This is the top destination for healing the soul

It is one of the most visited countries in the world with 32 million international tourists in 2021 alone and is known for its varied landscape, pre-Columbian sites and fantastic beaches lapped by the Pacific and is becoming a cult destination for who is looking for spirituality and escape from the anxieties and stress of the hectic everyday life.

We are talking about the Mexicothe top meta to heal the soul in a harmonious fusion of oriental wisdom, Mesoamerican and new age traditions.

The new regenerative tourism in Mexico

If a part of travelers choose the country for a “hit and run” tourism or to appreciate the archaeological remains of the past or, again, to experience ecotourism in the splendid Yucatan peninsula, a treasure trove of biodiversity, others reach the “land of the Maya. ” for find yourself and savor a new way of living in villages like that of Tepoztlanjust an hour’s drive from Mexico City.

A true paradise for intellectuals and artists, where you can breathe a relaxed and spiritual atmosphere and where many of the current inhabitants are people who have come to spend a regenerating holiday but who have fallen in love with the place so much that they decide to stay.

Between organic markets and folk music, residents do not know stress and live in a dimension far from what happens in the world and from the legendary aura, at the foot of Mount Tepozteco where, according to tradition, the snake god Quetzalcoatl was born, between the most powerful deities of ancient Mesoamerica.

New age and local traditions

TO Tepoztlan guests have the opportunity to stay in “holistic centers” where you can enjoy yoga, meditation, wellness treatments and be able to “photograph your aura” to visualize karma, chakra and energy.

It is the goal of the new age tourism which is not new to Mexico but has its roots in the 1970s when anthropologist Carlos Castaneda sold millions of books focusing on the teachings of a shaman of Yaqui origin.
But not only: the book of great success was then the self-help manual written in 1997 by Miguel Ruiz, “The four agreements, a practical guide to personal freedom”, which was inspired by pre-Hispanic traditions.

Today travelers looking for new age practices also come to Mexico for taste peyotea substance obtained from the cactacea plant of the same name, an experience that is still possible in some indigenous communities such as Wixarika group who uses it during religious rituals.
Furthermore, for “a journey into oneself”, some guides propose “psychoactive mushrooms” at an altitude of 2500 meters: this is the case, for example, of the village “in the clouds” of San José of the Pacificshrouded in fog in the highlands of the Sierra de Oaxacan.

Finally, another attraction of Mexican new age tourism is the temazcala ceremonial sauna of Mesoamerican origin that can “awaken the spirit, the soul”.
In the state of Chiapas, not far from the pyramids of Palenque, people cross the threshold of the heated room soaked in incense vapors and start the dance following the rhythm of a drummer: it is a sacred purification ceremony which allows you to “let everything out, negativity, illnesses” and keep only the best.

This is the top destination for healing the soul