Dinnammare, words and music to rediscover the sacredness of the mountain and the myth of Ulysses

To welcome to Dinnammare the many enthusiasts and connoisseurs, and not only from Messina, who have challenged the thick blanket of clouds lying on the Peloritani ridge, in order not to miss the original cultural event proposed by the Peloritani Museum of Culture and Popular Music, an enchanted landscape, almost surreal, from a sacred mountain, which is precisely Dinnammare with its Sanctuary dedicated to the miraculous Madonna Bimaris who came in remote times from the sea, or according to another version of the tradition discovered by a shepherd, and venerated by the Community of Larderia. And right inside the Sanctuary, with its unique architecture with cross vaults, with exposed bricks, enveloping and full of spirituality, thanks to the hospitality granted by the rector of the Sanctuary Father Caminiti, also parish priest of the church of San Giovanni di Larderia , where the sacred image is preserved, painted by Michele Panebianco in the nineteenth century, had the performance of words and music, although deprived of the sublime view of the sunset over the islands of Aeolus.

Introducing the meeting Mario Sarica, scientific curator of the Peloritani Museum of Popular Culture and Music of Gesso village and the rector of the Sanctuary Father Caminiti. Of particular interest are the reflections that Sarica has proposed on the millennial history of the sacred mountains, which in every culture and religion have been chosen as the abode of the gods and of the sacred guardian figures of the communities, which unite the earth to the sky. Therefore, offering cultural events immersed in the high-altitude Peloritan landscape, continued Sarica, is always a good opportunity to recover harmony with creation and the mythical and legendary stories that have stratified over time on the Peloritan territory between sea and sky.

Protagonists of absolute value on the scene were the talented actors Gabriella Zecchetto and Antonio Previti, who interpreted with great expressive intensity, taken from book XII of Homer’s Odyssey, the extraordinary adventure of Ulysses in the Mediterranean, a narrative archetype and an exemplary figure of hero for every culture that challenges every adversity, beyond every measure, to the point of undergoing the wrath of the Gods. The dramatized reading began with the farewell from the sorceress Circe, generous with advice for Ulysses and his companions on the future risks they would encounter along the routes of the Strait. And so here is the meeting the seductive sirens, and then with the fearsome monsters Scylla and Charybdis guarding the Strait, to which Ulysses pays a tragic contribution, with the loss of many of his traveling companions. But in the land of Trinacria, in the land of the Sun God Elio, the surviving companions of Ulysses break another prohibition, that of eating the meat of sacred cows. And here the wrath of Jupiter is unleashed, which will wreck the fragile boat with its load of men. Only Ulysses adrift on what remains of the boat will be saved, to then continue his pilgrimage narino and land from the welcoming Calypso.

Introducing the readings are the fascinating musical themes of the Baroque age, from Bach to Scarlatti, of great evocative power, exemplary interpreted on the accordion by Carmela Stefano, who with great timeliness and generosity took the place of the announced Peaks Brass Quintet, for a sudden and serious indisposition suffered by M Giuseppe Ruggeri, solo trumpet of the chamber ensemble. The Barcelona-based concert artist gave a top-class musical performance, maximizing the extraordinary resources of an instrument, the accordion of popular origins, which in the last thirty years has been able to conquer about a place of honor among the learned instruments, entering fully into the conservatories. And Carmela Stefano is one of the most admirable examples of this beautiful musical history, since in addition to being a concert performer appreciated far beyond the island’s borders, she is a teacher of accordion at the “Alessandro Scarlatti” Conservatory in Palermo. thus bestowed warm and convinced acclaim to the protagonists of the evening, greatly appreciating the concert performance of Stefano who also gave two romantic pages signed by Chopin and Mendelshonn and the famous czarda di Monti.

The original cultural event proposed by the Kiklos Association, owner of the Ppeloritan ethnographic museum project, was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the rector of the Sanctuary of Dinnammare, Father Caminiti; by the executive of the regional forest company dr. Water; and of the Municipality of Messina And of the Department of Cultural Heritage, owned by prof. Enzo Caruso.

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Dinnammare, words and music to rediscover the sacredness of the mountain and the myth of Ulysses