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From Carmen Falcone, artistic direction of events and coordination of Eastern Theaters for The Hub-Aps Association

Workshops of the year 2023 organized by The Hub-Aps Association in Sestri Levante at the Casette Rosse centre.

Initially Yoga and Theater for adults were also planned with 2 free trials in January, but due to an accident suffered by the Yoga and Theater teacher the free trials of both courses were canceled (Tuesday 17 at 19.15 and Thursday 19 at 18.30).

They are confirmed:

Free trial Tuesday 17 January at 6.15 pm Children’s workshop in the large hall.

6.15 pm Arts and Crafts in the small room.

Due to the teacher’s temporary incapacity, the Tuesday Yoga course will be cancelled, while the Thursday Theater workshop will be replaced with the Mindfulness course (which was scheduled to start in May) by qualified coaches, starting from month of March with monthly programme.

Therefore, the quarterly workshop for children remains unchanged, the start of which is scheduled for Tuesday 31 January at 18.15, with a minimum of 12 members.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
See you on Tuesday 17 January at Casette Rosse.

We are ready to leave again after two very long years of forced stop, in Sestri Levante at the Casette Rosse center (via B. Primi, near the motorway exit, with parking).

Free trials in January:

– 17 and 24 January at 18.00:
Great room Let’s pretend that, theater and fairy tale workshop for children.
Simultaneously in the small room: introductory meeting on the traditions of our land, between the sea and the vegetable gardens.
The speakers will talk about the fishing and cultivation traditions of our beautiful territory.

– Thursday 26 at 18.30
Great Hall: Mindfulness course

The Workshops by professional teachers will start with a minimum of 12 participants:
Children’s workshop and Arts and Crafts Tuesday 31 January, maintaining the times indicated in the poster, with a quarterly duration.

Mindfulness course for children and adults from Thursday 2 March at 18.15 with monthly duration.

Tired of the “usual” courses where it seems to be at school?
We are waiting for you to have fun and feel good together.
Info 338 7565837


Mindfulness and Meditation Program for Casette Rosse

Path to prevent and counteract psychophysical tiredness through Mindfulness techniques and meditative practices between art, music and poetry.
Indicative meetings: 4, one a week
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes each.
Who it is for: young people and adults


1- Theme: The flow of conscious breathing (Anapanasati) – The rhythm of the breath
develops inner calm and mindfulness
pacifies the mind of disturbing thoughts
improve attention levels
By breathing in mindfulness we become aware of what is, in the here and now

2- Theme: our sacred temple, the Body (Body Scan) and the importance of posture in meditation practice
Benefits: Dissolves psychophysical tensions

3- Theme: The quiet force of Nature (Meditation on the Elements)
we reconnect with Mother Earth, we feel part of her, overcoming the sense of separation between us and Nature as a whole, a process of rooting develops

4- Theme: Letting go of disturbing thoughts and emotions (Protective Mandala Meditation)
You reconnect with your deepest self,
a process of centering develops, one is no longer at the mercy of distractions and external elements

NB Our Mindfulness and Meditation courses and seminars are to be understood as moments of training, self-awareness, inner growth and not as therapies. Mindfulness is used in these courses for spiritual, educational, philosophical, creative purposes and is aimed at people who want to embark on a journey of self-knowledge, of their own mind and sensations, in order to improve the quality and experience of own life.

Silvia and Alberto – In the Heart of Meditation
Imaginal Mindfulness instructors recognized by Aiscon (Italian-Swiss Counseling Association) and duly registered in the relevant Professional Register. We concluded the training course on 12 December 2013.
We integrate the practices of Meditation and Mindfulness Imagine them with Shinrin Yoku courses, immersions in the woods and in Nature, having followed an ad hoc path. On 2 June 2020 we officially became Forest Therapy Guides, having concluded the related training course with Imaginal Academy, and we are enrolled in the related Professional Register recognized by Aiscon.
In 2022 we took the Mindfulness Course (8-week online course) with Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor emeritus of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where in 1979 he founded the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Clinic – MBSR ).

More info on our bios and our paths within our web space:

Let’s pretend that…
Creative play lab
Playing at being someone else, dressing up, changing your voice, giving space to your imagination.

The laboratory
Let’s pretend that ……
The ability to express oneself and communicate, for the child is a fundamental moment of self-discovery and expansion, it is the place where the child, as well as the adult, meets himself and others in a new, deeper, more authentic way and freer, because even if inside a story, behind the fiction and the game, we can manifest parts of ourselves and recognize feelings and emotions that could otherwise remain blocked.
The laboratory is carried out taking inspiration from the curiosity of Cipi’, Mario Lodi’s enterprising sparrow.

Objective of the laboratory
Overcome psychophysical blocks of an expressive and communicative nature, socialize, increase creativity, self-esteem, positive relational skills, critical sense; acquire awareness and control of the body, voice, gesture in order to learn the foundations of theatrical language and increase awareness of one’s being and one’s actions.
The single lesson is divided into a series of games-exercises – improvisations-dramatizations (up to the final performance) and guarantees the involvement of the children and the carrying out of the activity in a protected, “non-stressful” atmosphere, totally playful and non-competitive.
Moments of improvisation alternate with moments of concentration on the character created and the connection to the other characters, who will then come to compose the story and the design of the characters, in the case of Puppet Theatre.
The next step will be the creation of a fairy tale written, illustrated and animated by the children, clearly with the help of the conductor.
The fairy tale as a background, the theater as a means, for an experiential journey capable of stimulating and expanding the child’s creative and communicative mechanisms, in a playful and socializing context such as the one offered by the theater.

Let’s pretend that … creative play workshop for curious children aged 6 to 10 by Carmen Falcone

Carmen Falcone: since 1976 brief notes of experience:
Theater at the Liceo Classico – Dams Summer Course from Bologna to Rimini – Turin: New Repertoire Theater Company – Milan: Teatro delle Erbe – I Filodrammatici – Genoa: Ateneo Theater with Roberto Tomaello
Internships with various Actors and Directors
Workshops, seminars, clowning

Info: 0185 409212 – 338 7565837

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