Exhibitions, conferences, literary encounters, concerts, events, shows… the medieval town of Saint-Saturnin (Puy-de-Dôme) will host 30 renowned artists of contemporary art, 500 works and expect more than 7,000 visitors for the Festival. Days of Light September 22-24.

The principle ?

Simply stroll through a village justly proud of its heritage. Let your sensitivity take over. And then, in the detours of a living room, a barn, a chapel or an attic, confronting the works. To be fascinated, destabilized, taken aback, devastated. And in any case feed on emotions. This is the whole point of the Jours de lumière in Saint-Saturnin, which can be savored over time.

Created in 1999 in Auvergne by the AMOS association, Jours de Lumière is the first festival dedicated to contemporary art whose promise, “creation is shared”, evokes a form of spirituality, in the sense of giving food for thought in a friendly and festive setting.

On the program: around thirty exhibitions of contemporary works of art distributed in the houses and historic buildings of the village, concerts, street entertainment, conferences and workshops and musical surprises!

The list of exhibitions here

On the subject of water

This year, the theme of water was chosen. “A topical theme that is essential far beyond the artistic domain”.

Vital for everyday life, vital for the planet, but also in all its states and effects, peaceful or tumultuous, lack and abundance. Water and its symbols: fertility, purity, death and life, destruction and renewal. But also water, a reflection of inner states and human thirsts, living water.
Water, component of art: painting, watercolour, etching, photography, ceramics, digital art, music. Water and light: transparency, blurred images, mirrors and rays.

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Water has an important place in literature, from Homer’s “Odyssey” to Le Clezio’s “He who never saw the sea”, from Jules Verne to Michel Tournier, from Bernard Clavel to Ernest Hemingway, from Sinbad the sailor to Jean de Florette, water is a material, a space, a setting, a character, a quest, a necessity, a novel.

Michel Bussi and Cécile Coulon will give their feelings and their perspective on this… inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Michel Bussi & Cécile Coulon – Friday September 22 – 8 p.m. – at the Chapiteau

Michel Bussi meeting the readers of the La Montagne-Centre France group: “It’s the reader who does the essentials” (2022)

But also éL’Hermione, frigate of human adventure and challenges!”

Marc de Briançon & Pierre-Marie Borgeal – Saturday September 23 – 2.30 p.m. – at the Chapiteau

Concert in residence

For the first time, during a Jours de Lumière festival, a concert artist will be in residence in Saint-Saturnin for the entire week preceding the event. Féloche will immerse himself in the places, the inhabitants and the atmosphere of the Festival, while preparing for the upcoming concert and his future tour. The concert is therefore both a surprise… and a world premiere!

Feloche – Saturday September 23 – 8:30 p.m. – Marquee


Jours de lumière is also entertainment. Street theatre, with the Archibald Caramantran company and its Like a fish in the water, or the Krigs, a Clermont hip-hop dance group made up of a dozen dancers combining several styles, or the disheveled and disheveled Swing Trio, Oum Tcha… and more.

The program here

You can now book and pay for your tickets: prices and ticket office by clicking here

Festival – Days of Light returns to Saint-Saturnin: 30 artists, 500 works and also Michel Bussi and Cécile Coulon