The White Lotus 3, where will the third season be set?

The last episode of the second season of The White Lotus only arrived in Italy on December 19, but since it was announced that the successful anthology series will have a third season many are wondering in which fantastic location the new episodes will be set. A statement from the producer and a sentence from the protagonists could reveal this mystery.

So where will The White Lotus 3 be set? Here’s what we know.

The White Lotus, the previews on the third season

The White Lotus confirmed with the second season the success achieved by the first, a liking that arrived not only from the public, but also from the critics, so much so that the series is in the running for several prestigious awards.

It was supposed to be a self-contained miniseries instead global success has changed the direction of production, making it become The White Lotus an anthology series whose third season has already been announced. The characters change, except the one played by Jennifer Coolidgepresent in all the episodes, but the constant that characterizes The White Lotus is the setting, always located in a luxury resort in a dream location.

The first season was set at Hawaii and the director Mike White has decided to weave the plot of the series around a single common thread that revolves around the theme of money, while as regards the second season, the change took place not only in the location, moved to Taormina, but also in the topics covered there was a change of direction towards a new topic related to relationships and sex. Just in the last episode, which amazed American viewers, there may be a little hint about the new, fabulous setting of the following season, something that has not escaped the most attentive public who are already imagining the protagonists and the dynamics that could characterize the new episodes.

Where will White Lotus season 3 take place?

There is still no official information regarding The White Lotus 3except that there will be, but director Mike White couldn’t resist and released some really interesting statement that fans of the series have already taken as a clear clue as to where the new season will take place.

White stated:

I think the third season could be a fun satire of the relationship with spirituality, death and religion, especially oriental ones. And for this very reason it would be fun to go to another continent. We have made the United States and Europe, indeed Italy. Now we could go to Asia.

Where could it be set, then The White Lotus 3? Speaking of spirituality one might think of an ashram in Indiaperhaps, or to some exclusive retreat in Thailandor maybe even a Bali. The truth is that there is still nothing certain about the setting of the third season of the series, but –Warning, spoilers!– in the last episode the same protagonists of The White Lotus 2 made an interesting toast, which could make one think of the next destination in the series: during the last supper spent together by the characters, in fact, all of them raised their glasses to the cry “Next year: Maldives!“. Real clue or a pitfall thought by the writers? To find out we just have to wait.

The White Lotus 3, where will the third season be set?