In Paris, interreligious ceremony and action against the Total project in Uganda

Two Buddhist monks, a bishop emeritus, a pastor, a rabbi and an imam, seated cross-legged near a decorated coffin: the image is “unlikely”. These six religious personalities are gathered on Tuesday, November 29, in the crypt of Forum 104 in Paris to protest against the Eacop project (East African Crude Oil Pipeline), the construction of … Read more

The Mare Nostrum Prize ceremony takes place today

The Mare Nostrum Prize, which benefits from the support of the Fédération Nationale des Caisses d’Épargne and the Caisse d’Épargne du Languedoc-Roussillon, rewards today, for its second edition, four winners in four categories: Mediterranean novel, First novel, History and Geopolitics, Philosophy and Spirituality. The Prize-giving ceremony is held at 12 p.m., at the headquarters of … Read more

Ceremony at Villa Mascardi: chronicle of the Mapuche ritual in support of the Lafken Winkul Mapu community

In the disputed territory, the community persecuted by the government and the provincial justice system carried out an ancestral ceremony in front of Lake Mascardi, in an act of spirituality that gives meaning to the place from which they were dispossessed. A moment of connection with natural forces, while the security forces control the passage … Read more

Ara Pyahu ceremony and festival: new year of the Guarani nation | ANNetwork


Next Sunday, September 25, starting in the morning, the Punta Querandí Indigenous Community invites you to participate in the celebration for the Ara Pyahu (Guaraní new time), a vital part of the spirituality of our territory located in the Punta Canal de Dique Luján (Tiger ), zone of ancestral burials of native peoples in danger … Read more

United Kingdom: The crown jewels, key elements of the ceremony


PublishedSeptember 10, 2022, 10:40 am UK: The crown jewels, key elements of the ceremony From the imperial ceremonial crown to that of Saint Edward, the crown jewels will be used throughout the coronation ceremony of Charles III. The imperial ceremonial, or state, crown was worn by Elizabeth II following her coronation. The late Queen also … Read more

Catholic University. Armida Barelli beata: the program, the initiatives and the ceremony


Armida Barelli – Isacem Archive – Institute for the History of Catholic Action and the Catholic Movement in Italy Paul VI Saturday 30 April Armida Barelli, co-founder of the Catholic University, will be proclaimed blessed in the Milan Cathedral together with Don Mario Cicerthe. In view of the beatification, the University is preparing for the … Read more

XX June: today the registration ceremony in the Roll of Gold of Perugia


PERUGIA – The XX June is the “date” par excellence of the Perugia Risorgimento and an opportunity to meet again. Hence the symbolic importance of the inscriptions of illustrious names and institutions atRoll of honor of the city which are approved by the City Council. Today the long-awaited celebration is just opening the mayor Andrea … Read more