O Mayouri: festive books

The magic of Christmas is gradually setting in. It’s time for beautiful stories, miracles, gifts and some beautiful books released in recent months: three children’s novels, between fantasy and spirituality, a traditional tale and a poetic stroll in Guyana.

The Prophecy of the Serpent-Sisters by Isis Labeau-Cabéria

She is a hit in bookstores with her first novel, “The Prophecy of the Serpent Sisters” at Slalom. The author, Isis Labeau-Caberiaof Martinican and Guyanese origin, studied at Sciences Po. She specializes in the history of slavery, the history of gender, the colonial history of the Caribbean and West Africa.

Isis Labeau-Caberia tells the story of Martinique, at different times, through the destiny of four young heroines: a young Creole, an Amerindian, a Yoruba slave, a Breton. They will each fight against the oppressor. A militant, fantastic novel that goes back in time and sheds new light on slavery in the Antilles-Guyana.

The Ephemeral Queen by Victoria Bruné

Time travel also with Victoria Brune, who is on her second book. Already in 2018, she published an essay titled “The voice of a young“. This time, this young Guyanese, also a student at Science Po, is tackling another literary genre, the historical novel. She wrote a fiction titled “The Ephemeral Queen”. A baroque and inspired novel where she recounts with great talent the life of a favorite at the king’s court.

The novel is written in the first person, the heroine tells her story, from her modest origins, to the dazzling social rise to redemption. She touches the reader with her innocence. Beyond the pomp and appearance, the author delivers a spiritual reflection on values ​​and true happiness.

The choice I made of Stephany Yang

Spirituality again with Stefany YangThe choice I made.” A very first novel. This young guyanese delivered a book, intended for teenagers on faith, a question of choice. It tells the story of two young women, sisterly friends, modern, well settled in their lives. Both will have to choose between obeying the persistent call of faith, or continuing their lives normally. One will make the choice, the other will not.

The author describes their doubts, their difficulties in believing, their existential questions. It’s very well written, very touching. Finally, despite their differences, they will remain friends for life, because love transcends everything. A nice story.

Tales of the Approuague by Justin Anatole

Great stories, it’s about “Tales of the Approuague” of Justin Anatole: 12 tales in Guyanese Creole, with characters from the animals of the Amazonian forest. Each fable obviously has a moral.

The author, Justin Anatole is visually impaired. He managed to write these stories. He was able to overcome his handicap, and surpass himself, with the desire to perpetuate and transmit his cultural heritage.

Travel diary: Olivier Mailleux and Fleur Labor

Illustrated poetry, with this “Travel Diary, Stroll in Guyana” signed by Olivier Mailleux and Fleur Labour: two views, two initiatory journeys inspired by the magnificent French Guiana. In this notebook, they recount their walks and their emotions during their journeys. Guyana, a beautiful love story.

Olivier Mailleux is an author poet writer, Flower Labor watercolor illustrator. A pretty lyrical ballad, in pastel colors.

O Mayouri: festive books – between spirituality, tales and poetry – Guyane la 1ère