Zulia Ecoparks

Awareness of the importance of what is ours, of landscapes, of nature, of trees, especially of our climate, as warm as Zulia’s, forces us to appreciate it and to look for alternatives, beyond fans or madness. of the air conditioners that have become a necessity that “conditions” the lives of citizens. Simón Rodríguez said well, that starting from what is ours, is how we can build our own realities, that being original is appreciating and working with what we have.

How to help to improve the temperature with means that are within our reach? How to enjoy the warm reality of this climate that keeps our pores open all day and forces us to seek the shade of any element, animate or inanimate, in every space that allows it?

Sow love and admiration, especially in young people and children for everyday and simple things, extraordinary things, that are in front of us daily and we end up not appreciating the permanent company they give us.

The route of the ecoparks serves as an appropriate way to develop love for nature and approach the simple and essential that surrounds us in a harmonious way.

Lenin Cardozo, Mariela Quintero, the true and sensitive promoters of the Tree Mission. They, together with many conscientious citizens of the state, allowed this idea to start, which with the support of Rafael Colmenarez, with the buses of the Maracaibo Metro, created a delicious Sunday routine for hundreds of families in Zulia.

Seeing the promoters of the ecoparks from six in the morning in La Marina park and the people with their children and their food for the day, without caring about the other citizens who were riding the “Guarimba”, was very pleasing to our spirit. .

Agreements with the mayors and with families who live near the selected spaces, since the ecoparks would only have permanence if the people appropriated them, took care of them and defended them. This is how the first ones were born in La Guajira, in the oyster beds of Pararú, a space for life made up of 1,280 hectares of extraordinary beauty, in the heart of Wayúu ancestral territory. Then in Mara, Los Acantilados Cacique Nigale, a geological park of 15 hectares, with a semi-arid tropical climate, an ideal setting for cycling and hiking, and Guacuco Park, made up of an immense carpet of snail shells, a green mangrove forest, with a diversity of birds and species that can be seen on its way through a suspension bridge

And in Maracaibo, in Capitán Chico, Tierra de Ensueños, a mangrove forest, where the neighbor, the fisherman, the youngest and the oldest, with our help, opened roads, cleaned up the coast and built a bridge, made with recycled material to cross this corner of 1.5 kilometers and show up close the home of raccoons, crabs, birds and reptiles.

In Machiques, the Toromo Cave, on the Kunana road. Magical place full of energy and ancestral spirituality guarded by the green mountains. While on the Eastern Coast, the tour of plants and xerophytic species with Produsal, the Burro Negro Recreational Park, with its spa and an extensive variety of vegetation made up of aromatic and medicinal plants. In the Council of Ciruma, the Cardón Water Park with 92 hectares of tropical forest, with large trees such as the Cabimo and the Algarrabo.

Each eco-park has its own charm and is a wonderful experience for children and adults who gradually discover beauties and simple signs that blend with this rich and lively geography that frames the people and land of Zulia.


Zulia Ecoparks