Equinox 2022: autumn ritual and Kundalini yoga to welcome the season

The autumnal equinox opens this year on Friday, September 23 at 3:03 a.m. The northern hemisphere opens a door to cooler temperatures and decreasing light. After summer, we rediscover a very special alchemy that invites us to drop our dead leaves. What is the specificity of this season tinged with nostalgia?

Autumn: the time to exhale, to let go, to mature

Associated breath : expires

Associated emotion : nostalgia/sadness

Related intent : get rid of the useless – mature

Associated earth vibration : the air that sweeps away the superfluous, the return to the essential

The associated organ : the lungs, master organs of our sadness and our intimate flexibility in the World.

Autumn specificity

Fall is a time to slow down gently. It is an invitation to a stripping down and a progressive interiorization before the withdrawal of winter. The trees lose their leaves, true sensors of light, to enter into an increasingly interior vital activity. The wind of autumn cleans, it sweeps away the useless. Autumn is an invitation to connect with the secret of your lungs and to enter into complicity with your inner alveoli. Connected to the element of air, the lungs are the organs of your intimate flexibility in the world. The lungs inflate and deflate to the rhythm of inspiration and expiration, they allow you an almost invisible vital agility. Without this organic and aerial flexibility, no motricity is possible.. Thanks to the lungs, you connect with your environment, you let yourself be inspired by what surrounds you and you share your vital breath with the world.

Nature is beautiful in the fall. The leaves dress in red, orange, gold, to get to the Earth. If you can feel sadness with the days getting shorter, nature celebrates and celebrates this time of abandonment. Celebrate with her. Free your lungs! ” (Excerpt from the book The Kundalini of the Seasons, Yoga of the Living, Marion Sebih, @ Flammarion 2021)

The magic of the autumnal equinox is due to the perfect balance between day and night (as for the spring equinox). The opportunity to feel intimately the necessary reconciliation between our inner moon and our inner sun, between our masculine and our sacred feminine. It is the balance of the polarities of the world and the balance of our intimate complementary energies that allow a stripping without fear, that is to say authentic.

YOGA: rAutumn Kundalini outine, yoga for happy lungs

Stance 1 : the dancing tree

Standing, spread your legs hip-width apart. Let the arms swing from side to side in a twisting motion from the hips. Swing your arms from left to right as if to detach the arms from your trunk. Let the arms dance. Let the hands pat and massage the body. Your breath is regulated with movement. The eyes are closed pointed towards your third eye. Continue for 3-5 minutes.

Each time the arms hit the body, feel your dead leaves fall to the ground naturally, without any resistance. Your legs are strengthened and your chest is lightened.

Posture 2: Mill forward

Still standing, inhale and exhale into your verticality. Your legs remain hip-width apart. Quickly rotate your arms forward. Your arms remain stretched and rotate closer to the head to fully open the lungs. Your eyes are closed facing your third eye.

Mudra: Buddhi mudra for calm mind and living without expectation

Thumbs and ring fingers touch as your arms rotate energetically. This finger geometry energizes your lungs and strengthens your nervous system.

Rotate for 3 minutes.

To finish, shake your hands strongly as if to lighten your chest, as if to let go of all your rigidities and your sadness.

Posture 3: Standing, inhale and exhale in your verticality. Your legs are hip width apart. Rotate your arms forward. Your arms are tense and turn as close as possible to the head to open the space between your shoulder blades. Your hands are wide open, flat as leaves.

Close your eyes and focus on your third eye, Ajna, squint from within towards that invisible point, located between your eyebrows.

Turn as fast as possible for 1-2 minutes.

Finally, shake your hands vigorously. Continue to shake your hands and move your vibrating hands around your body as if sweeping the dust from your aura. This subtle cleansing of bodies invisible to the naked eye – emotional bodies, energy bodies…- frees you from the superfluous, from the expectations that weigh down the start of the school year.


Feel yourself becoming this windmill and opening up the space between your shoulder blades. You open the space from which could arise the wings of your lungs, and feel them unfold to your fingertips. Everything is possible when the useless flies away ! Let go of anything that keeps you from standing on your own.

Personal advice from the author: play and create

Play, walk, breathe with colorful fallen leaves. Collect them and create your rituals. Autumn is the perfect season to awaken the magician in you, it’s the season to reconnect with our ancestors, especially with the magical energy of All Saints’ Day.

fall ritual :

Material :

  • Candle/incense
  • Matches/lighter
  • Dead leaves collected in nature
  • A box


Pick up fallen, colored leaves in nature. Each leaf picked up represents one of your dead leaves: an old limiting belief (I am not gifted enough, not handsome/beautiful enough, not competent enough…), sadness, an old habit (food, cigarette…), an obsolete situation (professional dissatisfaction, romantic dissatisfaction, etc.). Breathe consciously into each leaf and what it means to you. Quietly, sit down and gather the leaves in front of you. Light candle and incense to open the communication space with your dead leaves. Listen to what is ready to be returned to the movement of the living, welcome what is already dead deep inside you, what unnecessarily weighs you down on a daily basis, what you do not want to give up despite the evidence… Touch the leaves as if to caress parts of yourself. Look at their beauty and the veins of life imprinted in them. You are these veins of Life. Meditate with your dead leaves, each breath is a conscious goodbye. After your meditation, place the leaves in a ritual box (shoe box decorated by you, for example, etc.). Feel free to meditate with your leaves as soon as you feel the call of your dead leaves. When you feel ripe, ready, return the leaves to nature to symbolically give up what no longer belongs to you. Simply walk, moving forward, drop the leaves without looking back. Leave it to Mother Nature, she knows how to transform everything.

When to practice this ritual?

At the time of the Autumn Equinox between September 21 and 25.

As soon as you feel your lungs too heavy with nostalgia or sadness

Ideally, return the leaves to nature, in December at the latest.

The author

(© Editions Flammarion)

Marion Sebih is trained in philosophy, dance, music and Yoga. An associative entrepreneur for 15 years, she is co-founder of the JAYA Yoga and Shamanism center in Paris. She has been teaching for 12 years Kundalini of the seasons, a real hymn to life for the happiness of adults and children. From birth, she inherited a special connection to Nature and it was in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon that life introduced her to the magic of yogic rituals.

It offers a profoundly human practice of Kundalini-Yoga and rituals easy to integrate into daily life. For Marion, Yoga and Magic are the accomplices of your vitality and your health.

She is the author of two reference booksthe Kundalini of the seasons, Yoga of the LivingFlammarion 2021 and the Yoga of the Joyful Woman, Journey towards a peaceful feminineFlammarion 2022.

Find his magic on his website: shakti-yoga-sonotherapie.fr or on her Instagram account: @marion_shakti

Equinox 2022: autumn ritual and Kundalini yoga to welcome the season