“I’m going to take the report, wear tennis”: AMLO on the speech of his fourth year of government

MEXICO CITY (appro).- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned that “now I am going to take the report of the 1st (December) so that they can prepare, wear tennis shoes, because even though it will be very punctual I already have the schematic.

The report of the fourth year of government, the speech will be one or two introductory paragraphs and then a list: “Acts not words of everything we have done and many will be surprised because there are many things that are not known.”

An example is that when leaving his administration he will leave more than 100 thousand hectares of irrigation “and that is not known. It will be a very timely report with everything that has been done and in the end a message for the entire town, about what we have in process, is pending and what we are still going to do in the time we have left”.

The president insisted that the most important thing in his government is to fight corruption and to exemplify it, he shared the two moments that he considers have been the most difficult in his career to reach the Presidency of the Republic.

What bothers me, what irritates me, it bothers me a lot, I can’t stand it, is corruption, it really bothers me,” said the president.

The first difficult moment was “when they released the videos of Ahumada handing over money, on a television program, and -he was no longer, but he had been with me- Professor Bejarano. So who would believe that I was not involved in the scam of receiving money?

He said that later that situation was clarified “little by little because the purpose was, like now, to hit me, Salinas agreed with Diego Fernández. He recorded this Mr. Ahumada, including the one who was my financial secretary in Las Vegas and he took the video to Salinas and Diego and they were euphoric, this one lasted until now. They tell me that Diego arrived at a restaurant and grabbed a napkin and did it like this, that’s how the one from Tepetitán will be and it was very hard, but very hard.

After that event, he affirmed that he had a clear conscience and got ahead with the help of the people of whom he said is a lot of piece against that blow that he considers very strong because his honesty was questioned, which, he affirms, is what he considers most important.

“That was a very hard blow, then another possibly harder came, it was the outrage, because they outlawed me in an agreement, that is, we already know each other, this dates back a long time, and they did not want me to appear on the ballot and the outrage was very strong, perhaps stronger, “he said.

The president shared that the moment that hurt him the most was that of the Bejarano videos, who is part of what he calls the transformation movement, for which he heads assemblies in the country.

“The other thing was a political thing, miserable, vile, but the other was doubting, I have already talked about it, but the second time they frauded us: the first was an open, brazen robbery, they falsified the records, they filled out the ballot boxes, even Fox himself says so, that he loaded the dice and about this outrage he even just declared ´I regret not having consummated the infamy´ – he did not say that – ´for not having followed him, for having forgiven him´ He declares that, that I wish the Lord the best because I do not hate, I am very happy, I do not have enemies nor do I want to have them, I have adversaries, “he said.

Due to these facts, a piece of advice he gives to people he appreciates is “take distance from money, don’t be so attached to money, or to power, that’s the best advice, even if I have to decide between rationality and spirituality, I decide for spirituality and why rationality is science”.

“I’m going to take the report, wear tennis”: AMLO on the speech of his fourth year of government