It is better to face problems than to run away from them.

C.hen problems harass us, the worst thing we can do is scare ourselves or run away from them; it will always be key to look at them ‘face to face’ and not let ourselves be submerged by adversity.

We all have the ability to reach our highest degree of resilience in order to cope with inconveniences.

If we analyze it well, these ‘crises’, as some call them, can become sources of self-knowledge or lead us directly towards the abyss. It is in our own hands to learn from them or to die.

The question is to identify the connections between the setbacks we are going through and the wrong things we have done, in order to make an accurate diagnosis and try to find solutions to these problems.

It is also worth asking ourselves to what extent all the situations we experience are really vicissitudes or which are just ‘day-to-day’ eventualities. I mention it because we often ‘drown in a glass of water’.

Now, we not only learn with logic, but also through the application of intuition and the same heart.

Although the concerns that assail us sometimes come to us in one fell swoop, we must gather the serenity and strength to face them with the greatest common sense.

It is up to you, me and in general to all of us to develop the necessary confidence to solve our anxieties and trust that we will get ahead.

This implies keeping perspective; that is, it is necessary to consider the problems in a more bearable context. The most important thing is not to make situations bigger and, above all, find solutions for them.

There is always a universal order, designed by Divine Providence, which will protect us and guide our steps.

In the same way, there is a force that lives within each one of us and that will be ready to guide our journeys and guarantee us the blessings we need in difficult times.

Sanity, integrity, calm, focus and the ability to analyze will allow us to see the panorama more clearly and, what is more important, will offer us the most appropriate and correct lines of action.

Let’s pay attention to each moment we live and fill ourselves with positive thoughts, because they are the best antidotes for ‘headaches’.

Let’s learn to take things easy! Let us trust in our good star and ask the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom to be able to act and choose the right paths.

Although at times we feel that we are losing faith, we can always hope for God’s help. He will surprise us with his blessings.

Concerns frequently assault our state of mind. However, with each questioning we have one more chance to face a new horizon, either reasoning or applying healthy strategies for the soul. What are those fears that affect you today? Tell us about them to reflect on it on this page. Send your testimony to Euclides Kilô Ardila at the following email: In this column, he will answer you himself. Let’s see today’s case:

Testimony: “I couldn’t explain why, but I feel a deep reluctance and a lack of energy for everything. Before I lived in an enthusiastic way; today, even after the pandemic, everything makes me lazy. What can be happening to me? I wait an answer. Thank you”.

Answer: Tiredness, hopelessness and despondency often come together to ‘bombard’ pessimistic thoughts. You cannot let those ‘missiles’ of discouragement defeat you.

It is up to you to find the reasons why you are so ‘low grade’. I ask you: Have you been through any difficult times? Has something not gone as expected? Are you losing faith? Those answers can only be given by yourself.

The truth is that it cannot continue in that state. Could it be that what is happening to him is a sequel to the pandemic that he has just gone through?

Life is to enjoy it, no one came into this world to suffer.

Remember that the desire to live is activated when you want to wake up and find reasons to savor each day. For this, it will be necessary to do what you like and take advantage of every second.

Engage in an internal dialogue and find out, from the bottom of your heart, what things you have stopped doing that you used to enjoy and the reasons why they do not interest you today.

Recover the illusion of living and be clear that what you want to do from now on depends on you.

Ask God to give you clarity in these moments. Pray, allow yourself to visualize a better tomorrow, nurture his ideas with the proper hopes and do not forget that it will depend on his attitude that his world recovers its sparkle and color.


* A grateful heart becomes a magnet for miracles and blessings from heaven. Be grateful for every minute of your life, and thus you will attract positive things and people with the same vibration. Similarly, saying thank you helps you maintain your happiness and health, not to mention that your brain rejuvenates.

* A person who always does the same thing cannot become stagnant. Who opens doors to the future, generates possibilities, creates new purposes and meanings in the flow of life. Don’t wait for someone to open a door for you, build one and open it. The world is ahead, not behind.

* Learn to enjoy the here and now, be fully aware that the time is today. When you focus on every detail and savor every second, you will learn to enjoy situations. Live moment to moment and see everything in a purposeful way. Do not judge or worry more than necessary!

It is better to face problems than to run away from them.