Piano di Sorrento, the Black Procession greets and thanks Don Pasquale Irolla: “Pasquale beyond 90 °”

Piano di Sorrento. After 16 years in the role of parish administrator, even if for the whole community he was in effect his own parish priest, Don Pasquale Irolla leaves the Parish of San Michele Arcangelo to move to Capri where he will lead the parishes of Santo Stefano and Maria SS . of the Libera. Last Sunday the heartfelt greetings from the community in a packed Basilica where many wanted to show their affection for Don Pasquale, wishing him the best for his new spiritual path, albeit with tears in their eyes.
And also the Archconfraternity Death and Prayer wanted to greet, in its own way, Don Pasquale with a beautiful post published on social networks and which is inspired by an old graffiti on a rusty shutter bearing the words “Beyond the 90th” and which has become also the symbolic message used by the Black Procession during the difficult period of the pandemic: «Pasquale beyond 90 °. Who knows if that anonymous fan returning from a Napoli match in the difficult years after Maradona could ever imagine that a simple graffiti with the spray, years later, would become a very powerful slogan: triggering leaps of the heart for flights to holiness .
Over 90 °! Thanks to the darkness of a winter evening and a rusty shutter closed on an old tuff wall, her hand has left us a trace on how to build an entire existence to live it in the fullness of Love. So was Il Miserere in the dark years of the Pandemic; so was Your walking for Us, among Us, with Us, Pasquale: always “beyond 90 °”!
As a true fan, he knows that the passion for his team cannot be contained in the time of a match, so everything you have given us over the years as a father and as a friend cannot end in this way!
Thanks for the joys you shared with us; thank you for letting us see the smile of the Lord in these joys.
Thank you for collecting our tears; thank you for teaching us to put them all together in order to free them in the Powerful Notes of Miserere.
Thanks for the smiles, the runs to the church, the jumps from the balustrades; thank you for making our souls fly on a kite, clinging tightly to a balloon or in the wind like the soft seeds of a shower head.
Thank you for making us feel sinners and saints; thank you because poor in our riches we rediscovered ourselves rich in our poverty.
Thank you because you made us aim for leadership, to be the Capital of spirituality to avoid the mediocrity of lives lived on the margins.
The Lord will know how to rewrite and make blessed the decisions made by men; maybe he will charge an anonymous disappointed fan again to leave us a caress of his love for him.
It is Friday and even if the moon is not full but waning, this day is still ours. We who walk in darkness like to think that that night it was the Hand of God that wrote for all of us and for you, because Love is always: Over 90 °! ».

Piano di Sorrento, the Black Procession greets and thanks Don Pasquale Irolla: “Pasquale beyond 90 °” – Positanonews