From history to myth, Mileto rediscovers the pride of its Norman origins

Miletus greets 2022 an extraordinary year crowned by the launch of the format “The gala of Roger”, an event of Norman history, culture, food and wine, art and myth that brought the pride of its origins back to Miletus. Experts, artists, historians and musicians have returned an extraordinary image of this ancient place which has given and still deserves prestige. Designed by Angelica Artemisia Pedatellaartistic director of the event, in synergy with Salvatore Fortunato Giordanomayor of Mileto, has seen a succession of important guests.

The event focused on the Norman era

Great initial applause for the professor’s lectio magistralis Saverio Abenavoli Montebiancowho managed in an important synthesis to connect historical memory and future commitment with a view to revitalizing the “Norman” character of Miletus, a place that knows how to perfectly combine spirituality and public workshistory and mystery, beauty and perspectives. The event, promoted by the Municipality of Mileto with the contribution of the Calabria Region, according to law 13/85, touched all the places that represent all of these souls of Mileto: the Municipal Council Hall, the State Museum, the Archaeological Park, the Cantiere Musicale Internazionale, a prestigious reality of the city, the Auditorium of the Comprehensive Institute which acts as a real theater of Mileto, the Abbey of SS. Trinity of Miletus.

Music, history and shows

Among the absolute protagonists, the falcon “Gino” trained by the “Falconieri dei Setteventi”, the only reality present in Calabria, in Civita, which still carries on the ancient art symbol of an extraordinary historical process and much loved by the Normans. And then again the extraordinary comic verve, which recalls a joyful Middle Ages, of the BA17 Theater Company, partner of the event and promoter of the comedy “Giuseppe’s strenna”, with Massimo Rotundo and Giuseppe Marvaso, directed by Pedatella herself. The entire event made use of the professional technical support of Rinaldo Occhiato and Service Live, as well as the precious music of the “Cantiere Musicale Internazionale” with the tireless work of the soprano Caterina Francese, who directs the choir “Mater Jubilej”, and the final concert in honor of Count Ruggero in which they also took part the masters Giuseppe Tallarico (viola), Antonio Grillo (guitar), Giovanna Filardo (flute), Michael Manuli (violin), Samuele Barbuto (violin), Domenico Pizzi (piano). The beautiful voices of the singers enriched the event from day one.

Journey to ancient Miletus

The world of education was also involved thanks to the contribution of historical reconstruction work of ancient Miletus, a work conceived and directed by Giancarlo Colloca, musician and teacher of the Comprehensive Institute of Mileto, directed by Eng. Antonello Scalamandrè, and the work of historical costume and theatrical performance offered by the IIS “Carlo Rambaldi” Technological Pole of Lamezia Terme, directed by Anna Primavera, who created the medieval clothes in the tailoring workshop and saw the participation of the boys of the ” Rambaldi theater project” with an unpublished text in the footsteps of Roger I. The bishop of Mileto-Nicotera-Tropea, Monsignor Our Attiliuswho underlined how the story that represents the true roots is able to support the growth of all of Europe.

The event on the Normans, in fact, projected Miletus into a much broader panorama, which will be deepened and explored intensely in the second edition, as announced by the organizers. Precious training moments with workshops on medieval music and poetry, conducted respectively by Don Antonio Preiti and Letizia Cuzzola. The latter has provided an exhaustive demonstration of how the origins of Humanism are truly due to the driving force that started right from Calabria and of which the Normans, alongside the Arab and Byzantine world, were the absolute godfathers. Over three hundred very young people then visited the historic beauties of Miletus, guided by Giuseppe Currà. Satisfaction is general: «We just have to work for a new edition – comments Mayor Giordano – we have shown that promoting our history is bringing us results that benefit the whole community. This administration intends to stay close to the people and help everyone to be proud of belonging to this land and, in particular, of being the guardians of the greatness of Miletus”.

From history to myth, Mileto rediscovers the pride of its Norman origins