The routine usually breaks under its own weight

LThe tip of the pencil usually breaks due to bending, as a consequence of not supporting the effort. It happens to many like this: they can’t stand the vicissitudes of life and end up collapsing.

This usually happens to those who are in the middle of routine environments: they ‘turn and turn’ in the same place with tedious agendas, to the point that they end up ‘scribbling’ in an uncertain and unsavory destination.

In others, the ‘bored lines’ predominate, which lead them by emotional attachments and leave them in the middle of lives designed by habit.

When we don’t do something to change, life itself hits us or ‘break points’ to remind us that we are not being happy.

Many of us tend to star in situations that we know do not work and yet we insist on continuing in those absurd routines.

The truth is that the false ‘comfort zones’ in which we usually take refuge, in a certain way, trap us in a loop that does not allow us to be free.

Monotony is a state that implies the daily repetition and without variation of our actions and chores. This circumstance directly affects our lives.

It is likely that we have been following a lifestyle that does not bring us true happiness for too long.

What am I going to?

That we should learn to say ‘goodbye to the routine’; You have to do it, under penalty of crashing.

In the same way, the same circumstances force us to let go of things, jobs, loves or people that we thought were for us to go towards others that, although we did not imagine that they could become part of our world, do recompose our destiny.

And when we realize it, the bravest thing we can do is let go, let go or just flow with what is happening to us.

Stepping aside is not an easy mission. In fact, it may be more ‘uncomplicated’ for us to let time pass than to have the necessary strength to see ourselves ‘face to face’ and assume our reality.

Eye: If we really want to find ourselves, with our dreams and ideals, it is essential to learn to let go of everything that no longer adds us. Although it is painful and we don’t even want to admit it, letting go is the healthiest way to move on.

Let’s think that the usual route we have today is not the only viable one, there are always more possibilities. That is why it is good to take a short break to see if what we want with our life is in accordance with what we are doing. Sometimes we need that transition period between our current situation and the stage we want to achieve.

Beware: it may be that we have been doing or not doing something for a long time for fear of change or for not wanting to accept reality.

Concerns frequently assault our state of mind. However, with each question we have one more chance to face a new horizon, either by reasoning or applying healthy strategies for the soul. What are those fears that affect you today? Tell us about them to reflect on it on this page. Send your testimony to Euclides Kilô Ardila at the following email: In this column, he himself will respond. Let’s look at today’s case:

Testimony: “I am in a dream to try to explain why I don’t achieve what I long for. I live tormented and very sad, because life has been too unfair to me and does not allow me to clear the path of my projects. Sometimes I try to force things, but they always come out the other way around. It is as if the world insists on not letting me achieve what I dream of. In your case, how do you proceed when life seems illogical to you? Thank you for taking care of my case.”

Answer: Even if we don’t want to assume it, not everything is ‘fair’ or ‘logical’. Relax! We all go through bad patches and difficult times that we can’t understand.

I understand that you feel bad, but there’s nothing to be gained from tormenting yourself over what could have been and wasn’t; don’t try to answer everything.

Holding on to wanting to understand exactly what happened is wearing you down and making you depressed. Don’t waste his energy on that “thought”, as he mentions in his letter. Don’t get overwhelmed by what you don’t know, let go of what doesn’t add up, get over that phase and move on.

In my case, I’ve learned that there are things that are out of my reach and that’s not why I’m going to die. Nor do I try to force anything since things happen in God’s time, not mine.

My advice is to open yourself to other circumstances; that way life itself will take care of taking you along new and better routes. I reiterate that you cannot try to change events ‘on swear’: it is better to contemplate new possibilities and projects.

Ask God for wisdom and serenity and, at the same time, focus on purposeful things. What will be will be. A hug and good vibes!


* Positive thinking is key to stress management. But being positive is not pretending that ‘everything is fine’, but seeing the good in everything. That is, don’t ignore the less pleasant situations in life; better face the complicated in a more purposeful way. Believe that you will be fine and I guarantee that everything will be better for you!

* In life you should always look in five directions: 1. In front, to see where you are going; 2. Back, to know its origin; 3. On the sides, to detect who is with you in difficult moments: 4. Below, so as not to step on anyone; and 5. Above, to remind you that someone sees you and always takes care of you.

* Closing cycles is letting go of what, even though it was good at the time, already prevents you from taking the next step. Close what needs to be closed! Don’t get caught up in past moments that made up stages to which you no longer belong. It deserves to continue advancing and, therefore, has the right to grow.

The routine usually breaks under its own weight