Original towns. Declaration of the 3rd Parliament of Women and Indigenous Diversities for Good Living

Latin American Summary May 29, 2022

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Declaration of the 3rd Plurinational Parliament of Women and Indigenous Diversities for Good Living:

We Indigenous Women and Diversities organized in the Movement of Indigenous Women for Good Living, in a self-convened and self-managed manner, declare that we are certain that our union and organization as indigenous women and diversities constitute the basis of good living.

We arrived at Kollasuyo, Chicoana, Salta, from the different indigenous latitudes. There we parley, we listen to each other in the same way that our ancestors did, with the presence of grandfather fire and preceded by ceremonies in which we summon the cosmic forces to speak from wisdom, truth and memory from ancestral spaces.

Through us the mountain spoke, the rivers sang, the condors hugged us and the jungle danced because all of them are us, we are body territory. The objectives were met and we have come out of there strengthened, recovering our ancestral spirituality since it is from spirituality that we nourish ourselves with strength and clarity for this important struggle that transcends us and that commits us to the lives of children throughout Indo-America and for what not of the world.

It is time to give an ultimatum to the State that has remained complicit in crimes such as the “chineo”, and that has also reinforced impunity through its indifference.

This aberrant practice of sexual violence against our children must end and that is why our campaign “#EnoughChineo” assumes a new stage of fighting for “#AbolitionOfChineoYa” and for this we have agreed on the following: Ultimatum to the Argentine State for the abolition of chineo, we demand:

1. That chineo be declared and typified as a hate crime, and with it reach the maximum penalties and without obtaining benefits, such as parole or sentence reduction. We understand Chinese as a systemic criminal, racist and colonial practice.

2.That it be declared as an imprescriptible crime.

3. That companies that have employees who have committed this aberration be held responsible and disqualified from working in indigenous territories.

4. That police officers, gendarmes and/or soldiers who violate indigenous children be prosecuted, sentenced and dishonorably discharged.

5. That religious institutions and groups that operate in indigenous territory and are complicit in these criminal practices be expelled and condemned.

6.That public officials be tried and sentenced without exception and without recognition of privileges, as well as the traditional authorities of the Indigenous Peoples who are executors of these practices, accomplices or facilitators of the same.

7. The seizure of all the assets of the violators, with assets to meet the economic containment and recovery of the victim.

8. Economic sanction to the Argentine State, for the creation of a prevention, recovery and support fund for the victims of chineo, administered by the Movement of Indigenous Women for Good Living. We understand and maintain that the main person responsible for these criminal practices remaining in force for more than 200 years has been the Argentine State itself, which in none of its successive governments has generated condemnation mechanisms or produced legal instruments for the prevention and treatment of crimes. Chinese cases.

9.To deactivate the scenarios of complicity that generate this crime, the mechanisms for dialogue and representation between the Indigenous Peoples and the State must be reformulated. Thus, from now on, women must be the recipients and administrators of food and social assistance programs, since many chiefs and leading indigenous men take advantage of this place of power to sexually humiliate and subjugate girls and young people from their own community. .

10. We demand that the concealers and concealers are also condemned and on the same scale as the material actors.

11. Preparation of protocols with the participation and consultation of women and indigenous diversities.

For purposes to be applied in institutions, both of the National State and in each of the provinces and municipalities, such as educational, health, justice, and security institutions.

It is decisive that any legislation or measure that is taken to respond to the abolition of chineo, must contain each and every one of these points that we point out.

This demand will be walked, collectivized and woven among many threads of solidarity in the world.

We are convinced that from the 3rd Plurinational Parliament of Women and Indigenous Diversities for Good Living, a proposal has emerged that will have a continental impact. We thus inform that for our part we will not stop until we manage to save our children from this deep pain and revalue them as they deserve.

The childhoods of the peoples of the world are sacred and in the face of the resurgence of governments and politicians who spread racist hatred, using all kinds of media to inoculate society with division, segregation and racism, we respond with tenacity, courage and love.

That is why we stand in solidarity with the mothers, fathers and relatives of the children murdered in the Texas massacre, which shows how far racist violence and the apathy of a State that privileges and promotes the consumption of weapons and naturalizes violence can go. violence. While we held our Parliament to save the lives of our children, this was happening in another part of the continent.

During these days we have also deepened our position regarding the #terricide that occurs in all our communities and territories. The occupying civilization has generated death and affectation in all the lives in the ancestral territories.

Our pain and our losses are irreparable, the irresponsible use of palliative policies with bombastic names of historical reparation is a lack of respect and dimension of the damage caused.

The chineo is one more expression of this Terricide that has been imposed since the arrival of the colonizer until today, it is time for justice and healing. We call to fight for its abolition and to embrace all life and all lives.

Declaration from Chicoana Women and Indigenous Diversities of the Nation Peoples: AvaGuaraní, Aymara, Chané, Charrúa, Chorote, Chulupí, Diaguita, Guaycurú, Huarpe, Kolla, Lule, Mapuche, Moqoit, Purépecha, Qom, Quechua, Ranquel, Simba Guaraní, Tapiete , Weenhayek, Wichi.#Statement#Good living#EnoughTerricide#AbolitionOfChineoYa#bastadechineo#TheGenocideIsToday#Parliament#plurinational📢🤝🏾🍃

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Original towns. Declaration of the 3rd Parliament of Women and Indigenous Diversities for Good Living – Latin American Summary