Everyone can follow their beliefs, but without fanaticism

ANDAt present, some have a somewhat limited conception of the subject of religion, among other things, because they see it as a set of rigid beliefs and, at times, very distant from what spirituality is supposed to be.

I have always been respectful of that subject because, like many of you, for me faith is the priority.

Everyone has their vision about what they see and the world in general. For this reason, each religious gaze plays an important role in who believes, follows or professes a certain doctrine.

Perhaps because of that consideration that should be given to the way of thinking of each person, it is that on this page of Spirituality more is written about life than about ecclesiastical matters. Because while many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions, and sacred stories that are meant to make sense of reality or explain questions of the universe, no one has the right to demand that someone think in a certain way.

And beyond my own convictions, I know that religion is part of a set of beliefs, norms of behavior and prayer or sacrifice ceremonies that are typical of a certain group of people, who recognize a relationship with divinity. .

I perceive, yes, that some are going through a process of ‘double standards’, which is concretely evidenced in the relationships they establish with their peers.

There are many people who say they follow a certain philosophy and respect certain commandments, but in their daily lives they leave much to be desired with their behavior, with their ugly attitudes, with their injustices and with an unwise lifestyle.

In any case, the model of evangelization of religious beliefs is based on the word of God, which seems correct and very useful for everyday life.

Perhaps the traditional cults are a bit stagnant and that is why the desire to renew the theme of religion awoke.

In my opinion, the bad thing about all this is that it falls into fanaticism. Someone who is so radical on this issue departs from the central truth to take an extremist, recalcitrant and harassing position.

It should also be remembered that the 1991 Constitution allowed the legal possibility of founding religious groups, thus increasing their proliferation and exercise.

However, today people are looking for more authentic answers and real commitments; that is, he wants messages that are truly spiritual and in keeping with our world. This being the case, we cannot remain in the rite or in the cults, but in the daily commitment that fills us with faith to assume life itself.

* If people knew that the wrong words destroy dreams, end relationships, generate gossip, lower self-esteem and mistreat the soul, they would have a filter on their tongue. Try to have voices of encouragement and, as far as possible, highlight the good in others.

* Be careful what you think! Don’t let his head fill with distorted ideas of his reality and trip him up. The more you complain, the more you will weaken; and the more you think you will have a bad time, the worse it will be. Instead, the more you are grateful, the stronger you will be.

* Cultivate good feelings, even if the people around you don’t appreciate it. Everything you do will ultimately benefit you and result in many blessings for you. Always act correctly and with integrity. Believe it or not, being honest is the best option.

* If it doesn’t go, it doesn’t arrive; if it doesn’t start, it doesn’t end; if it is not, it is not; if you don’t dream, don’t believe; if you don’t observe, you don’t see; if he doesn’t teach, he doesn’t learn; if you don’t feel, you don’t live; if he does not love, he does not transcend; if you don’t invest, you don’t earn; if it doesn’t move, it doesn’t advance; and if you don’t try to be happy, your life will be in vain.


Concerns frequently assault our state of mind, especially in these times. However, with each question we have one more chance to face a new horizon, either by reasoning or applying healthy strategies for the soul. What are those fears that affect you today? Tell us about them to reflect on it. Send your testimony to Euclides Kilô Ardila at the following email: eardila@vanguardia.com In this column, he himself will respond. Let’s look at today’s case:

Testimony: “I don’t dare to change for fear of failing and, here between us, I don’t want to give others the opportunity to make fun of me. I also see that those around me want to get on my nerves to hurt me more. Deep down I want to change, but I am not capable. As a consequence I feel like I am living a meaningless life. What advice could you give me to get out of this mess I’m in? Thank you very much for your attention”.

Answer: It often happens that we do not know how to live, among other things, because we are enemies of ourselves. Perhaps in your case it is not about external rivals, but about yourself. Why am I telling you? Because you cannot live believing that the whole world is against you; it is better to evaluate yourself and have enough courage to face your environment, your life and, in general, your world.

The way you act in any circumstance, any change you make, a word, a look, an omission; In short, a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ decision will always produce important effects for your future, even if you are not able to observe them in the short term.

Even the smallest change can bring big results, and from what I take between your lines, you’re due to shake off that ‘drowsiness’, as you call your block.

Don’t let your life go by without rhyme or reason; do something that dazzles those around you positively. Don’t let your day end without being happy.

Don’t give in to discouragement, and don’t let anyone take away your right to express yourself.

Total: Do not abandon the desire to make your life something extraordinary and show God the creative principle that is in your humanity.

Everyone can follow their beliefs, but without fanaticism