Ed December is photography month in Erquy

It’s photography month in Erquy, an opportunity to discover many different styles. ©Photo club erquy

It is thanks to the photo club that in December, it is pleasant to stroll through the streets of Erquy.

Initiated in 2019, photography month adorns the alleys of the common wonderful shots. And at the municipal gallery Bernard-Nonnetthere are beautiful people to exhibit…

Outdoor exhibitions

This year again, the artists of the Erquy photo club are going to exhibit outdoors, Lane of the Doué de la Cuve.

The theme ? “By the fields and by the shores” which recounts the trip to Brittany by Gustave Flaubert and Maxime du Camp in 1847.

We have tried to represent the paintings that the two writers were able to contemplate during these months of wandering in Brittany: from the chaos of central Brittany to the ladies wading in the waves.

Pierrick Ménard, club president.

Rue du parc des sports and in the city center, it is Image Without Bordersan international association of photographers, which will exhibit its photographs, on the theme ‘The land that feeds men and Hymn to the land’.

One of the shots that we can discover in the streets of Erquy. ©Erquy club photo

A guest from India

The guest of honor for this 2022 edition is Madhur Dhingra. Pierrick Ménard specifies:

A great photographer from New Dehli (India), of international reputation. He will make the trip especially to Erquy to exhibit his black and white works presenting his approach to spirituality.

The exhibition will run from Thursday December 22 to Saturday December 31 at the art gallery.

Videos: currently on Actu

Madhur Dhingra is an impressionist photographer, passionate about photographing random events and unfamiliar faces in the streets.

He continues to experiment with new techniques and styles to make his images unique. He shoots in the studio and on the street, artistically manipulating both studio light and ambient light.

A bit of Iceland with us

But it’s Fabien Labriet who inaugurates the gallery until Monday 19 December : he will present his pictures of Icelanda country that fascinates him.

Why keep going back to one place when there are so many landscapes to discover? This is a question that I am often asked, that I sometimes ask myself…

Fabien Labriet, photographer

The photographer evokes the magmatic force, the landscapes in perpetual motion… “Still, in Iceland more than anywhere else, you feel alive. »

photo club Erquy and F Labriet
The members of the Erquy photo club with Fabien Labriet who exhibits at the gallery until December 19. ©Caroline Mariotti

Two local photo clubs

Two local associations, the Pléneuf-Val-André and Planguenoual photo clubs exhibit in turn at the Blé en Herbe library.

From the 10th to the 19th, the Pleneuvian photographers will present their work on the themes ‘light and landscapes’, ranging from abstraction to realism.

Planguenoualais artists have focused on lights and movements: different shooting techniques have been studied and exercised to allow beautiful surprises and diverse and varied works to be discovered from December 22 to 31.

Month of photography, since December 1 in the streets of Erquy, and from December 10 at the art gallery and the library. FREE ENTRANCE.

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Ed December is photography month in Erquy