Un film proposed by Sky, Swing – Champion hearti, reminds us how the union is strength thanks to the history of a team of young rowers trained by the tough Michael Shannon.

Sky Cinema proposes the film for the first time on September 30th Swing – Heart of champions. Directed by Michael Mailer proposes an uplifting coming-of-age story against the backdrop of a cinematically unusual sport such as rowing. The protagonist is the actor Michael Shannon in the role of a coach called to revive the fortunes of a team of young collegiate athletes.

Scripted by Vojin Gjaja, Swing – Heart of champions it is freely inspired by the experience of Gjaja himself and counts among the protagonists on young actors Alexander Ludwig, Alex MacNicoll And Charles Meltonparticularly popular with millennials.

The plot of the movie Swing – Heart of champions

Swing – Heart of champions, a Sky movie, takes us back in time to 1999. After finishing last in the national championship, a US college rowing team is in turmoil. And it is also due to the constant disagreements between the various boys. Above all, Alex (Alexander Ludwig), Chris (Charles Metton) and John (Alex MacNicoll), each leading in their own way.

Coach Murphy (Michael Shannon), a tough Army veteran, is called upon at the start of the new season to prepare the boys. He is asked to change the state of affairs and unlock the true potential of the entire team.

Using all his experience and unconventional methods, Murphy will teach the boys what it means to be a united and compact team.

The Italian poster of Swing – Heart of champions.

A coach with unusual methods

There are many feature films that, starring young high school or college students, tell about sport. The film Swing – Heart of champions, proposed by Sky, stands out from the others for two reasons: the sport chosen and its leading actor. Rarely, on the screen we have seen stories move with the world of rowing in the background and, even more difficult, with an iron coach played by an actor as good as Michael Shannon.

Jack Murphy, the coach to whom Shannon lends his face, enters the lives of the boys of Beeston University (a fictional college “hosted” by the real Louisiana State University) at the beginning of the 1999-2000 championship. The team finished last in the national champion and Murphy, an army veteran, agreed to revive their fortunes. However, his return to Beeston is accompanied by mixed feelings related to when he was a student and was part of the same team along with several companions and friends who later lost their lives in Southeast Asia.

Michael Shannon in Swing - Heart of champions.
Michael Shannon in Swing – Heart of champions.

Learning to team up

Referring Jack to the institute was Singleton (David James Elliott), an administrator who used to compete with Murphy on the rowing team. The two are neither friends nor enemies but Singleton wanted Murphy to coach the team because he hopes he can bring out the qualities of his son Alex (Alexander Ludwig), the captain. Only in this way could the young man attract the attention of the Olympic scouts.

And it is clearly clear that right away there is no good blood between the demanding Murphy and the egocentric Alex. Especially since Alex is quite angry and struck by the sympathy that the ex-girlfriend (Lily Krug) is showing towards his rival John.

But there are other more important challenges that Murphy faces beyond the competitive ones. And throughout the history of the film Swing – Heart of champions, film also available on demand on Sky, we should get to know Chris better, a recently transferred student who at first reluctantly accepts to be part of the team, but also the motivations that push the other teammates to compete. Just as we should prepare the handkerchiefs for a death that will greatly inspire the Beeston rowers during a competition against Harvard students.

A scene from Swing - Heart of champions.
A scene from Swing – Heart of champions.


To direct Swing – Heart of championsthe film proposed by Sky in the first tv, is Michael Maren. A former Peace Corps volunteer, humanitarian worker and war correspondent, Maren spent seventeen years in Africa in close contact with the conflicts and famines that have affected Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and other hot spots on the continent.

In 1999, after the book was published The Road to Hell on Somalia and foreign aid, Maren began working as a screenwriter, selling his stories to giants such as HBO and Sony as well as independent producers. In 2016 he then made his directorial debut with the film Unexpected lovewith the couple formed by Demi Moore and Alex Baldwin. Swing – Heart of a champion it is his second work while he has just finished filming the thriller The Minute You Wake Up Dead starring Morgan Freeman.

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