In me they have one more potosino, one more brother: Jorge Alberto Cavazos

The potosino has known how to stay and fight, here I see people of great faith and very fighting

I extend my hand to build bridges

In an exclusive interview for PLANO INFORMATIVO, Monsignor Jorge Alberto Cavazos Arizpe said that “they have one more potosino, they have one more brother, they have one more friend, I extend my hand to build bridges, I extend my hand to build big dreams, that I extend my hand to them so that we can dialogue and agree on good things, because that is the joy of life and the joy of faith and of this great nation that is Mexico”.

The new head of the Archdiocese of Potosí pointed out that “I extend my hand to everyone, and to all of them I want to tell you that I am going with many illusions, with great pleasure, that I will want to become a brother of yours.”

Cavazos Arizpe considered that in these dialogues, in this synodality, he hopes to achieve “very nice goals, goals that I know are in everyone’s hearts, of peace, of brotherhood, of joy, that seem like something very romantic and unrealizable, but If the Lord asks it of us and he promoted it by coming to be among us, it means that they can be achieved, with their times, with their required patience, but always with a good heart and good will”.

My father asked me to serve them as Christ served

A little over a week after assuming the position of Pastor of the Potosi Catholic Church, Jorge Alberto Cavazos told the PLANO INFORMATIVO team that he will come to San Luis Potosí “And I ask God to give me the qualities, the capacities to serve you, When I was going to arrive here in San Juan de los Lagos, my father a few days before he died, when I told him ‘I’m going to leave’, he told me, ‘Serve them, serve them entirely as Christ has served us, serve them like this’ , and so that word has not been valid only for San Juan de los Lagos but now I remember it with great affection and I want to serve them in the way of Christ, I am weak, I have limitations, but my whole heart is for Christ and for all the Church and all people of good will, who have one more brother and invited them to always have the joy of the Gospel. I invite you to consider factors of great hope”.

Interviewed in the bishopric of San Juan de Los Lagos, Monsignor Cavazos asked that “we have in our hearts that with Christ we can achieve personal things, family things in the neighborhoods, in the communities, I want to come to value each community, each municipality, in its history, in its inhabitants, I want to meet the elderly. I want to meet the young people, I want to meet you and I ask God to give me the strength to give us the time, but that’s how I go, with that disposition. From now on they are in my heart. Well, since they told me, of course and my prayer continues, so that I can serve them as you do, sir”.

Everything was heading towards SLP

Jorge Alberto Cavazos said that his ties with San Luis Potosí have always existed, “simply what is called The First Miracle of the Virgin of San Juan, that next year marks 400 years, the family left San Luis Potosí and here They came from a ranch, a very small community, but there was already a small chapel with the presence of the Virgin of San Juan there and it was that they have a situation with a girl, and she dies. They are watching her, but well, Ana Lucía , who knew details of the Virgin of San Juan, puts it on the girl, they pray and that will be the first miracle”.

I am Bishop 14 of SLP

Cavazos Arizpe said that he arrives in the capital of Potosí “well, obviously with great expectations of responding to a dynamic that San Luis is experiencing, of a very special economic growth, a growth in culture, although it has always had it and, obviously, in matters and very specific pastoral care of migrants, of caring for distant people, etc. And that seems very nice to me about the Church of Potosí, among other issues.

And he added that “there has also been a story, because I would be the 14th bishop, the fourth archbishop, but number 14.”

All ready for your arrival on the 30th

Regarding the program of his arrival in Potosí territory, Monsignor Cavazos said that around 4:00 p.m. “I get closer and they change me there in a little truck and then I walk about two three blocks, something like that.”

He explained that there is a prayer that is Las Vespers, a prayer from the liturgy of the hours, our prayer. And there the profession of faith is made, because we bishops must make a profession of faith where we show that we believe in God, in what the Church believes and that we also unite in obedience and in common work to Pope Francis”.

Jorge Alberto Cavazos considered that in San Luis Potosí there is a lot of devotion, I see it in the names of the parishes, a lot of devotion to the saints, but also a desire to fill his life with spirituality, not just with a few prayers, but with spirituality and to start from faith so that they can achieve very strong goals in life such as family life, personal fulfillment, so that faith can have a light and influence very positively in all aspects, in the life of each person . In the longing for a land that has known how to fight”.

He pointed out that “I am referring to the people, because the droughts, the problems of a different nature, economic, for example, well, they have affected, but the people of Potosí have known how to stay, have known how to fight and have shown it as I repeat, I see people here of great faith and very fighters, that is, life has made them someone who knows how to fight, who even if he is tired, puts effort into it.

Pastoral work is still being defined

Regarding the work that he will carry out when he arrives in the capital of Potosí, Monsignor Cavazos said that “We are discussing the project with the priests in the seminary, in the commissions, it goes to family ministry, social ministry, youth ministry and all the dynamics of the pastoral plans.

And he explained that “Each diocese has a pastoral plan, so that all the organizations and all the dynamics, all the parishes, can search each year or in a period of 5 to 6 years. That varies a lot. So, that’s where I discover that in San Luis there is a process that we are still defining”.

Cavazos Arizpe said that “A server, well, has to arrive and even now talk about more concrete issues and things in all aspects, without more specifics, meet with the Pastoral Council made up of lay people, consecrated persons, priests. We have to meet with different sectors social”.

In me they have one more potosino, one more brother: Jorge Alberto Cavazos