43 Celebrities Who Are Totally Pisces

    Gather. It’s time to unmask all the fanciful facets of the zodiac fish: Pisces, that sign with mystical eyes that seem from another world. As the twelfth constellation —born between February 19 and March 20-, his most appreciated trait it’s patience (how many of us can say that?). But do not underestimate them, because these beings of natural element water they won’t let you falter. His mutability warns them before it happens (he considers this advice).

    If you’re not familiar with Pisces, here’s everything you need to know. They are known to be the oldest zodiacal vibration. What does this mean? Who are known to be patient, understanding and wise. They are no strangers to adversity and that drives them to be very empathetic and mystical people. They appreciate philosophy, spirituality and even religion, because they are able to see the value it offers for the lives of many. If you have ever shared time with someone born with the Sun under this constellation at the time of his birth or in some position of his Astral chartyou will find that they are extremely thoughtful and captivating.

    With that being said, if you’re expecting a Pisces to come right up and tell you what’s on their mind, good luck. As is the case with the Sagittarius, a part of the sign is ruled by Jupiter, which makes them wonderful at telling stories, many of which are difficult to decipher without the help of a peace. No offense, of course. Although they also give off vibes of calm and confusion worthy of Neptune, their official ruler. It is the planet of dreams and this is where the expression comes from: Pisces are always in the clouds. Your head spends more time thinking about things and creating imaginary situations than living in the present. This, of course, makes them add a dramatic tinge to all your emotions.

    When this sign is in Moon, thus defining the lunar sign that governs emotions, the person is prone to being very sensitive. So much so that sometimes they seem to have telepathic powers to feel the emotions of others, although sometimes their victimhood gets out of hand. If we talk about having Pisces in the ascendantthat point in the astral chart that establishes how we are in the eyes of others, have the special ability to flow with the ‘vibes’ of any situation and adapt without any complications.

    Of course, the compatibility of this sign is not easy. The cancer they are very similar to them, in terms of the dramatic point that they bring to their lives. To the more earthly signs, What Capricorn either Taurus it will be difficult for them to understand so much fantasy, and the Gemini they will make you think too much.

    To help you get to know your own celestial style or understand one of these mermaids, here is a list of celebrities who exemplify Pisces energy.

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Rihanna: born February 20, 1988

A Caribbean queen we support. Rihanna is no stranger to creativity. Like she does a Pisces, she captures exactly what we feel without saying too much.


Olivia Rodrigo: born February 20, 2003

The fact that Olivia is a Pisces is astral justice. Pisces often experience frustrating events, which can only be expressed through a song. The singer’s voice makes all her songs have that dreamy touch. Also, with her Sun ruled by Jupiter, she has the ability to tell fascinating stories.


Camila Cabello: born March 3, 1997

The singer is overcoming her breakup with Shawn Mendes through great songs like ‘Bam bam’, a single she has just released, clearly aimed at her ex-partner.


Becky G: born March 2, 1997

Pisces have the ability to start awkward conversations. Becky G did it with her reggaeton songs. Women can also talk about sex in them.


Tyler, the Creator: born March 6, 1991

Tyler is known for saying wild things and taking humor to a whole other level, only to leave you wondering if you’re missing something. I’m sure the rapper is no stranger to these types of conversations. But then again, Pisces are no strangers to being a little weird (and they love it).


Dani Martín: born on February 19, 1977

What a good Pisces he is shows in how varied his musical repertoire is.


Simone Biles: born March 14, 1997

Simone Biles has first prize in mental health, as well as being an amazing gymnast. Pisces make a difference while she’s still a star!


Elliot Page: born February 21, 1987

Without a doubt, Elliot has become one of the most representative LGBTQ+ icons. Calm and thoughtful, he lives up to his zodiac sign.


Camilo: born on March 16, 1994

Any of his songs shows that emotions are what guide his life (and that’s why we like his music).


Bad Bunny: born March 10, 1994

The same dedicates a song to your ‘booty’, who declares you eternal love making you cry with one of his lyrics. Pisces are a mystery and you never really know where to take them.


Dakota Fanning: born February 23, 1994

Dakota has one of the best examples of ‘Pisces eyes’. Her calm presence and her big blue eyes grace every screen she’s been on. She majored in women’s studies, so we imagine her focus on women in film and culture gives you a deeper understanding of her characters.


Lupita Nyong’o: born March 1, 1983

There is something otherworldly about Lupita. His knowledge base and ability to continuously act outside of his person leaves viewers in awe. Only a Pisces actor could be capable of such witchcraft.


Nicky Jam: born March 17, 1981

His physical image doesn’t do his Pisces Sun justice, but let’s face it, the singer is a romantic.


Ana Mena: born February 25, 1997

Have you noticed how many artists in the music industry are Pisces? It must be for a reason… They are the sign of the singers!


Olivia Wilde: born March 10, 1984

It’s not for nothing, but conquering someone like Harry styles could only come from a mind as creative (and Pisces) as that of the actress.


Madison Beer: born March 5, 199

She has become one of the emerging artists with the most promising future thanks to the sensitivity of her songs and her angelic voice.


Ricardo Gomez: born February 25, 1994

Pisces is also a very present sign in the world of entertainment. Remember that they are very creative and capable of living longer in their imagination than in the present.


Justin Bieber: born March 1, 1994

Former teen pop star Justin Bieber has had to fight back. Do you remember 2010?


Sophie Turner: born February 21, 1996

The Queen of the North managed to empathize with all her people, and we believed it!


Queen Latifah: born March 18, 1970

Frank and bold. Queen Latifah is a legend both in Hollywood and in the music industry. In true Piscean fashion, her rhymes unified and inspired generations.


Millie Bobby Brown: born February 9, 2004

Excuse me, is Millie Bobby Brown a Pisces? With those piercing eyes and that ability to wow the crowd? He doesn’t surprise us at all…


Camille Bazat: born March 1, 1994

The ‘Emily in Paris’ actress is closely linked to the world of fashion, even working as a model. She versatile and creative.


Lilly Collins: born March 18, 1989

Two Pisces in the cast of ‘Emily in Paris’? So is! And that’s why it has so much drama, let’s not kid ourselves…


Adam Levine: born March 18, 1979

That the singer of Maroon 5 is the ‘crush’ of half the world has its explanation: he has the sensitivity of Pisces and we love that.


Jameela Jamil: born February 25, 1986

Just like a Pisces would, she is known to show something to the world. You can’t help but appreciate a real goddess for speaking the truth about her and starting THE conversations.


Clara Lago: born March 6, 1990

Animals are one of his great passions. He makes life a better world, like the empathic Pisces that he is.


Steve Jobs: born February 24, 1955

If you are reading this from an Apple device, now is a good time to show your gratitude to the energy of Pisces.


Drew Barrymore: born February 22, 1975

Drew Barrymore has literally played an angel and was named an ambassador for the World Food Program. We not only love to see it, we must also appreciate it, because this empathy is thanks to astrology!


Maite Perroni: born March 9, 1983

After the success she achieved with RBD, she has been able to get her acting career back on track. Her dreams were always on her mind and she fulfilled them.


Kesha: born March 1, 1987

Kesha has her Sun, her Moon, her Mercury, and her Jupiter in Pisces. Time to listen to all her music again.


Sharon Stone: born March 10, 1958

Have you noticed how many Pisces celebrities have blue eyes?


Rebel Wilson: born March 2, 1980

Let’s be clear, Rebel Wilson is probably one of the most talented actresses out there today. Because she doesn’t just act, she also does comedy and has a law degree. Pisces are versatile.


Rob Kardashian: born March 17, 1987

This discreet Kardashian is the only adult Pisces in the family. No wonder he prefers to stay in the shade: they try to avoid the drama, but he’s after them!

3. 4

Pilar Rubio: born March 17, 1978

Pisces don’t like the conventional. Neither did Pilar and you only need to see her professional career.


Eva Longoria: born March 15, 1975

Those who know her say that she is very dreamy. Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is to blame.


Alfred Garcia: born March 14, 1997

Alfred’s sensitivity is what we like most about him.


Pablo López: born March 11, 1984

The same thing happens with Pablo. They are capable of putting words to the feelings that we are often afraid to express.


Monica Cruz: born March 14, 1977

Dancer, actress, model… is there something Pe’s sister doesn’t do well? She is very Pisces.

The American supermodel conquered the entire world for the intensity of her Pisces look.


James Blunt: born February 22, 1974

His songs stick like knives in our hearts. Only a Pisces could make it possible.


Álvaro Morte: born on February 23, 1975

Important notice: Pisces have penetrating eyes. The Professor’s was not going to be less.


Fernando Tejero: born February 24, 1967

The real life of the actor is completely different from the roles he has played. This versatility is very much of the water sign.


Natalia Lafourcade: born February 26, 1985

Few singers manage to create lyrics as intimate as her. Who has not cried listening to one of her songs? Yes, we are.

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43 Celebrities Who Are Totally Pisces