Horoscope of the month Scorpio sign of 20221101

SKY OF THE MONTH: happy birthday for you of the sign, at least for two good weeks, with seductive Venus, insightful Mercury and the determined Sun, all embraced in your sign, before within a week, precisely between 16, 17 and 22 you give the byebye passing into Sagittarius. But the tour of your celestial friendships does not end here, even imaginative Neptune, lord of fashions, flanked by the great Jupiter, who has just returned to Pisces, where he cloaks himself in spirituality and humanitarian values, also cheers for you. Always biased, or from yours, also the governor Pluto, placed in the middle in sextile, in the friendly sign of Capricorn, where he flaunts at ease all his magnetism and his charisma. The contrarieties are predictable, Uranus restless in opposition and pessimistic Saturn in quadrature.

Here and now: happy birthday, as long as you kick the past or lock it in the drawer of memories, locked. It is to the future that you must look, trusting in your charm, intuition, splendid creative abilities. Do not be amazed by the world, amaze it you.

Heart: for fifteen days the kings and queens of love will be you, tender, sensual, unusually talkative even about the most intimate and pleasantly jealous secrets, such as chilli in food, which gives a spicy but not annoying flavor. Extremely affectionate, even exaggerated, with their children, then if the heir is not there yet but you hope for it, the happy news could come now: stop the stork before it migrates south. But woe to do it only to plug an emotional flaw or groped to keep alive a relationship that is leaking from all sides, in this case there is a good margin of recovery without having to bring up the bird, first you find yourself, then we try again and then … we reproduce!

Head: There is nothing to complain about your professional skills, whatever the sector that involves you, from trade to catering, from information to the tertiary sector, you will be among the few who remain standing and do not complain of financial gaps. An exception will be made only for those who, for too much haste, have recklessly made the company and now find themselves in the curves on the division issue. In the second fortnight you will realize that you will still earn quite well, but the proceeds will be largely reinvested and immediately, therefore you will not be able to make the money dance in your pocket, you will smell the scent only for a few hours, in this hallucinating period what matters is being able continue, working hard not to let even a brick of your dreams collapse. For a real estate investment, however, it is not a period or even to restructure, costs too high and the risk of unmanageable delays. Tiring studies, especially at a high level, will prevail the desire to have fun and not think too much about challenging topics. Thanks to the summer of San Martino and the further extension of the anomalous heat, you can celebrate your birthday outdoors, an emotion but tried before.

Horoscope of the month Scorpio sign of 20221101 – iO Woman