Franco Caroni the right to music award. Ceremony Saturday 18 December

It’s Franco Caroni, historic founder and director of the experience of Siena Jazz – National Academy of Jazz, the Right to Music 2022 award. The award, established in Montepulciano to celebrate the Festa della Toscana, is attributed to musical personalities capable of transmitting the universal principles of dialogue and confrontation through music. The ceremony will take place on Saturday 18 December at 17.00, at the Church of SS. Nome di Gesù, during the Christmas symphonic-choral concert which presents pages of Mozart, Schubert And Betinis (free entry). The appointment is established by the Fondazione Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte and the Municipality of Montepulciano, with the participation of the Regional Council of Tuscany; Franco Caroni will be awarded by the regional and Montepolitan institutions: the gratification is a work signed by the artist Marinella Gaslini / Disgraphics who created the police griffin on paper taken from musical scores. The event therefore combines civic value and live musical performance entrusted to local staff: the Poliziana Orchestra, the Poliziana Choir, the Valdichiana Youth Choir and the Children’s Choir come together to promote artistic confrontation, under the direction of Alessio Tiezzi.

The Christmas concert, traditionally promoted by the Associazione Amici dell’Istituto di Musica, opens with the Symphony n. 29, in which Wolfgang Amadé Mozart demonstrates his compositional maturity, highlighting a renewed dialectical vigor of the themes, a polyphonic awareness and a greater density of sound depth. In the second part, Christmas spirituality is expressed in the Mass D 452 for soloists, choir and orchestra by Franz Schubert which engages the soprano Chiara Franceschelli (professor at the Henze Institute of Music) and the mezzo-soprano in the solo roles Clare Scannapieco (former student of the Poliziana school, currently at the Conservatory); the male registers are instead those of Matthew Tavinia young tenor already appreciated by critics at the Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte, and by Matthew Mencarelli, acclaimed by none other than Leo Nucci as winner of the Giulio Neri Opera Singing Competition. A further humanistic message comes from the choral groups, prepared by Judy Diodato and Chiara Giorgi, with the piece “Love is love” which the forty-year-old American composer Abbie Betinis dedicated to the victims and survivors of hatred: “Love is in fact the bravest thing we can do”. To underline the meaning of the project, S intervenesonia Mazzinipresident of the Fondazione Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte: “We want to attribute such significant gratification to the passionate and precious personality of Franco Caroni, assigning him the Right to Music award as part of the Christmas Concert which bears witness to the work done by our musicians, young and very young, because we are convinced that the collective dimension of music favors social and cultural coexistence”.

Franco Caroni the right to music award. Ceremony Saturday 18 December – toscanalibri – The portal about Tuscan culture