jm | The Gastronomic Festival always close to its loyal customers

Demonstration. The 36e edition of the Gastronomic Festival opened its doors this Saturday, December 10, at the Edgard-Pisani agricultural school in Choignes. The GIE “Richesses du Terroir” proves that it is good to live among producers and their products.

A new place is always accompanied by new landmarks and new twists. The stress was still very present, this Saturday, December 10, at 10 a.m., at some producers in the GIE “Local Riches”, and its president Pierre Cuvier. The thirty or so producers gathered for this new edition, the 36efrom gastronomic festivalexhibited for the first time in the gymnasium of the agricultural college of Choignes.

The electrical connections did not work during the installation, the question of locations had to be reviewed, and above all, would the customers also be present following this change of location. The answer is yes. The stress quickly gave way to smiles and nostalgia. ‘It is a pleasure for all of us, the producers, to return to the agricultural school. We all come from here. Finding ourselves here, all together, represents almost a purpose of the education we received in the establishment”, recalls Pierre Cuvier.

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The Gastronomic Festival offers as many food products and some home-made products, but always local.

The noises, the smells and the reception of the producers remain unchanged. As soon as they enter the gymnasium, customers find themselves transported to an atmosphere where life is good. With one difference: “There is room! “says a client directly. Another adds: “You can look at the product or chat without being jostled or having the feeling of creating a traffic jam in the aisles”.

Besides, one of the concerns was the distance between the car park and the meeting place. Some customers are sometimes loaded with freshly purchased products. Teams of five scouts took turns throughout the day to help carry full bags.

“I find my loyal customers,” says Olivier from Maison Laprée, who works with duck. “The first hours announce a good vintage for this edition”. A few stalls further, Florence Pelletier, is present for the very first time among the producers of “Richesses du Terroir”. ” I am glad. First hours, first contacts, and first sales”.

Its white, red and rosé wine, obtained from biodynamic agriculture, aroused curiosity. “This cultivation method, according to the dogmas of Rudolf Steiner, brings spirituality and the wine is charged with energy,” explains the producer. In the case of viticulture, biodynamics takes into account natural cycles and in particular the lunar cycle. “We produce between 20 and 30 hectoliters per hectare, which gives a finer and more concentrated wine, both less acidic and sweeter. »

Three other producers are also new. Céline and Mathias from the Fromagerie du Grand Aigle, and Marylène Dupaquier with her goat farm, were able to offer new flavors for tasting. In another area, Eloïse Le Selleu and her productions focus more on “the pleasure of the nose”. Indeed, at 23, she designs scented candles from soy wax and various fragrances.

Helped by her mother, she started her business. She has been able to participate in a few markets and fairs since March. His mother admits: “Being part of this producers’ agreement is very pleasant. It’s a big and beautiful family, it’s a great atmosphere between fellow producers. Everyone helps each other”.

Joffrey Tridon

jm | The Gastronomic Festival always close to its loyal customers