

13:15 | In the square in front of the theater there will be a quality break, thanks to the proposal of chef Ivan Bombieri who will take care of the guests with the freshness and originality of his signature cuisine.

15:30 | Opening of the afternoon session

3:35 pm | Raimondo Mandis. Slow Food Sardinia Coordinator “Land, Terroir and Territory a winning union thanks to wines.”

3:40 pm | Sabrina Diamanti, Forestry Doctor, President of CONAF (National Council of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors) “Viticultural landscapes between tradition, heroism and history.”

15:55 | Alessandro Brizi, Editor-in-Chief of the Wine and Art magazine what a passion Magazine; Editor in chief of the food and wine magazine Facile con Gusto; Editor-in-chief of the magazine L’Assaggiatore, official organ of the ONAV “Protoviticulture in Sardinia as a secondary center for the domestication of vines in the Mediterranean.”

16:15 | Andrea Balleri, Sommelier. Contini Brand Ambassador “Vernaccia, the challenge for the future.”

16:30 | Francesco Monchiero, President of the Roero Protection Consortium and owner of Cantina Monchiero-Carbone “The importance of protection consortia and the development of the territory through their wines.”

16:50 | Antonio Rossi, Legal Service of the Unione Italiana Vini and professor of wine legislation. “Reality and future of DOP and IGP wines of Sardinia.”

17:15 | Daniela Pinna, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Vermentino di Gallura DOCG and owner of Tenute Olbios “Vermentino di Gallura DOCG territorial brand, an opportunity to raise awareness and enhance a territory and promote its development.”

17:30 | Saida Group “The sustainable future takes shape.”

17:45 | Vasco Ciuti, National Councilor ONAV (National Organization of Wine Tasters) “The soil source of life.”

18:00 | Claudio Carretta, CEO of the Sumitono Chemical Italia Group “Chemical research for sustainable development.”

6:15 pm | questions and conclusion. Giuseppe Carrus

18:30 | closing of the conference Tigellio Danese, WEO president

19:15 | The village of Oschiri also hosts vertical tastings in dedicated rooms: six different itineraries guided by prestigious wineries (by reservation and with 30 seats available each vertical).

The day ends at the court of the theater with the Wine Party reserved for producers, operators and opinion leaders of the Sardinian wine market, together with institutions and wine lovers.


12:00 | in the spaces specially set up inside the venue, the oenologist Mourad Ouada will lead an exclusive “blind tasting” with Merlot of international and national origin, emblem of the territories to which he belongs. Places available by reservation and for a maximum of 40 people.

18:00 | the big party will begin in the square and in the streets of the village, over one hundred top wineries – some chosen in the area hosting the event, others representative of Sardinian and Italian enology – which will bring their best proposals to the public. It will be possible to taste the gastronomic specialties of various local companies in the various food islands such as: the panadas of Oschiri, cheeses and cured meats.

Tomorrow 1 July, is the day of Wine Experience Oschiri 2022