Ratzinger’s Holiness

Superficial observation of the Catholic saints offers such a number of criminals, abusers, bullies, freaks, idiots and scoundrels of all kinds that it would not be at all extraordinary to Joseph Ratzinger to become part of it without the members of such a select club showing the slightest surprise.

if the evangelist Matthew he dedicated himself to collecting taxes and extorting money from the poorest in the name of Rome, the Doctor of the Church Augustine of Hippo He declared in his Confessions that he stole for the simple pleasure of stealing, of appropriating what was not his, even though he had an abundance of what was stolen; Yeah Paul of Tarsus participated in the stoning of Saint Stephen for following Jesus of Nazareth, flogged and imprisoned whoever he wanted before his conversion, Ignatius of Loyola he devoted his youth to arms, killing people as Christian as himself; Yeah Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer ascended to the altars after having supported one of the bloodiest dictatorships in Europe and creating one of the most macho, classist and aporophobic orders in history, Karol Woytila He stood by his side for having fought fundamental human rights and strictly followed the foreign policy dictated by the United States, which, as in previous cases, indicated without a doubt that his kingdom was of this world.

In short, he is dead Ratzinger and with him one of the great ideologists of the world reaction

If the face were the mirror of the soul, which it is not always, Ratzinger it would not come out well. Less spirituality, calm and kindness can all be seen in the face of the man who led the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith as if time had not passed, as if it were still in those centuries in which Thomistic scholasticism impregnated laws, knowledge and conduct so that the injustices of the natural order would become eternal.

Without any embarrassment, the theologian Ratzinger dared to defy the Holy Spirit by renouncing the throne of Peter for which he had been chosen thanks to the intervention of the holy dove, thanks to whose intervention Mary became pregnant without losing her virginity and if they name the Popes by illuminating the College of Cardinals with their indubitable wisdom.

Yes, because the Holy Spirit is the one who actually appoints the top executive of the Catholic multinational and, according to the doctrine, he is not wrong. How can someone who is part of the Holy Trinity err? Impossible, it would be as much as saying that Almighty God has lost his reason, is wrong or goes astray, which would also undoubtedly lead us to deny the existence of God due to manifest weakness.

By resigning, Ratzinger he threw to the ground a good part of the doctrine that he had studied from his earliest youth, demonstrating that he could act against the divine decision, that God is fallible and that human nature is above what the heavens have deemed pertinent and accurate. Neither his personal needs, nor his desires, nor even his weaknesses justify a decision that undermines the strength of the institution and the faith in a God who errs in his appointments.

as a good follower of Thomas Aquinas, who continues to be the pattern of students, Ratzinger He thought that the origin of all things is in God. There is no watch without a watchmaker. Thus scientific advances, such as the record in pole vaulting or the speed of light.

One only has to reach the origin of any discovery or advance to say, as Teilhard de Chardin, that before everything, the first clue, the first investigation was given by God so that man could follow the path traced. There is nothing to speculate or investigate, nor is the Higgs boson or the theory of relativity useless since Almighty God was the first cause of man getting there. There are plenty of congresses, seminars, hours, days, weeks, years of study, things happen because that’s how it was written and decided.

But at the same time Ratzinger He trusted everything to God who insolently defied when he resigned, he allowed himself the luxury of intervening in the lives of men, in their laws, in the organization of society, in the sense that they should make political decisions, arguing that everything That it was against that natural order in which everything starts from God and is interpreted by his representatives on earth is relativism. That is to say, or do you believe at face value everything that comes out of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and put aside your worries and reasoning, or you are a selfish and depraved relativist.

In early November 2009, Ratzinger met in the Vatican Paul VI Hall with a group of Catholic faithful to whom he communicated his position on rights as abortion, euthanasia, genetic experiments and homosexual marriages, laying down a doctrine that he would repeat over and over again during his papacy and later.

At that rally, Benedict XVI warned his young followers about the wave of atheism and misunderstood secularism that was invading the world: “In our time, especially in some countries, we are witnessing a worrying separation between reason, which has the obligation to discover the ethical values ​​linked to the dignity of the human person, and freedom, which has the responsibility to welcome and promote them. … Only those laws that protect the sacredness of human life and reject abortion, euthanasia, genetic experiments -even if they serve to save lives, I add- and those that respect the dignity are in accordance with equity -I would add- of marriage between a man and a woman”.

In one go, and without thinking twice, Ratzinger, who had been the greatest collaborator of John Paul II Everyone loves you, established the new program of the world extreme right, the one that is creating an extremely dangerous situation in USA and which threatens the continuity of democracy in many countries of Europe.

He entered fully Pope Ratzinger in the laws of men, encouraging good Catholics to act accordingly. However, and just like his friend Woytilanever made any reference to those assassinated by the dictatorships of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, El Salvador, Bolivia, Guatemala and the African continent, regimes all of them defenders of reason and freedom, of the word of God and of blind obedience. scent.

After all, Catholicism only promises happiness after death, until then it is better to resign yourself and wait for it to clear up.

In short, he is dead Ratzinger and with him one of the great ideologues of world reaction. The mainstream media have dedicated themselves to extolling his humility and his intellectual height as if they were trying to convince us of the impossible. There was no humility in his person, arrogant as he was even to challenge the decisions of the Holy Spirit, nor was he an intellectual, but a simple reproducer of the simplistic theories of Thomas Aquinas. Rest in peace his Holiness.

Ratzinger’s Holiness