Merry Christmas to all our Readers.

So that hope is not exiled in our lives: the God – with – us, a sign of contradiction, is a “reasonable”, logical, the only reason for hope.

Not only a “reasonable” Godbut certainly, above all, “necessary”, just like in the suggestive icon left by Bertolt Brecht in

Christmas legend

Today we are sitting, on the eve
of Christmas, we, miserable people,
in a cold little room.
The wind runs out, the wind comes in.
Come, good Lord Jesus, to us, turn your gaze:
because you are really needed.


In recent years and also in this 2022 we have all had and have reasons to better understand the meaning of this stupendous and astonishing intuition of the great playwright from Augsburg.

At Christmas last year, our illustration offered the image of Sisters, Priests and little Faithful wearing a mask and, also due to the times of the Functions, adapted to the needs aimed at avoiding “gatherings”, resonated, also to defuse a bit paradoxical, but not idle, the question: What time is Midnight this year?

But we believe it is not blasphemous to say that, after all, not even the Holy Father knows exactly what time the Savior was born.

This year, however, in the “schedule” of moments of prayer, of the Liturgy celebrated in every Parish, Shrine, place of Spirituality, a new, significant, symbolically eloquent appointment peeps out: the Holy Mass on Christmas day for the community Vercelli Ukraine


And we, “miserable people”, in recent years have seen firsthand, if we had ever forgotten it, how much He is “really necessary” for us

We know that we must – whatever the hour of his coming into the world – do like the Magi and also like the shepherds, be a little Magi and a little shepherd.

Don’t be afraid of the Mystery; overcome, as the shepherds did, hesitation, fear, take courage, go towards Him with simplicity.

And have the humility to do the only sensible thing, as did the Magi, bearers of all the “knowledge” of the World, who “fell down and adored it”.

By putting all the science and the power of the known techniques back to Him, in summary form: knowledge is not the enemy of faith in which, on the contrary, it finds its fulfilment.


“In reality, only in the mystery of the Incarnate Word does the mystery of man find true light.

Adam, in fact, the first man, was the figure of the future one (28) (Rm 5,14) and that is of Christ the Lord.


Since in him human nature was assumed, without being annihilated (30) by this same fact it was also raised in us to a sublime dignity.

With the incarnation, the Son of God united himself in a certain way with every man”. (Gaudium et Spes, 22).


We thought we’d offer a small gallery of the places of spirituality dearest to the people of Vercelli and beyond, where we can meet him.

But all our parishes, scattered in small and large towns, in the cities of our province, will still be popular destinations.

In each one a nativity scene is set up which recalls the Mystery of that God who wanted to share the condition of his own creature.

That God who “resembles” us, as Mary must be amazed, with the incomparable words that she has found for her Jean-Paul Sartre:

He looks at him and thinks: «This God is my son. This divine flesh is my flesh. She is made of me, she has my eyes and this shape of her mouth is the shape of mine. He looks like me. He’s God and he looks like me.” And no woman has had her God by fate for her alone. A little God who can be embraced and covered with kisses, a warm God who smiles and breathes, a God who can be touched and who lives ”.

(Barjona, the son of thunder, 1940).


A reason for hope for everyone, even for those in trial, even for those who are alone, one of the toughest trials.

Because the Mystery of that God who comes to seek us is always there, new and sealed, like the Burning Bush, for each of us.

We who can, so confide, with David Maria Turoldo:

To how many, friends, do you think of yourselves far and alone, I say do not despair:

He is more alone and needy than we are.

And he will never stop looking for us”.


Here are the times of the main religious functions at the Sacro Monte di Varallo Sesia, at the Sanctuary of Oropa, at the Mater Carmeli Monastery in Biella, increasingly frequented by many people from Vercelli.



24 December: Vespertine Mass, 4 pm – Night Mass, 12 pm

25 December: Holy Masses Sunday: Holy Mass at 9:30 – 11:30 – 16:00 Sacro Monte, 9:30 Morondo, 10:30 Camasco.

December 26: ditto.



Saturday 24 December, Mass of the night

Collegiate Church of San Gaudenzio 6 pm Vespers 11 pm Novena followed by Holy Mass

Arboerio 8.45 pm

Church of Sant’Antonio 21.00

Crevola 21.00

Our Lady of Grace Church 21.30

Rockstone 9.30 pm

Brugaro 10.00 pm and 3.00 pm

Cervarolo 10.30 pm

Parone 10.30 pm

Civiasco 11pm

Sand 11.30 pm

Sunday 25 December, Holy Christmas

Collegiate Church of San Gaudenzio according to public holiday hours: 8 am – 11 am – 6 pm

Church of Our Lady of Grace 9 o’clock

St. James Church 10 am

Valmaggia 10 am

Upper valley Saturday 24 December, Midnight Mass

Rassa 5 pm

Alagna 18.00

Mollia and Piode 21.00

Riva Valdobbia, Campertogno and Scopa 10.30 pm

Scopello 24 hours

Sunday 25 December, Holy Christmas

Campertogno 10 am

Alagna and Balmuccia 11 o’clock

Scopello 11 and 15 Alagna and Scopa 18.00

Monday 26 December, Boxing Day

Piode 10 and 30

Riva Valdobbia 11 o’clock

Campertogno 5 pm

Scopello 18.00



The range of possibilities offered by the parish of Borgosesia is very wide, which has foreseen celebrations in all the main churches, in the center and in the hamlets:

Saturday 24th December – in the Collegiate Church, Holy Mass on Christmas Eve, 12.00pm

  • 10 pm in Aranco and Plello
  • 21.30 Vanzone
  • 6.00 pm Bettole.
  • HolyChristmas, December 25thwe follow the holiday schedule.


GATTINARA – Saint Peter

December 24th: Masses at 6 pm –

S, Midnight Mass preceded at 11.30 by the Vigil.

25 December: Holy Masses 10.30am – 5pm

GATTINARA – Saint Bernard

Saturday 24 December: 6.30pm

Sunday 25 December: 10.45am – 6.30pm


SANTHIA’ (Pastoral Community 7, Santhià, San Germano, Salasco)

Complete and exhaustive handbook for all the Churches of the three Municipalities,

at the following link



Here are the Holy Masses in the Parish Church and in those of the Fractions.

Parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Assumption

24 December: 11.30 pm Novena, 12.00 pm Holy Mass of the night

December 25th: Holy Masses follow holiday schedules

December 26: ditto

Shrine of Our Lady of the Palace

Christmas, December 25th, Holy Mass at 8 with inauguration of the Crib

Here are the Holy Masses of the Night in the Hamlets:

St Grisant – Christmas Eve, Holy Mass at 10.30 pm

St. Sylvester – Christmas Eve: 10pm

San Genuario – Eve: 10.30 pm

In the Church of Lamporo – Eve: 24 hours.



24 December: Holy Masses at 6pm and Night Mass at 12pm

25 December: Holy Masses 8.30am – 10am – 6pm.



Pastoral Community 17 Vercelli “Bethany” Center

St. Christopher

Saturday 24 at 18 vigil mass; at 10pm night mass; Sunday 25 December Christmas masses at 10.30 and 17.15; Monday 26, Boxing Day, mass at 10.30

St. Paul

Saturday 24, 18 vigil mass; at 21.30; Sunday 25, Christmas masses at 10, 11, 18; Monday December 26,

St. Stephen, masses at 10 and 18

San Salvatore

Saturday 24th at 6pm vigil mass in via Parini; at 21 vigil in corso Libertà and at 21.30 night mass; Sunday 25 masses at 11 and 17.30 in corso Libertà; Monday 26 December, Santo Stefano, mass at 11 in the parish church

Pastoral Community 18 Vercelli North

Sacred Heart

Saturday 24 at 24 midnight mass; Sunday 25 Christmas masses at 9, 10.30, 18; Monday 26, Boxing Day, masses at 9 and 18

Sant’Antonio al Rione Isola

Saturday 24 night mass at 9.30 pm at the PalaPregnolato; Sunday 25 Christmas mass at 10; Monday 26, Boxing Day, Mass at 6pm

Santa Cecilia in Caresanablot

Saturday 24 night mass at 24; Sunday 25 Christmas mass at 11.15; Monday 26, S. Stefano, Mass at 11.15 in honor of Blessed Don Secono Pollo, with the participation of the Alpini

Pastoral Community 19 Vercelli West

Regina Pacis

Saturday 24th at 18.30 vigil mass; at 10pm night mass; Sunday 25 Christmas masses at 10.30 and 17.30; Monday 26, Boxing Day, mass at 10.30

Parish of Concordia Our Lady of Lourdes

Saturday 24 at 18 vigil mass; at 10pm night mass; Sunday 25 Christmas mass at 11; Monday 26, Boxing Day, mass at 11


On the 24th vigil mass at 4 pm

Salt Vercelli

Saturday 25 December mass at 9

Pastoral Community 20 Vercelli Sud

Capuchin Parish

Saturday 24th at 5pm vigil mass; at 24 midnight mass; Sunday 25 Christmas masses at 9 and 11; Monday 26 mass at 11

Holy Spirit

Saturday 24 December, at 6.30 pm, vigil mass; at 10pm night mass; Sunday 25 Christmas masses at 9 and 11.30; Monday 26, Boxing Day, mass at 9.30

Saint Mary Magdalene

Saturday 24th at 18.30 vigil mass; at 21.30 night mass; Sunday 25 Christmas masses at 11 and 18.30;

San Pietro all’Aravecchia

Saturday 24 December at 11pm night mass; Sunday 25 Christmas mass at 10

Church of Billiemme

On 24 December at 11.30 pm vigil; at 24 midnight mass; Mass on the 25th at 10.30

Pastoral Community 21 Vercelli Cathedral


Saturday 24th night mass at 12.00pm, presided over by the Archbishop;

Sunday 25 Christmas masses at 8.30, 10.30, 12 and 17.30, which will be celebrated by the Archbishop; Monday 26, St. Stephen, Masses at 8.30, 10.30 and 17.30, presided over by the Archbishop, during which Blessed Secondo Pollo will be commemorated.

Saint Agnes

Friday 24 December Vigil Mass at 5.30pm; Sunday 25 Christmas mass at 11; Monday 26 mass at 11

Saint Joseph

Saturday 24 December at 10pm night mass; Sunday 25 Christmas masses at 9 and 11

St. Bernard – Our Lady of the Sick

Saturday 24th at 5pm vigil mass and 10pm night mass; Sunday 25 Christmas masses at 9 and 11; Monday 26, Boxing Day mass at 9.

Santa Maria Maggiore

Saturday 24 December at 18.30 vigil mass; Sunday 25 Christmas Mass at 6.30pm

St. Andrew’s Basilica

Saturday 24 December at 12 midnight mass; Sunday 25 at 10 Christmas Mass;


For the first time on 25 December 2022 at 2.30 pmin the chapel of the Episcopal Seminary of the Archdiocese of Vercelli, the anniversary of the Holy Christmas for all Ukrainians present on the territory of our Archdiocese.

The Divine Liturgy will be presided over by Don Yiury Ivanyuta of the Ukrainian parish of Novara


Saturday 24 December Holy Mass at midnight in the ancient Basilica.

Holy Christmas, the times are the usual holiday times.



Saturday 24 December: 5.30 pm Christmas Novena and Vespers in the Chapel

h 21:00 Singing of the Office of Readings in the Tent Horeb

h 21:30 Christmas Mass in the Horeb Tent

Sunday 25 December, Christmas: h 9:00 Eucharistic celebration in the Tent Horeb

Monday 26 December, Boxing Day: 9:00 Eucharistic celebration in the Chapel

Saturday 31 December: 21:00 Singing of the Office of Readings in the Tent Horeb

h 21:30 Thanksgiving Mass at the end of the year in the Tent Horeb Sunday 1 January h 9:00 Eucharistic celebration in the Tent Horeb Friday 6 January, Epiphany: h 9:00 Eucharistic celebration in the Tent Horeb



The Poor Clares of Roasio invite you to participate in the liturgies of the end-of-year solemnities in the chapel of the monastery:

Saturday 24 December, at 10 pm, solemn mass on Christmas Eve;

Saturday 31 December at 10.15 pm reading office; at 11pm Te deum and night mass for the new year.


Merry Christmas to all.

HOLY CHRISTMAS – All functions in parishes and places of spirituality