Kase.O proclaims himself master of hip hop in Barcelona

Night of dismissals on the stage of the Palau Sant Jordi. The Aragonese rapper, producer and composer Javier Ibarra, aka Kase.O (1980) says goodbye to the stage of Barcelona demonstrating that the old school of Spanish rap attracts a diverse audience of all ages. The founding member, in 1998, of the band ‘Violadores del Verso’ has taken to the stage of the Palau Sant Jordi the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the release of his first solo album Kase.O Jazz Magnetism (2011). The disc was a real revulsive of the rhymes and the national lyric, thanks to mixing rap with jazz music.

Javier Ibarra aka Kase.O (Photo. Carlos Baglietto)

Kase.O six days ago tonight he announced a series of collaborations that would share the Palau Sant Jordi stage with him to celebrate and at the same time say goodbye to his old school sound; Foyone, Las Ninyas del Corro, ShoHai (founding member of Violadores del Verso), Sarah Sokas, Zatu (SFDK), Lia Kali, among others. And so it has been, almost three hours of concert full of rhythms and rhymes where she has not only performed songs by jazzmagnetism, but he has given a review of great themes of his discography; Yemen, Half and half, Maces and Catapults either handing out art of your disk The Circle (2016) to begin to warm up the atmosphere of a Sant Jordi with 8,000 souls that danced and replicated the rhymes of a Javier Ibarra that showed an energy and spirituality worthy of a hip hop master.

The magnetic Sant Jordi to the sounds of Kase.O (Photo Carlos Baglietto)

From now on, Kase.O he has become lord and master of the stage, ‘cubata’ in hand, he has recalled his best moments, as he used to say on the spot, ‘Old Memories’ or rather ‘Old Blind‘ moment where on stage they have met ShoHai Y Xhellaz to then promote new themes such as ‘It makes you feel good’. The song that opens the new solo publication of ShoHai that remembers the best times of the end of the ’90s where Violators of the Verse marked the trend to follow in Spanish rap. The climax of the night has arrived when ‘Javito Jones’ has begun to rhyme a cappella which has ushered in the final stretch of the great party that has been staged at the Palau Sant Jordi. ‘Singing‘ (Vivir para Contarlo, 2006) has been the preview of something spectacular, and allow me the expression, ‘a time to make everything, except decisions’ shout and dance at Sant Jordi to the rhythms and ‘barras’ of ‘Ringi Dingui’ in collaboration with Zatu (SFDK).

Javito Jones aka Kase.O

“Although the energy you give me is super beautiful, I feel great physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion. That is why I have decided that starting in March, when this tour ends, I will retire from the stage for an indefinite time. I need it” With this message on Twitter, Kase.O announced his indefinite withdrawal from the stage. More than 30 years of musical career, and at 42 years old, Javier Ibarra has given everything for rap, omnipresent in the mecca of Spanish urban music. Now yes, the time has come to close the circle, the time to send a message:

I have a message for those who want to come
They are not problems, they are opportunities
To improve and overcome adversity
You have great power, just love yourself
You can achieve anything by trying
Everything is mental, everything is as you perceive it
You can change the perception of what you live
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Everything is the color of the light it receives
How many proofs of love daily
And how sad to see that few of us overcome
I bring you a motto that can serve you as it did me
Repeat it daily, it goes like this

The more love you give, the better off you are


Kase.O proclaims himself master of hip hop in Barcelona