Libra character (September 24

Libra, after Aries and Cancer, is the third of the so-called “cardinal” signs. The cardinal adjective – the dictionary tells us – in addition to being a pivot around which a structure revolves, it is a base, a foundation. In ancient Rome it was one of the points of the geographical directions which, in fact, even today are called “cardinal points”.

Autumn begins with Libra which is therefore the initiator of a season. It is she who – like the first violin of an orchestra, gives the A, the note on which all the instruments agree. Because of this characteristic, its energy is an initiatory and aggregating force.

Its element isair, the air that circulates freely between people and things, which carries and transmits waves and helps to fly high. Like all air signs, it is therefore linked to communication, transmission, dialogue and thought.

Libra, the embodiment of diplomacy

Libra, as the very nature of the object suggests, sets the measure and strives for harmony and balance and, since its ruling planet is Venus, it also aspires to beauty and elegance. which are innate characteristics in all people who have strong values ​​(Sun, Ascendant, Moon etc.) in this sign. Libra, in the zodiac circle (the zodiac is overwhelmingly logical), opposes the sign of Aries which says “I am”.

Relationships emerge with it, a measured and balanced dialogue, relationships between people governed by norms and conventions. She embodies diplomacy. Libra knows that the coexistence between individuals and the expression of individual freedoms must be composed, limited and structured, otherwise there is imbalance and therefore injustice, inequity. Therefore, this sign also represents law and justice. Libra teaches us that the other defines us, completes us and limits us.

This sign does not like competition or conflict, at least in appearance. And, speaking of appearance, the external form is very important for the natives of this sign.

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Choosing – or rather expressing their choices publicly and honestly – is difficult for a Libra since this action can lead to… an imbalance. And then, being attentive to the judgment of others, Libra fears that by taking a stand, they will not obtain this much sought-after unanimity.

Since it is the seventh sign, it colors the seventh astrological house with meaning, the meanings of which are therefore those concerning associations and relationships (“you and me”). The SEVENTH HOUSE is therefore considered the house of marriages, professional associations but also of law and contracts (astrological house = sector of existence).

Libra therefore seems to affirm:

I moderate, I harmonize, I seek peace and harmony, I live together and I collaborate “.

Qualities : Aesthetic sense, search for harmony and beauty, flair and artistic skill, gift for mediation, elegance, dialogue, sociability, selectivity, balance, diplomacy.

Defaults : Political opportunism, conformism, coldness, hypocrisy, fear of taking a public position, snobbery, lying

Friends of Libra

Just like the Leo, she likes to surround herself with beautiful and precious things and together they could lead a life of luxury and elegance… As long as the Leo does not exaggerate. If there’s one thing Libra hates, it’s “bling” and ostentation, attitudes they consider vulgar and boorish. Excellent intellectual understanding with Sagittarius because both campaign for justice and respect for the rules. Libra resists, however, when Sagittarius thinks it’s Indiana Jones. With Aquarius, another air sign sensitive to equality, on paper it could work but the extreme nonconformity and originality at all costs of the latter could destabilize it.

Excellent understanding with the sign of Gemini, worldly, communicative, cerebral and fun like her. The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) may seem too uncontrolled and emotional to him. With the earth signs, the most complex agreement could be with Capricorn who is certainly conformist but not enough sociable for his taste. Better is Taurus, with whom she shares Venus, and Virgo who, like her, is attentive to appearances. Aries is his opposite and, as usual, together they could do wonders if there was a desire between the two to make up for their respective shortcomings. Otherwise, even if the attraction is strong, it could be war.

The specificities of Libra

Anatomical correspondences

For Libra, it’s the kidneys (which, like, she “selects”) but in general the entire lumbar region (predisposition to low back pain), the adrenal glands, the genitourinary sphere (watch out for cystitis) and also the circulatory system lymphatic.


Jade could prove to be an excellent stone for Libra as it is known to cure renal colic and problems related to the adrenal glands. It also helps in making the right decisions. Aquamarine also has a beneficial effect on the bladder and generally strengthens the immune system. It is also a psycho-physical emotional balancer.


Although Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, I prefer to associate it with the 6 which is the gaze towards the other, ethics, justice, openness to the needs of those around us. Even 2 is a number that suits him well.

Tarot of Marseilles

Arcanum No. 8, “Justice”. Fairness, harmony, virtue and honor are the most obvious aspects of this card. It is protection for the righteous man and also represents complete healing for those who have found the right balance.

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Libra character (September 24-October 23): qualities, faults, compatibility