New moon of September 25, 2022: these 3 signs will be particularly impacted

Reading the horoscope can sometimes make you feel like you’re confined only to your sun sign. If the latter is of fundamental importance for your radiance, you may also know that the set of 12 signs actually forms a sacred mandala that you can activate, as one would rub an Aladdin’s lamp and this, with d so much more power, if you take into account what is playing in your natal chart.

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On the occasion of this new moon, I suggest you have fun with 3 signs that are particularly affected by the planets. By understanding their mode of action, whatever your birth sign, you will be able to take full advantage of the configuration of the moment.

The Libra sign, to work on its requirement

This New Moon is in Balance. We therefore could not miss this cardinal sign, bearer of the beauty and harmony of the zodiac. Working with Libra is a bit like integrating the energies of Aphrodite: in the kingdom of Libra, all is grace. We enter one of these palaces where the objects, skilfully chosen, are perfectly arranged, as if a decorator and a Feng Shui master were employed there full time. So, when we try to integrate the energies of this sign, we sometimes feel that, despite our best efforts, we are “never enough”. Never beautiful enough, never elegant enough, never presentable enough… The fear of criticism and judgment hovers. It is not for nothing that aesthetics, fashion, decoration, the beauty of the body and face hold such considerable importance in our societies. Contrary to what one might think, Libra is one of the most demanding signs, which has the effect of putting us face to face with goals that sometimes seem unattainable to us, and can lead us to “give up” and neglect them. certain aspects.

The Virgo sign, to welcome its imperfections

In order to overcome the devaluations that could result from this, let’s focus on the second sign with which we are going to play. At the new moon, Venus (or Aphrodite among the Greeks), ruling planet of Libra, is found… in Virgin. However, Venus is the planet of love: it is therefore a question of putting love in Virgo, that is to say, in all our processes of improvement. Aesthetics is a game and when you play, mistakes are always an opportunity to recreate yourself. More than ever, we have the opportunity with this new moon to understand on a new level of depth that it is indeed the defects of our humanity that give consistency to the Goddess that we too are. Cultivating ease and a benevolent acceptance of our imperfections is therefore, paradoxically, the shortest way to the integration of Aphrodite.

The Gemini sign, to cultivate your humor

Finally, to close it all, we will focus on one last sign. As we have gone to visit Venus, we now turn to the position of her celestial lover: Mars. However, the warrior is always (and for a few more months) in the funniest and lightest sign of the zodiac: the Gemini. What better way to complete this fusion between the human and the Goddess (or the human and the God, of course), than to cultivate lightness and a sense of humor? What could be more elegant than self-mockery when ridicule emerges much more often when we put ourselves on a pedestal? And if it was precisely in all the simplicity of our humanity that we could reach our true beauty so called for by Libra? And if we were already perfect as we are today, what state of relief could that give us? Couldn’t all this positive energy free us up in our desire to improve ourselves? Style, beauty and art thus becoming our new best friends, we offer an irresistible magnetism, because they will be deeply integrated.

Thus, we will be able to experience this lunation as a deep healing of our relationship to imperfection while offering a benevolent welcome to the people around us, perceiving all the humanity and beauty housed within their clumsiness.

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New moon of September 25, 2022: these 3 signs will be particularly impacted