The friendship of La Bien Querida and Nuria Roca: their most curious anecdotes

the good dear Y Nuria Roca They have maintained a great friendship for more than two decades. They met by chance. When Ana Fernandez-Villaverde —real name of the singer— decided to move from Bilbao to Madrid and Nuria did the same from Valencia.

Due to things in life, they ended up in the same building, and since then those neighbors who quickly became friends They have lived a thousand and one adventures.

The ‘Well Drink’

One of the occasions in which the woman from Bilbao has explained some of the anecdotes she lived with Roca was during a visit to the anthillwhere he presented Witchcraft, his last release at the time. Is now Paprikatheir seventh album studio premiered on Friday, November 18.

“Is it true that the last time you got together, recently, you drank 24 beers and three bottles of wineasked Pablo Motos, surprised. Between laughs, they both began to explain this “epic” day in which La Bien Querida went to Nuria’s house to “sunbathe”but more than 12 hours were spent in the kitchen.

“It seems little to me!”, he laughed the good dear to later add: “I only tell you one thing, I saw Nuria crawl down the stairs“. “We spent from 11 in the morning until one in the morning in the kitchen, without moving from the sidewalk,” completed the collaborator of the anthill, who qualified: “It is not usual, Pablo”.

“There are professional drunks who do not follow you,” joked the presenter before this story that ended with Nuria crawling to her bed and with La Bien Querida —’the well drink‘ according to The ants— calling a friend to come get her.

La Bien Querida, a handyman of the home

Last June, the good dear She went to her friend’s show The rock. In this space, Nuria Roca explained what facet she first learned about the artist: “I know Anita as a painter, Ana Fernandez-Villaverdeand from one day to the next, it becomes the good dear. It’s been 13 years.”

13 years in charge of this successful musical project, of which the artist says she was never clear: “You know that I am flowing. You have to be aware of the trains that pass through your life, and the music train passed and not I let it go.”

Juan del Val wanted to expand this story: “We met because we were neighbors. We lived in the fourth and Anita in the third. We had quite a relationship, our house was full of Anita’s paintings… And suddenly, one day, she came up and told us that she was going to learn to play the guitar.”

As a result of this explanation, both Nuria and Juan began to explain some curious anecdotes of their friends.

“I am going to tell an anecdote. When I was going to have Juan, my first child, Anita —La Bien Querida— told me that she was going to paint the room. And it occurred to him to paint the entire room with a brush“, Nuria Roca explained, very surprised.

“I am going to explain a much less glamorous anecdote,” interrupted Juan del Val. “One day, we decided that we were going to change the color of the room. And Anita says ‘this is very simple’, and I had no idea. Anita and I painted the entire room and me I hated her deeply for telling me that it was simple.

“And how beautiful was it then?” The singer replied with a laugh, remembering that at that time Nuria was pregnant and she couldn’t do anything to help them out.

The friendship of La Bien Querida and Nuria Roca: their most curious anecdotes