Loreto prepares to receive its faithful pilgrims | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 | 4:00 p.m.

As for several years on the third Sunday of November, the 21st pilgrimage to Loreto, in commemoration of the Virgin of the same name and the Holy Jesuit Martyrs, will take place this weekend.

The celebration will take place under the motto “With Mary we go to Loreto as a Synodal Church” and will have a special program of prayer and meeting for the faithful pilgrims who year after year come to Loreto in search of special requests or thanks.

The pilgrimage will have a new route this time. They will leave from the Fátima Spirituality Center, with the prior blessing. Next, you will enter Garupá and walk through the town as part of the procession that will then continue its usual route along National Route 12. In addition, pilgrims from different municipalities of Tierra Colorada will also depart from their parishes and chapels. Everyone will have the Jesuit city as a meeting point, the epicenter where Eucharistic celebrations and other activities will take place on Sunday the 20th throughout the day.

That day, there will be no masses in any chapel or parish in the capital area, since the entire Church has been invited to participate in the meeting in Loreto. Meanwhile, the central mass of the day will be presided over by Bishop Juan Rubén Martínez and will take place at 9.

“You are all invited to share and renew our faith at the feet of Our Lady of Loreto”, indicates the invitation addressed to the thousands of devotees who faithfully come to the sanctuary of María de Loreto, a day in which the day of the Holy Martyrs of the Missions.

“From Loreto we will deepen our memory and what we have experienced in the evangelization of the Church in our region of Misiones. Memory allows us to gain identity and consistency to face the pastoral challenges of our time”, expressed Bishop Martínez a few days ago.

“In this celebration we remember the epic, often forgotten, that these peoples lived through. Loreto concentrates the history, the greatness and the sufferings of a people who experienced growth and also the death and slavery caused by the Portuguese bandeirantes, forcing them to flee the Guayrá region, and experience the feat of going down the Paraná de the hand of the much loved Father Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, with thousands of indigenous people with whom they re-founded these reductions in the current Loreto and San Ignacio”, he added.

This year, the meeting will also have the presence of the apostolic nuncio in Argentina, Monsignor Miroslaw Adamczyk.

They ask to donate bottles of water
Following the weather forecast and the long journey from the Diocese of Posadas, Father Miguel Ángel Moura -in charge of the press- asked the entire community, parishes, schools and families to gather 500 ml bottles of water to deliver pilgrims and allow them to hydrate on the way. The bottles can be delivered clean and empty or loaded with water. You can approach the parishes letting them know that it is for the Annual Pilgrimage to Loreto.

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Pilgrimage to Loreto
The pilgrimage will depart this year from the Fátima Spirituality Center, enter through Garupá to tour the municipality and continue its usual route along National Route 12. The central mass will be at 9.

Loreto prepares to receive its faithful pilgrims | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones