Partisan visit to Palma Soriano begins

With the nuance of good music and the visual arts, the integral visit of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Party and its auxiliary structure to the Santiago municipality of Palma Soriano began this Wednesday.

With an exhibition dedicated to the celebration of Parents’ Day and an emotional meeting with creators of the arts and letters, the City of Cauto received the commission that will evaluate the implementation of the ideas, concepts and guidelines emanating from the 8th Congress of the political organization, and the fulfillment of its essential tasks.

The first exchange took place at the Ángel Peralta Téllez Municipal House of Culture, with community promoters.

The occasion became a space to tell anecdotes, explain the actions of the local artistic movement, the projects to improve the image of the city and initiatives to promote culture in the communities.
Ángel Arzuaga Reyes, deputy head of the International Relations Department of the Central Committee, highlighted the importance of articulating the work of creators with political and mass organizations.
Likewise, the artists, writers and art instructors commented on the value of their work to raise the spirituality of the people of La Palma in the midst of daily difficulties, exacerbated by the tightening of the US blockade of the Greater Antilles.

“You are the artistic avant-garde of the municipality of Palma and today it is more important than ever to bring our culture to the communities, which is the shield of the nation.

“We are in epic times and the key is to bring art and culture to the community. We have to turn to the neighborhoods,” exhorted Arzuaga.

He urged to take artistic brigades to the streets to delight palm families with music, oral narration and other manifestations during the blackouts that overwhelm the Cuban population these days.
In addition, he called to assume from the individuality the commitment to the improvement of society.

“In this territory we are working, we have a strong cultural movement and we articulate it with Education, with a doctoral thesis, with the media and with community projects. In culture, Palma advances and grows”, said Nelsa Caridad Semanat Aguilera , member of the traditional rumba group Ireme de Acere.

indira2“There is a lot of talent in my colleagues, I have seen them planting cane, in the neighborhoods with the most problems, with high morale as revolutionaries and as workers.

“It is up to us to make our dream with what we have in the municipality.

We can make our agroecological and cultural farm, link art with food production,” said Pedro Luis Ramírez García, visual artist.

The creators also expressed their concerns and the need to expand the channels of marketing their works in the territory.

Taking advantage of the spaces for dialogue to take the pulse of the reality of Palma Soriano will be a priority of the comprehensive partisan visit that will be in the municipality today and tomorrow.

indira3Exchanges are planned with workers from the rural, educational, health and industrial sectors.

Partisan visit to Palma Soriano begins – Sierra Maestra Newspaper