Pilgrims with creatures to listen to the voice of creation


Posted on November 1, 2022 |
by Editorial staff

Contemplate nature with a walk, pray for the Earth, meditate on the Pope’s encyclicals, enhance and promote biodiversity, cultivate a vegetable garden, a garden or even a balcony to produce healthy food or embellish: these are simple actions that demonstrate care for our planet and conscious responsibility in the face of the increasingly pressing alarm of the scientific community about the severity of the crisis climatic.

This is the eco-spirituality that guides the Catholic Movement Praised yes, born to promote that ecological conversion to which the Holy Father has called believers, the powerful of the earth and all men since 2015. “Everything is connected” (LS 91): it is therefore necessary to adopt a world view of integral ecology in which social, ecological and cultural issues are interconnected. The challenge is epochal and total because it involves changing lifestyles and production. The poor and nature suffer from a single problem with common causes.

Faith proposes to Christians “great motivations for the protection of nature, as well as of the most fragile brothers and sisters”And a fruitful dialogue can develop between faith and science. “The Bible teaches us that the world was not born of chaos or chance, but of a decision of God who called it and always calls it into existence, out of love. The universe is beautiful and good, and contemplating it allows us to glimpse the infinite beauty and goodness of its Author – says the Pope.

Inspired by this spirituality, since last spring, the “Circolo Laudato si ‘di Vittoria” has been operating, which gathers in gardens, pine forests and nature reserves to pray, reflect, meditate, admire, thank God in contact with nature.

On 2 October as “pilgrims with the creatures” the members of the Movement met in Cava Porcaro to celebrate the world day of prayer for the care of creation. “Listen to the voice of creation” was the theme and the invitation proposed by the Churches (the Time of Creation is promoted by an Ecumenical Committee) for the 2022 edition which had the burning bush as its symbolic image in reference to the incedi always more numerous that devastate the planet, but also a sign of the presence of God close to each of us.

In particular, during the meeting, a voice was given to indigenous people, women and biodiversity for which the litany of lamentation and repentance was recited.

The meeting was closed by the Holy Mass, celebrated in the amphitheater of the quarry with a view of the valley, unfortunately also during the celebration offended by three black fires produced by the fumaroles.

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Pilgrims with creatures to listen to the voice of creation – Together Ragusa