Josselin. Discovering edible plants


Posted on August 27, 2022

This is the fourth time that the municipality of Josselin, represented this Friday by Patrice Camus, the works assistant and by Alain Hiver, the head of Technical Services, has invited Aurélie Dethy, on this Friday, August 26, to the medieval garden of the town. …

Herbalist by training, Aurélie Dethy is a great lover of wild nature. She proposed a free activity to the public who came to meet her to contemplate with her, the richness of plants.

A group of about thirty people shared with her this moment of observation, demonstrations and knowledge around the plants used in herbalism or in cooking. There are many: hawthorn, wild garlic, plantain, dead nettle, hawthorn, dandelion, brambles, mint…

The stroll through the medieval garden ended with a demonstration of verbena and rosemary infusions, an aqueous maceration of mallow, a maceration in vegetable oil, vinegar and nettles. After the demonstration, it’s time for the tasting and sharing of plant-based recipes, to awaken the participants’ sense of taste, such as nasturtium pesto, for example…

Aurélie Dethy recalled that it is necessary to respect the seasons for the harvests: “Right now, it is the period of the seeds, in autumn, it will be that of the roots…”

Alain Hiver and Patrice Camus recalled that the medieval garden was created in 2018, that it has, in addition to the function of receiving visitors, informing and documenting them, it also has the objective of being available to the public regarding picking! “Those who are interested can take over the space and pick the plants, such as the successful thyme!”. They then presented the rose garden, right next door!

The passion for plants

At a very young age, Aurélie Dethy was drawn to the world of plants. Holder, in 2009, of a Master Textile Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium, she trained as a ceramist at the school of trades and arts still in Belgium.
In 2012, she is an animator of pottery workshops and 2 years later, she graduated following a herbalist training in evening classes.

The same year, she left Belgium, settled in Brittany and found a job at Bio Golfe in Vannes. In the summer of 2017, she sells her creations on the markets.
In April 2018, she worked for 3 months at the Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan, during which she organized and led nature outings entitled “Discovery of wild edible and medicinal plants”. 12 municipalities participate in the Atlas of Municipal Biodiversity project.
She creates, still in 2018, her micro-enterprise, which she calls “Ateliers sauvage”
A few months later, it was awarded the “Park Values” label, an honor for it!

Since 2018, she has accompanied people on walks and workshops to allow them to rediscover this connection to themselves and to nature. Nature represents for Aurélie a source of inspiration, creativity, knowledge, relaxation, well-being and even spirituality, energy, love and health!
During her walks, she values ​​nature in all its forms. “Thanks to nature, we can feed ourselves, clothe ourselves, house us, heat us, take care of ourselves, breathe…”, she recalls.

Aurélie is not done with training! In November 2019, she is trained in Reiki, level 1 with Eric Fruneau and in July 2020, she follows the training of Sylvotherapy and forest bathing guide with Glenn Delaval…

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