The agenda of appointments 16

wednesdaythe November 16th

VENICE: At 6 pm at the Palazzo Cavagnis cultural centre, piano recital with Vera Cecino.

VILLAR PELLICE (TO): Solidarity buffet dinner in favor of the “New poverty” project of the Waldensian churches of the Pellice valley, a contribution from the community for those who are most in need, with the contribution of chef Walter Eynard and local producers. At 20 in the multipurpose hall.

ONLINE: The Waldensian Cultural Center Foundation of Torre Pellice proposes the fourth series of “Stories for history”; second appointment, “Giuseppe Mazzini’s duties of man: Protestant influences”: Danilo Bruno talks about it with Bruna Peyrot (FCCV president) and Davide Rosso (FCCV director). At 17.30 live on the Foundation’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

thursdaythe November 17th

MILAN: The last appointment of the biblical workshop “From the sword to the plough: acceptance and rejection of war in the Biblical Scriptures” it has been postponed to November 25th.

TURIN: At the Claudiana bookshop (see Principe Tommaso 1) at 6 pm Valeria Tron presents her book «The balance of fireflies».

fridaythe November 18th

CIRCOLA (NA): Book presentation The longest night. Emotions and experiences of women and men of theEvangelical Bethany Hospital”, series of Notebooks of the Evangelical Bethany Foundation. Editions Guida Editori”, edited by Mariagiuseppina Borrelli, winner of the scholarship in honor of Sergio Nitti. At 17 at Villa Buonanno.

NAPLES: Book presentation Which lighthouse for the left? The Italian left between the 20th and 21st centuries by Danilo Di Matteo, foreword by Valdo Spini, afterword by Biagio De Giovanni. Chaired and moderated by Alessio Falconio. They discuss with theauthor: Umberto Ranieri, Nelson Mauro Maldonato. At 5.30 pm at the Spazio Guida (see Bisignano 11).

NAPLES: At 5.30 pm at the Waldensian Evangelical Church (v. dei Cimbri 8) presentation of the book by Paolo Ricca God. Apology. Eduardo Scornamiglio and Letizia Tomassone dialogue with the author. Moderated by Carmine Riccio.

SONDRIO: At 8 pm at the Evangelical Cultural Center (see Malta 16) and on the YouTube and Facebook channels, the conference “Living (not) is synonymous with residing”. With Maria Copes (reception contact person for the Diocesan Caritas) Marco Duca (representative of the Reception and Integration System of Sondrio, representative of the Refugees Welcome project), Emanuele Campagna (director of the Evangelical Center of Culture and co-author of the book «When migrants want to pray» ).

ONLINE: At 18.30 on Zoom “Conversations: the verbs of faith”, a cycle of seven meetings organized by the VI Methodist and Waldensian circuit and byAceblom. “Listening: how is faith born and how is it transmitted?” by pastor Andreas Köhn. To participate write to

ONLINE: At 17.30 on Zoom third appointment of the cycle of the Interreligious Observatory on violence against women (Oivd) “Heretics”: the Muslim point of view with Minoo Mirshahvalad. To participate write to The videos of the meetings can also be found on the OIVD Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Saturday 19 November

PAVIA: In thecontext of the 2022 Festival of Rights, «Building Hope», at 4 pm in the Sala del Broletto, conference/debate on the theme ofreception and rights of migrants with interventions by Monica Fabbri and Jessica Villa for the Waldensian Diaconia and by Francesca Piccinini of theTerre des Hommes Italian Project Office with subsequent screening of the film “Where must be” by Daniele Gaglianone and Stefano Collizzolli. Free entry.

PRAMOLLO (TO): In the Waldensian hall of the Ruata hamlet, at 9 pm, the Angrogna Theater Group presents the show-testimony The Waldensian spywhich recalls themassacre of 1944 perpetrated by the Nazi-fascists in the locality Tichoa.

TURIN: At 5 pm at the Waldensian temple in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, the Duo Althea (Andrew Tholl clarinet, Eden Lonsdale piano) will perform the world premiere of the winning pieces of the Novecento award in the Luigi Nono 2020-2021 competition. In collaboration with Amici per la Musica of Venaria Reale.

Sunday 20 November

PINEROLO (TO): At the Waldensian temple (see Dei Mille 1) «Music at the temple». At 5pm the violin/piano duo Lucia Caputo and Giorgia Delorenzi will perform. He will perform music by Mozart, Debussy, Franck. Next appointment on Monday 26 December with the Christmas Concert. Free admission.

Tuesday 22 November

TURIN: At the Jewish Center (piazzetta Primo Levi 12) and on the Aectorino YouTube channel, at 9 pm, the second meeting of the cycle «”In the beginning…” for a polyphonic reading of Genesis» organized by the Waldensian church of Turin, the Jewish community, Baptist churches, the Fathers Theological Center Jesuits Carlo Maria Martini Foundation, inscope ofJewish-Christian friendship. “The covenant of the stumps”. New promise. Gen XVI, 1ff.: Birth of Ishmael. Sarah and Hagar.” Speakers Elena Lea Bartolini and Daniele Garrone.

Wednesday 23 November

VENICE: At the Palazzo Cavagnis cultural center at 6 pm recital for baroque recorder with the «Consort Flautisti Italiani». Free admission.

ONLINE: The Waldensian Cultural Center Foundation of Torre Pellice proposes the fourth series of “Stories for history”; third appointment, “One love. Letters between Karl Barth and Charlotte von Kirschbaum”: Beata Ravasi and Fulvio Ferrario talk about it with Bruna Peyrot (Fccv president) and Davide Rosso (Fccv director). At 17.30 live on the Foundation’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Thursday 24 November

ONLINE: “Women under attack Courageous and rebels”, meeting organized by the Fdei Federation of Evangelical Women in Italy, for the presentation of the 16 days book against violence 2022.

Participants Maryam Pezeshki, Iranian artist for years in Italy, Batool Haidari, professor of psychology, Afghan refugee in Italy who will talk about the resistance of women in Iran and Afghanistan. Claudia Angeletti, curator of the 16 days against violence, will intervene.

At 18 on the Zoom platform.

TURIN: At 18 at the Claudiana bookshop (see Principe Tommaso 1) rav Roberto Della Rocca presents «Walking through time. Reflection on Torah and Jewish celebrations». Initiative in collaboration with theJewish-Christian friendship.

TURIN: Interreligious conference on «Ecumenics»: «Young people and faiths. Reality and perspectives» at the Waldensian Hall ( Vittorio Emanuele II 23) 6-9pm. promoted by the Protestant Cultural Center, the Interfaith Committee of the City of Turin, the Waldensian Church, the weekly Riforma. Representatives of the Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, faiths participateintent to analyze and describe how big and what is currently thereyoung people’s need for spirituality, how their religious sentiment manifests itself in the complexity of the present social structure. Free admission until seats are full.

TRIESTE: At 5 pm at the Methodist and Waldensian church of Scala Giganti 1 and live on the TriestEvangelica YouTube channel, a conference by the Albert Schweitzer Study Center: «Migrations, a structural factor in today’s societies, problems and opportunities». Stefano Allievi will intervene, professor of sociology allUniversity of Padua, expert in migratory phenomena and history of religions.

Coordinates Peter Ciaccio, pastor of the Methodist and Waldensian churches of Trieste. Followed by debate with the speakers and participants in person and online.

ONLINE: The training seminar for local preachers and exhorters entitled “Preaching grace” organized by theVIII Circuit on the Zoom platform at 20.45. Pastor Nicola Tedoldi intervenes on “Grace as totality” (II Corinthians 12: 7b-9a). To participate write to:

Friday 25 November

ONLINE: For the cycle edited by the XIV Circuito and dellAssociation of the Evangelical Baptist Churches of Puglia and Basilicata «Theology meets life: tools for sharing the faith today», Pastor Rosario Confessore intervenes. At 19 on Google Meet platform. To participate write to

MILAN: Last appointment of the biblical workshop “From the sword to the plough: acceptance and rejection of war in the Biblical Scriptures”. At 6 pm «The forgiveness of the offense and the violence received» with Eleonora Natoli, Claudiana bookshop (v. F. Sforza 12/a) and on social channels.

SONDRIO: The Evangelical Cultural Center proposes a conference on gender-based violence at 8 pm in via Malta 16 and on the YouTube and Facebook channels: “A word in listening”; with Manuela Rossi (Ass. Il Coraggio di Frida), Tommaso Manzon (evangelical theologian), Claudiléia Lemes Dias (essayist – The Chains of Brazil) and Paola Bocci (regional councilor – Lombardy PD Group). Moderated by Emanuele Campagna, director of the Centre.

The agenda of appointments 16-25 November