Snoop Dogg, Julia Roberts, Shia Labeouf… Here are the crises of faith of the celebrities!

BENJAMIN MILLEPIED A thousand times ready for anything for Natalie ©Bestimage When the choreographer meets the star actress of the film black swan on which he is a consultant, he is far from suspecting that his life will change completely. Crazy in love, he agrees to convert to Judaism in order to be able to … Read more

Celebrities and ego traps

Raul Rodriguezwriter and analyst has made about 30 interviews with businessmen, intellectuals, actors, singers, sculptors, journalists and athletes, who have made profound reflections on how we can change the world from within, through their testimonials. On how the idea of ​​making this concept of interviewspointed out that everything happened as a result of the publication … Read more

43 Celebrities Who Are Totally Pisces

Gather. It’s time to unmask all the fanciful facets of the zodiac fish: Pisces, that sign with mystical eyes that seem from another world. As the twelfth constellation —born between February 19 and March 20-, his most appreciated trait it’s patience (how many of us can say that?). But do not underestimate them, because these … Read more

Which celebrities changed their religion? | Common Culture

While some celebrities aren’t religious or keep their faith out of the public eye, others have spoken about their decision to embrace a new religion. Some, like Zooey Deschanel and Karlie Kloss, studied and took lessons before adopting the same religion as their current partners. Others, like Katie Holmes or Jane Fonda, began practicing new … Read more

▷ Famous Vegans » 10 Vegan Celebrities You Know

Vegan food is the strict form of vegetarianism, a lifestyle that tries to exclude the consumption of products that involve exploitation or animal cruelty. So the reasons for assuming it as demonstrated by famous vegans are diverse and vary by health, ethics, environmentalism or religion. In addition to meat, the famous vegetarians make it known … Read more

Celebrities who went on a spiritual retreat to discover themselves

Because sometimes a crowded beach is not the best place to disconnect from tensions, more and more people join the journey inland and use their vacations to go to a spiritual retreat and let themselves be guided by the teachings of a shaman Others, however, find peace practicing some kind of sport, like the actress … Read more

The incredible story of Rubén Armoa, the Shaman of Argentine celebrities | Direct Panning

When did you realize you had the gift?From childhood, at age 7, I felt the need to do rituals, light candles, buy saints. He told people things that were going to happen, and they came to pass. As a child he was a little witch, and in my family he attracted attention because nobody had … Read more