Milei’s 6 Little

The candidate for president of Freedom Advances (LLA), javier mileiis known for his agenda of minimizing the State, deregulatory economic measures, punitive security policies and anti-rights in the social and labor spheres, which he will submit to the polls in the 2023 elections. However, the economist has little-known aspects of his life that came to light along with his media exposure and his entry into politics. These are the unknown data of Javier Milei.

The data that is not known about the life of Milei

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Family, a love-hate relationship

“Progenitors”. With that term, Milei refers to her parents, with whom she maintains a cold relationship. The revealing book by journalist Juan Luis González, “Crazy”, that tells the biography of the libertarian leader, pointed out that during his childhood he suffered “beatings” by his father, Roberto.

From being a bus driver on lines 112 and 21, Roberto became a businessman, buying Javier an apartment – a loan that included a permanent memory of that dependency – and owning two companies offshore.

The obverse in his family history is his sister Karina; the one who defended him from the paternal beatings. That support is reflected today, that she is the campaign manager and Milei’s most trusted person.

“Moses was a great leader, but he didn’t know how to spread. So God sent Aaron. Kari is Moses and I’m the one who spreads,” Milei said through tears in a television interview, defining with a biblical metaphor how she sees the figure of her sister, whom she calls “The Boss” and who she glimpsed as her potential “first lady.”

As for Milei’s mother, Alice Lucich, seems to have been a simple witness to the paternal beatings. In a violent episode between father and son, she Karina had a shock that sent her to the hospital. Milei called the hospital and her mother answered: “Your sister is like this because of you, if she dies it’s your fault”. Today Alicia Lucich is part of the LLA armed forces and the party electoral board in the province of Buenos Aires.

canine passion

Milei may turn a blind eye to the sale of organs or children, but she has a deep love for dogs. To the point of referring to Conan, a Neapolitan mastiff, as her son.

Despite the fact that he was once attacked by Conan, the libertarian recounted that he weighed 120 kilos because, with a meager salary, he preferred to lower the quality and cut back on his own food, rather than take food from his dog/son.

González’s book related that Conan died in 2017 and that the libertarian had him cloned in the United States.

There came the “little grandchildren” of the mastiff, whom he baptized with the names of the main thinkers of liberalism: “They are named Murray, after Murray Rothbard; Milton, after Milton Friedman; Robert, after Robert Lucas; and Lucas, also after Robert Lucas”explained Milei in an interview.

Milei, the media

In the midst of his performance in the private sector and his definitive entry into politics, Milei had a time of great exposure as a media personality. In that period of omnipresence in the media, it became public a brief romance with the singer Daniela Mori. He also crossed paths with the model Sol Pérez, whom she made cry on camera.

Milei’s media archive includes appearances on shows like Andy Kusnetzoff (in which he recounted his sexual experiences), in that of Guido Kaczka (where he imitated Leonardo Favio) or Uncoded (where the comedian Campy imitated him under the name of “Javier Mileidi”).

Together with the cosplayer and current candidate for national deputy Lilia Lemoinehe appeared at an otaku convention disguised as a fictional superhero, named General Anarcho Capitalist.

In 2019, Milei had a foray into the theater, in a play called El Consultorio de Milei. The play ended with the economist breaking a Central Bank, an entity he blames for inflation. The theater impresario and former national senator Eugenio “Nito” Artaza He was its first producer. In an interview with The uncovering recounted his experience with Milei and stated: “He needs psychological treatment.”

Milei’s unrequited love with rock

At the Cardenal Copello school, Milei got the attention of her high school classmates imitating Mick Jagger at recess. That passion for the British band led him to put together a band with influences stones call Everest.

Although the dream of being a rockstar was shipwrecked, leather jackets survive in the libertarian look. His acts begin with the song Panic Show of la renga and usually close with is coming of Bersuit Vergarabat.

However, rock does not acknowledge receipt of this hobby. La Renga issued a statement in which he repudiated the anti-state deputy’s use of his song. The leaders of Bersuit Vergarabat, for their part, sent a document letter to the Libertarian Party to stop using their theme.

Former goalkeeper, billardist and fan of Boca (or anti-Boca)

Another great passion of Milei is soccer. At the beginning of the 80s, he played in the lower ranks of the Chacarita Juniors club, occupying the position of goalkeeper. As described in González’s book, the libertarian leader today became famous for being a goalkeeper “reckless who went out to pick up centers without paying attention to the physical integrity of the rivalsMilei’s soccer career was cut short when a kick fractured her jaw.

Self-proclaimed bilardista, the libertarian affirmed that he was a fan of Boca until the then president Daniel Angelici brought to Juan roman riquelme for his last cycle at the xeneize club. Milei considered this incorporation as an act of “populism”. His rejection increased with the last round of Fernando Gago to the boquense midfield. “When he entered, he was anti-Boca”, he blurted out in an interview.

An anecdote that mixes his love of football with his rejection of the intervention of the economy. Before the World Cup in Qatar, at a meeting of the Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC) in Mexico, Milei praised Lionel Messi and his skills. At that time, it was speculated that the Argentine “10” was going to return to Barcelona, ​​but he ran into the salary limit of the Spanish League. Faced with the scenario of leaders of the global extreme right, Milei opined that “the socialists got in the middle to rot everything”.

Miley’s spirituality

Some say that Milei plans to convert to Judaism. There are others who say that this would happen if he is elected president. The truth is that the libertarian experienced an approach to spiritual life during the pandemic, a period in which he went through a bad personal and economic moment, despite being his peak in politics.

Gonzalez’s book “Crazy”also reveals that in that dark period, he received the assistance of a sorcerer who made him converse with the spirit of the deceased Conan. Always according to the same source, Milei began to hammer on the idea that he had a “mission”, convincing people he wanted on board that “the one” told him he should join. That is to say, the conviction that his presidential project is part of a biblical destiny.

Also, spacemates and former allies – like Jose Luis Espert They claimed to have seen how Milei “talks” to the dead. These contacts ranged from asking for silence so that the spirits could express themselves, as well as confirming that the liberal heroes ayn rand either Milton Rothbard they gave the Ok for something. From La Libertad Avanza they pointed out to The uncovering than space “will not comment” on the book.

Your ex ally Carlos Maslaton reported that in an act Milei asked to leave a row of seats free for “the imaginary dogs that leave messages from beyond the grave”.

Milei’s 6 Little-Known Facts: Family Fights, Dogs, and Spirituality