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There is also the marathon runner Father Vincenzo Puccio among the religious protagonists of the exhibition “Mens sana in corpore sano” which is held in the Leica Store in Milan, near Piazza Duomo, from 23 September to December. Milan: that on 8 April 2019 gave Puccio one of the most beautiful satisfactions of his competitive career. On a rainy and particularly cold day he was 24th overall at the finish line of the marathon in 2h35’58 ”.

The photo of the Gazzetta dello Sport he went around the web with Vincenzo bending down to kiss the ground after the finish, a gesture he always does at the end of each race as a sign of respect for creation and gratitude for the welcome.

The Milanese exhibition features photographs by Stefano Guindani, who has set out on the trail of sporting religious and immortalized them with his LeicaSL2. They range from the surfer priest to the nun on a soccer field, from the mountaineer priest to the one who plays tennis … But we do not reveal everything so as not to spoil the surprise for those who can see this exhibition live!

“The photographs on display leverage the human aspect of the subjects, depicting an extraordinary dedication and a unique predisposition for fun, amalgamated with a disruptive vitality”, write the organizers. “With polite irony, lightness and a poetic language, the photographer makes us partakers of every story he tells: suspended moments, hinted smiles and essential color combinations manage to make us perceive the common person”. Denis Curti, curator of the exhibition, said: “Guindani’s goal is to be able to clear the figure, associated with liturgies and moments of silence, of spiritual advisors, freeing them from any religious preconception and transporting them to the universal level thanks to sports disciplines” .

Stefano Guindani (Cremona, 1969) has always had a passion for the language of reportage. Established as a fashion photographer, he deepened his interest in reportage first in China then in Haiti (“Haiti through the eye of Stefano Guindani”) and has held photographic exhibitions in New York, at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and Palazzo Isimbardi in Milan. In 2015, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the international organization NPH- Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, the volume “Do you know?” which tells the harsh reality of some countries in Central and South America. In 2014 he was coach and judge of “Scattastorie NX Generation”, the first TV talent show dedicated to the world of photography. In 2016 he published “Sguardi d’attore” a collection of portraits of over 350 actors from Italian cinema. Guindani is no stranger to sports. Last year he exhibited “Energie” a photographic story of the so-called ‘minor’ sports. “Creating a work on the world of sport without talking about results but telling its values, was the main purpose of this project”, he commented.

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