“Elsewhere”: the exhibition in the church of Santa Maria dell’Angelo opens on 9 September at 6.30 pm

Investigate elsewhere to investigate yourself. The journey, the pilgrimage and the dream are the tools of man in the search for a spirituality that takes him to places he does not know. This is the message of the exhibition Elsewhere, wayfarers, pilgrims, dreamers, set up in the church of Santa Maria dell’Angelo in Faenza, by Giovanni Gardinidirector of the Diocesan Museum of Faenza Modigliana which features several artists from different generations who have worked with different techniques, styles and materials.

Elsewhere: from 9 September to 8 January

The exhibition created by several artists, the collective CaCo3, Victor Fotso Nyie, Sara Guberti, Antonio Violetta and Sergio Zanni, will be inaugurated on Friday 9 September at 6.30 pm and will be open to the public until 8 January 2023. Until 25 September, however, the two exhibitions set up in the side chapel and in the sacristy, or the personal exhibition of Rosanna La Spesa “Quid quaeris?” And “The Emmaus Supper” promoted by Devotio and composed of the works of Carlos Lalvay Estrada, Arvin Golrokh, Alessandro Sanna, Norberto Spina, curated by Andrea Dall’Asta sj and Claudia Manenti.

Ceramics and Mosaics meet

The Diocesan Museum of Faenza continues to collaborate with the Municipality of Faenza but also with the Municipality of Ravenna: there is a red thread that binds art ceramic to that of the masters of mosaic. The journey thus becomes the theme that binds the two cities and the two artistic dimensions since it reveals itself as a fundamental dimension in the history of art ceramic but also of the history of mosaic. It is an artistic dialogue that began in 2012 with Argillà, which this year sees a direct connection to Ravenna Mosaic Biennial. “Who will visit the exhibition Somewhere else will be entitled to a reduction on the cost of the ticket for the Biennale del Mosaico ”, he says Fabio Sbaraglia, Councilor for Culture and Mosaic of Ravenna.

show Elsewhere

From ancient art to contemporary art

“The diocese has a 360 degree opening towards art, managing to join the ancient dimension with the contemporary one,” he recalls Msgr. Mariano Faccani Pignatelli “To do this it is necessary to collaborate with the territory. After all, the dream is the principle of every spiritual and individual journey of every Christian ”. Humanity and faith are therefore linked in this exhibition which, as the mayor Massimo Isola “It brings together different arts, styles and techniques, so that this exhibition too confirms the identity of this exhibition space”. “Many artists of different ages interact with each other through the exhibition of their works, telling the theme of elsewhere, taking up the invitation to question the meaning of life”, added the director of the Diocesan Museum Giovanni Gardini.

Opening time

“Altrove” can be visited during the church’s opening hours until January 8, 2023. Thursday and Friday from 4 to 6.30 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 12.30 and from 4 to 6.30.

“Elsewhere”: the exhibition in the church of Santa Maria dell’Angelo opens on 9 September at 6.30 pm