Casa del Contemporaneo, Ghirelli Theater 2022/23: Cultivating Art

House of the Contemporary (CoC), is a community of people and artistic professionals all different and all necessary: ​​an open space inhabited by actors, directors, set designers, musicians, authors, technicians, communicators, organizers. The construction of the community takes place through collective paths and images, moments of sharing and mutual exchange with young and old spectators and it is an opportunity to interact dynamically with the complex reality in which we are all immersed.

The Ghirelli Theater, as well as the other offices of the House, it is a candidate, once again, to be a place of aggregation that opens up to the most diverse artistic experiences, creators of new relationships and points of view: Theater, Dance, Cinema, Visual Art, Photography, Music. “Own productions” and hospitality, critical meetings, performances, great performers and new talents, information and training are the actions put in place for Cultivating art with children, young people and adults.

They return the READING CLUB, curated by Andrea Carraro, Mariano Ragusa and Eduardo Scotti, an opportunity for in-depth analysis, analysis and comparison; CONTEMPORARY MEDITERRANEANreview curated by Maria Rosaria Greco attentive to the cultures of the Mediterranean, and which this year turns its gaze to Tunisia. ZIORIZ, work of filmic art, (produced by Teatri Uniti with Casa del Contemporaneo, with the contribution of the Campania Region / Film Commission, in collaboration with Studio Trisorio, Donnaregina Foundation for Contemporary Arts Museo Madre and Zona Rosa), project and direction by Raffaela Mariniello, which follows the course of the Volturno, the longest river in southern Italy, from its source to its mouth, in a three-part division that is both raw and poetic, like a fertile land, a work land, a land of fires.

And again, hospitality chosen by affinity and common vision such as DANCE ENCOUNTERS, edited by Antonella Iannonewhich brings to Ghirelli the excellence of contemporary dance and choreography e MUTAVERSO THEATERconceived and directed by Vincenzo Albano.

The programming of the Ghirelli Theater principia il November 13 with a Tribute to Pino Danielewritten and performed by Tony Laudadio that in Pasqualino and Alessiuccia – the city that enchants, speaks and sings the language of the unforgettable Neapolitan singer-songwriter. This musical readingis theoverture common to all the theaters of the House.

A significant choice is to counterpoint the appointments of the season with a workshop path that aims to involve people who are passionate about theater, who aspire to grow and acquire theatrical knowledge and experience. An enrichment of the artistic and cultural proposal that draws a high training course.

Three moments of in-depth analysis that will produce as many public demonstrations.

The firsta journey of research and actor training, is entitled “With the weapons of poetry / Pensiero P.arola P.erformance ”by Pino Carbone And Annacarla Broeg. Participants will be guided through three phases: past, present and future within Pier Paolo Pasolini’s writing.

The according to is a curated project Ivica Buljan (Director of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb – prose section, theatrical critic, scholar of comparative literature and French literature, trainer in universities and international Masters, among others “Ecole de Maitre“And one semester ERT) “Antigone the Rebel”this lab will explore the contemporary performance techniques that can be used to approach ancient tragedies starting from the analysis of the text.

The third is an in-depth work in residence by Danio Manfredini and Vincenzo del Prete“Repertoire – selected studies” with the actors participating in the project Repertoire, Higher training course, path started in 2018 at the Hospital Court of Rubiera. In the desire to share the research carried out so far with the public, other gazes will meet during a presentation evening.

The proposal of subscriptions and cards of the 2022/23 season of the Ghirelli Theater It kicks off with the show Krapp’s latest tape by Samuel Beckett, directed and performed by Giancarlo Cauteruccioa show that the company Krypton re-proposes after 20 years and with which it celebrates the milestone of 40 years of activity, a show experienced as a second skin.

The Codista, by and with Marleen Scholten. The Dutch playwright and actress constructs a comic, political, absurd and personal reflection on the question of identitỳ, the desire to slow down and the fear of waiting.

Improve, a production by Casa del Contemporaneo in collaboration with Nest Teatro, see the interpretation of Giovanni Ludeno and directed by Giuseppe Miale di Mauro. A comic text – signed by the unforgettable Mattia Torre – which tells a story bordering on paradox, in which the unhealthy idea of ​​contemporary society comes out: to succeed you have to be cynical, unscrupulous, violent …

The new year begins with L’Oreste – when the dead kill the living, a very original play, by Francesco Niccoliniwho lives, through the talent of Claudio Casadioand in the continuous interaction between theater and animated comics, created by Andrea Bruno, in collaboration with Lucca comics.

The Barabbas from Antonio Tarantino, (text published after the author’s death in 2021) is the fifth round of the season. In the play, directed by Teresa Ludovico, and interpreted by Michele Schiano of Colathe author mixes verse and prose, comedy and tragedy, sweetness and ferocity.

Latest arrival… at the Moscato home a show by and with Benedetto Casillo.L’ I am the last to arrive in the Moscatian space / time. – says Casillo – And I have more than one thing in common with him: age, roots, family environment, alleys, people, spirituality, many daily doubts, love for animals. The approach to the theater was different. But not in essence. This show is a tribute and thanks to Enzo Moscato for the privilege he gave me“.

Pièce noiretext by Enzo Moscato, unanimous winner of the Riccione Prize for dramaturgy in 1985, a kind of modern dark fairy tale, skilfully moved between psychoanalysis, thriller and lightness, staged by Giuseppe Affinito with a company of young people.

From the archaic text of the great Aeschylus but using the techniques of the comedian it arrives 7 against Thebes, a creation of The Sandbags, the company born in Pisa that since 1995 has been producing shows characterized by a continuous oscillation between tradition and research, and by a surreal and very light figure. The direction is by Massimiliano Civita (current director of Tric Toscana – Metastasio Theater).

It follows Contraction / Contractions by Mike Bartlett who debuted at Campania Theater Festival. In the office of a multinational, through two women, 3 years old and 14 managers, Francesco Saponaro he conducts in an elegant and refined way Valentina Acca and Federica Sandrini in a dystopian and depersonalizing fresco.

Come back Pino Carbonewith Christmas carol. On stage, the three phases of a special process, an investigation, a reflection on the concept of consumption in the contemporary world, starting from the suggestions of the Christmas song by Dickens and in fact, like that, it takes the form of a journey. The same process, in the two scheduled dates will be interpreted by two different cast, one all male and one all female.

Duett for JJ with Cristina Donadio and Maurizio “Bungt Bangt” Capone is a tribute toJoyce’s Ulysses on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its publication. The theatrical adaptation, written in the Neapolitan language, is inspired by a fragment of episode 17: ITACA and focuses on seven questions, which give life to seven stage movements, in which word, song and music intersect seamlessly.

TO May we find Dream of a midsummer night from the homonymous comedy by William Shakespearea production of the House directed by Rosario Sparno. A season finale that is the triumph of life and love: the protagonists of this adaptation, which follows that of “The Tempest”, are the actors, who give life to a story that enters a labyrinth of magic and amorous concoctions.

Season YOUNG starts from some words of Gianni Rodari: HAPPY IS NOT ENOUGH. There remains the need, the duty, to communicate to them not only the pleasure of life, but the passion of life; to educate them not only to tell the truth but to have a passion for the truth. Seeing them happy is not enough for us. We have to see them passionate about what they do, what they say, what they see. (see School of Fantasy).

A complex project (2 Special Projects, 2 shows for kindergarten, 4 teacher training courses recognized by the MI, 4 shows for upper secondary school, 6 shows for lower secondary school, 8 shows for primary school, 11 shows for families) dedicated exclusively to children, teenagers, adolescents, spectators in constant evolution, who change rapidly but who are students / spectators today, in the present. A proposal dedicated to schools, families, the territory, so that the theater can be a starting point to broaden the view, and build trajectories, with which to nourish one’s educational and pedagogical research, and the public can be led towards a rich fruition and deep.

It starts in September with the puppets of “Duck Alfredo” (+3 years), we always continue with the puppets de “The three Little Pigs” (+3) and live music de “The Bremen Town Musicians” (+3) in October. It continues in November with “In the sleeping forest” (+6) loosely based on Sleeping Beauty by Perrault, Grimm, Jelloun, Basile and Calvino. December brings puppets, puppets and the narration of “According to Pinocchio” (+3). In January, space a “The beauty and the Beast” (+ 6) ea “Solitarium” (+8), acting theater and movement dramaturgy. In February, it’s up to +14 first with “Nina, two steps into adolescence”and then to “Sapiens”, shadow theater (+ 8 years). March includes four appointments: there is “Barbie and Ken – reflections on imposed happiness” which involves interaction with the adolescent audience, “Ouverture des saponettes” or clowning and soap bubbles (+ 3 years), the English language production of Casa del Contemporaneo, “Dracula” by The Play Group e “The firebird”, a dance between song, music and origami, both for audiences from 8 years old. Finally, in April, for the older children (+14) “Stoc ddoc – I’m here” And, “Esterina centovestiti” (+6).

Casa del Contemporaneo gives an appointment to the public, all enthusiasts and the curious, at the Ghirelli Theater already in September, for a festive day, dedicated to illustrating in detail the entire 2022/23 programming.

Ghirelli Theater: inserted in the Irno park, along the bank of the river of the same name, it is the cultural complement of a very important urban recovery plan. The Theater has a room with one hundred and fifty seats and has an internal event space that can accommodate up to fifty people. The theater is inserted in the building of the old mill which was next to the oven of an ancient factory. It is a place of hospitality and theatrical productions and artistic training. In 2019 it underwent restructuring, and was adapted to current safety regulations.

GHIRELLI THEATER – Lungoirno, Viale Antonio Gramsci. Interior of the Irno urban park

info and reservations: 345/4679142

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Show times weekdays 20.30, holidays 19

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